(Closed) Admitted to the hospital with pre-eclampsia at 28 weeks.

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@swanks4tw:  I don’t have any personal experience in this, but if the doctors are recommending that you stay there I think it is best you do no matter what your husband says. I take them asking if you are still agreeable to stay until the end of your pregnancy as them asking if you are planning on leaving or not, not them saying you could possibly go home in 1-2 weeks. It doesn’t hurt to continue asking them what they think of you going home, but definitely if they have any hestiations I would stay. Most doctors shoo you out of the hospital as quickly as possible, so them wanting you to say should tell you something. If you do go home I’m sure they will advise you not to work. I don’t understand why your husband would want you to go back to work just because you are no longer in the hospital. You can at least rest at home, but you can’t rest if you have to attend a stressful job everyday. 

Please do what you think is best for you and your baby. It sucks not being able to work and contribute, but it will turn out for the better in the end. Unless your doctor’s orders are totally out there or you have any reason not to trust your doctor I would follow what he or she says. They are there to help you and your baby!

Good luck. Let us know how everything turns out!

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I don’t have experience with this, but I do have a friend who had this happen.  She ended up having her son at 33 weeks, and he is just over a year and doing very well.  If I were you, I would stay in the hospital.  It will be boring, but I know with pre-e things can change very quickly.  For example, my friends blood pressure jumped sky high on morning, so she had an immediate c-section.  I don’t know what would have happened if she wasn’t in the hospital and things did happen right away, but I do know I wouldn’t want to risk it, especially if your Darling Husband would want you to return to work if you went home.  I just think the safest place for you to be would be to stay in the hospital to ensure that everything stays healthy with you and your little one.

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I would definitely stay in the hospital. Pre-e is nothing to play around with.

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@swanks4tw:  I would stay, my FI’s mother went to the doc with early signs of pre-e and was sent home, she ended up having two seziures and a stroke that night and had to have an emergency c-section and she almost didn’t make it. I’m usually pretty relaxed about most things, and I totally get why you would prefer to be at home, but I think if your doc is reccomending it I would stay put!


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@swanks4tw:  The problem with even a 3 min drive to the hospital from home is that you’re not going to be monitored as closely at home. And your Bridal Party can shoot up to dangerous levels and you can still feel perfectly fine–wheras in the hospital presumably they are taking your vitals every few hours or so. So it’s a matter of being able to identify if something is wrong in the first place. 

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If your doctor recommends it I would stay at the hospital. I can’t imagine they would let you go back to work even if you did go home.

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@swanks4tw:  I am so sorry– my coworker had twins at 25 weeks, one grad school friend had her son at 22 weeks, and the other was at 28 weeks. All are doing fantastic! It isn’t how you planned it, but it will be fine. The ones with pre-e (I believe only the 28 week one, possibly the twins) chose to stay in the hospital. She was actually visiting family and she stayed for 3 weeks then delivered the baby. I would recommend staying if possible.


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@swanks4tw:  I would definitely stay in the hospital. I was diagnosed with gestational hypertension and high-risk for pre-e. While I didn’t have to stay in the hospital since mine was more controlled, I was put on bedrest and they took me out of work. Therefore, if you do end up going home, I definitely wouldn’t go back to work. At 39 weeks it turned pre-e and I delivered via c-section. I hope your baby stays cooking for awhile!

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@swanks4tw:  L & D nurse here…I understand it’s scary and overwhelming to be admitted so early, but your doctors know what they are doing.  If they think you are staying until delivery, I would count on that.  Even if by some chance you got sent home, it’s on bedrest. You can tell Darling Husband there is NO way you are going back to work.  Preeclampsia is serious and you can go from feeling great to really sick quickly.  Close monitoring really is for the best.  We have patients stay for 4-8 weeks occasionally.  It is hard on everyone, but you learn to make a schedule with the nurses and figure out what keeps you happy.  Magaizines, knitting, pinterest, resting all become your friends! Remember you are in the hospital to keep you and baby safe!

Good luck!!

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@swanks4tw My sister had pre-e but hers went from bad to worse very quickly, luckily she was in the hospital and they were able to do an emergency c-section when the baby was 31 weeks old. The baby was in the NICU for a month and is now a perfectly healthy 2 year old.

I highly suggest staying in the hospital, things could get bad quickly and you’ll want to be able to get treatment very quickly.

Best of luck and be safe!

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Staying in the hospital that long sucks. But if you feel safer there, that’s where I’d stay. I’d only go home if okayed by the doctor and if the hospital was stressing you out more than being at home. That being said, I would immediately pop your husband’s bubble about working – no way should you be working, even if you go home!

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No pre-e advice here but I am the Mom of a preemie. My labor came on fast and suddenly with no way to stop it. I never got the injectinos for his lungs or anything since it happened in less and 5 hours from my water breaking to his arrival. That being said: stay put, do not put any additional stressors on yourself or on your little one. Pre-e is nothing to mess with and if your little one has a better chance of “cooking” a little longer with you in the hospital then that is where you need to be. I know the chances of your little on being apreemie are pretty high right now but at least both you and  she are getting (presumably) great care where you are. I wont sugar coat it, the NICU sucks, going home without your baby sucks, it does become a new sort of normal for a while but that doesnt make it any less difficult. Do what you need to do to give your daughter and yourself a better chance at a healthy delivery.

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Hi fellow May momma. I’m sorry I don’t have any personal experience but if the doctor’s did release you/let you go, I cannot imagine that they would do so without severely limiting what you can/can’t do while at home, placing work restrictions, or possibly putting you on strict bed rest. I know your husband may not get it and may feel like if you’re home you should just work and do as normal while keeping an eye out but he has to be realistic in that even if your doctor’s do spring you, it will likely be very restrictive. Are you entitled to any kind of disability for being out of work on medical leave to help with expenses if that is a concern?

Thinking of you and hoping all continues to go well in this situation!


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