(Closed) Adjusting to life without birth control… how are you feeling?

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I went on the pill when I was 12 because of bad cramping due to endo. When I came off at 30 to TTC, my periods were hell. I eventually did get used to them though after a couple months. The worst part for me was I got a little bit of depression due to the hormonal change.  I got pregnant at 10 months after going off the pill and my cycles were still not regular at that point.

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I decided to go off the ring because I was tired of pumping hormones into my body.  I have been off it for 2 months, and I can say with certainty that I’m going back on it.  The two periods I had ROCKED MY WORLD.  I was NOT prepared for the mood swings and being hyper-emotional, PMS, cystic acne, headaches, and my god don’t even get me started on the cramps and period itself.

I’m going to consider a copper IUD but in the mean time I’m undoubtedly going back on Nuvaring.  Ick.

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I don’t know that I’m super helpful, as this is only day 4 of skipping my pill after being on it for about 8 years, but I’ll share. I’m feeling GREAT so far, but I think that the pill made me sort of fuzzy, or less ‘me’ than I am…just sort of watered me down. So personality and emotion wise, I’m feeling great so far. Even physically I just feel peppier, but I’ve yet to hit a period, and I’m bracing for that to be worse than they had been on the pill. That was the reason I started the pill in my teens, due to cramps, pain *and bitchiness*, so Mr.ND has been forwarned that these first few cycles may not be fun. Still, I feel that overall, being off of the pill if I can help it is more healthy for my body, and after almost a decade on it, I wanted to get back to some sort of natural cycle before we start TTC.

We’re also avoiding conception, so I’m charting and we’re using protection. I highly recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s really informative, and can help you track your cycle, feel out what’s coming up, and also has tips on ways to prevent the pain and symptoms of PMS. Whether you decide to chart or not, it’s just super informative when it comes to your cycle, and I am so glad I understand it a million times more. 

I hope that you start to feel better soon! And best of luck with your wedding planning 🙂

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I have been a-ok since coming off the pill.  It took a few months for my cycles to regulate, and they more or less have been tolerable.  My sex drive has gone up though 🙂

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I went off as well due to headaches, etc that we think were casued by the pill. I have only been off for about 3 weeks. I am expecting my first period any day and I am terrified. I’ve been on it for 8 plus years because my cramps were so bad.

I will update after i get my first period! 

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I took me 4-6 months, I’d guess, to feel 100% normal again, but it was one of the best decisions of my life. Hormonal birth control really does not do good things to me, and I tried about 7 or 8 different types over years. Each one was a disaster. I will never go back on birth control. I have been off for maybe 2 years… no accidental baby yet!

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I did it for quite a while before marriage ( go off pill) and WOW! My period came twice a month and it was horrible. 

I also gained weight very fast. (estrogen dominance).

It may take a lonog time for things to balance out and also you can get tested to see whats up with your hormones, adrenals, etc. Sometimes there are more natural remedies ( creams, vitamins etc) that can help things along.

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@Eva Peron:  I really empathize.  Have things settled down?  If not, I encourage you to get your thyroid levels checked along with your progesterone.

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I went off BC in January due to cysts. I got a period the next month and had slight cramps. Now, mind you, my periods were always pretty silly and easy…but I forgot how miserable the bloating, etc can be. However, because I was worried about having some trouble due to the cysts, I am happy to get a period. I got it again this month on nearly the same date! So almost instantly my cycle went back to normal, but I have noticed I’ve been breaking out more. I lost all the water weight from the pills and feel pretty good inside, aside from occasional worries about pregnancy and being paraniod.

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I stopped the pill in December after 15 years. The first period was fine. The second and third made me crave my pills. It was heavy, I was tired, I was cranky (and for the second I was at Mardi Gras in NOLA!!). This last one was was just as horrible. I even stayed home from work one day because I felt like crap and couldn’t even sleep.  Have now discovered that they make Midol PM – my new favorite pill.

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I was on the patch primarily for 10 years – 16-26, with a few stints of the pill or depo in between.

I went off of birth control to try conceiving and my biggest concern was having a regular cycle. Before the birth control I was terribly irregular. I got a period about a week and a half after I took off the patch and then my periods came in a steady 29 day cycle. 

I did, however, get terrible migraines. I have had them on and off for a few years now, triggered by vairious things. The migraines come pretty much every day or every other day before/during my period- and they are insane!  

The silver lining in all of this is that my periods have become shorter and less heavy and I no longer get cramps or the lower back pain that I used to. I never really had PMS on birth control unless I was hanging around a new group of females and they were throwing me off and now I only get mild PMS if anything.

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I am not off it yet, but am so glad you’ve started this thread, because I have been worrying about this exact thing!  Thanks!

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