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I’m so glad to hear you are thinking of adopting a pair! My two cats are devoted to each other (okay, the female is devoted to the male, the male loves everyone). It sounds like you’ve got all your bases covered. I’m a big fan of pet insurance – we used Pets Best. I don’t have coverage for annual exams, vaccines, etc – just for illness and injury. So far I haven’t had to use it for my cats, but use it for my dog pretty frequently and they have been great at reimbursing me quickly and without any push back. Good luck!! (And post pictures!)

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rendezvous89 :  didn’t need to know much beyond what you already know.  Most of what would have been nice is knowing one was already sick and both would crap in my carpet for weeks even though the litter was still used. I think both were a little butt-sick as nothing was solid until they’d settled in.

a lot is getting to know their quirks and learning to work around them. The one who was sick recovered and became dominant, obsessed with eating and a kleptomaniac. I had to feed the other on a high shelf so she stayed small until monster kitty died. I had to buy a bread box, even for bagged breads. Loved her anyway but it was a lot to figure out, whereas the one I still have is easy as pie.  Oh but treats make her barf and now at 12 she’s got gingivitis and about to cost me a fortune.

no pics on my phone, so can’t share.  I guess all I’m really saying is beyond the basics you won’t know what you need until you’ve got them.

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rendezvous89 :  How exciting!! Thank you for looking into rescues too! Just pipping in to say hoping it goes well at the meeting!! Please be sure to give updates and photos!

We have always adopted/rescued, we currently have 3 fur kids – 2 dogs and 1 cat. The cat was my husbands before we met, she is a diva. DIVA. lol. She hates everyone but us… so just give the new cats time to ajust. They could be very social or a bit aloaf. When we moved into our house together, it took Ms. Oreo nearly 2 months to stop hiding. She will hide when we have guest over, but otherwise she is out and about with the family.

Even with scratching post, they may scratch your furniture. Be sure this is something you are ready for and willing to live with BEFORE adopting. Declawing is awful – this is not merely removing the nails, it is actually an amputation of the top of each toe.

Oh and ask what type of litter they use. Some cats only like clay litter while others only like other types… so know what they have used.

Get carriers to bring them home in, one for each. Also, Feliway spray – it’s a calming spray that I thought would be hookie but actually calmed Oreo on her Vet apts. And this is s cat that has chased a pet sitter OUT of the house… no joke. πŸ˜‰ So maybe worth trying, if needed.

GOOD LUCK!! Exciting!!

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I recommend getting a pair!  Arguably I am biased because I adopted a pair of boy/girl twins.  

A tip I have for acclimating them to their new home is the Small Room trick.  Instead of letting them loose in the house right away, put them and all their stuff in a small room, like a hallway bathroom or small guest bedroom. Shut the door and let them acclimate in there for 2-3 days. Visit them a couple times a day. After 2-3 days they’ll come out of the room acting like they own the entire house (which tbh they do). 

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My biggest tip is to establish a space that’s “theirs” and put them there first. In the past I’ve brought new cats into the house and put the carrier in a bathroom with the door closed so they could explore there before being facing the rest of the house. That becomes their go-to place when they feel insecure or scared. My one cat never got out of the habit of bolting for the bathroom when someone knocked on the door or a noise startled him. It was good that he had a place where he felt safe. I’ve also done this with a spare bedroom so whatever area you have that can be closed off just for the cats will do. Some cats do well with new environments and others need to take baby steps to get used to it. 

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rendezvous89 :  I love that you are considering getting a set of cats. Great job on going the adoption route and remembering to find a good vet. It sounds like you are doing everything right!

The only thing I can think to add is, with the cats I adopted in the past some of them took several months to warm up to me. I would say just don’t get your feelings hurt if it takes them a little while to come in for some quality snuggle time. They are not like dogs, all my dogs love anyone and everyone instantantly.

Best of luck!  & please post photos of the fluff balls as soon as you can. We all want to ogle them. hehe

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camenae :  what dolls!

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rendezvous89 :  Hooray! I’m so excited you’re looking to adopt. I volunteer at a shelter in adoptions, so I get really excited about people adopting cats.

Other folks have given a lot of great advice, but I’d recommend 2 more things:

1) Take your time deciding who to adopt. At least with our shelter, we have a lot of turnover, so if you’re not bonding with cats on your first trip, there’s definitely more to chose from the next week.

2) If your cats are doing things that frustrate you, talk to a behavioral counselor. The shelter I volunteer at has free service to help people figure out how to resolve behavioral problems like scratching furniture or biting or not using the litter box, etc.

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I’m so glad you’re willing to adopt a pair! As soon as my fiance and I are settled again we’re hoping to adopt a pair as well. As some people have already said, adopted cats sometimes take longer to warm up to you especially when they’re in a new space. Some cats take a few days others can take a few months to truly be themselves so be patient. Let them come to you and be yourself! Definitely agree with everyone else about the small room/bathroom which they can get used to first. When you visit them in the room it helps to bring something with you like a book, laptop or phone you can occupy yourself with. Just sit in the room on the floor with them and let them approach you. Especially with more timid cats they don’t always appreciate your direct attention when they’re getting to know you. You can also leave one of your worn shirts in the room to help them get used to your smell. Goodluck! 

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great story! we adopted our kitties (2) off of Craigs list and we had NO issues. One was pretty friendly right away and the other one was more timid. It took a bit of time (probably since we have kids who were pretty loud sometimes) for the timid one to warm up to all of us. He warmed up pretty quickly to me but it took longer for the kids. Anyway, fast forward a year and if I couldn’t find the cats, chances are that they were sleeping on one of the kids’ beds.

We initially only wanted one kitty, but they had been together since they were babies and didn’t want to separate them.. so we ended up with a pair. I think it was wise, the timid one would have been lost without his sister. I hope you will post pics and let us know how everything goes!

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rendezvous89 :  Nice! I’d recommend a few scratching posts or boxes. The more options, the safer your sofa is (although cats will always be cats). A nice bed or perch near a window is always appreciated. Oh, and sometimes rescues use lower quality food because they can’t afford the best stuff. If you’re not happy with what they’re eating now, you can phase them into something new by mixing old and new together over the course of a week.

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We also adopted a pair. We originally only wanted one since we had a older rescue cat already but they were inseparable so we didn’t have the heart to separate them. Now the 3 cats are inseparable. They sleep and do cat stuffs all the time.

The things I would said is you may have to make some adaptions as you get to know them. For the most part cats are not bad, they have preference and rather not change them so we have to change ours ways to match their needs. For example, I built 2 cat condos with tall scratching places, thinking that will be enough scratching posts for 3 cats but it wasn’t enough for our most territorial cat. We added 3 more different cat posts around the house so she would leave our furnitures alone. One of them preferred the vertical wood post, the other preferred the vertical silica post and the last preferred the horizontal carpet post. Another example is with the litter box, one wasn’t comfortable with a covered box and the litter box was the “biggest” in term of cat litter tray, he was just too nervous about it and like to kick the litter around…It makes a huge mess. So we bought storage bins with higher wall, add a entrance hole and not used the lid.  Now they are all happy to use the litter box correctly and it don’t make a mess.

We also had to adapt about the food as well. One of our cat refuse to eat anything but meat (poultry) or the very least wet canned food. So we are now researching on how to feed our cats health wise without breaking the bank. 

You will know what the do as you get to know them, if their behaviour is “bad”, they are not actually bad. Figure out why they do it and provide a better alternative.

Good luck with your kitties

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