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Switch to something not so harsh, wash only in the evening, and moisturizer twice a day.

i personally use BodyShop’s seaweed cleanser and toner and Clinique moisture surge.

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First of all, toss that Proactiv in the trash immediately. That stuff is garbage, is ultra harsh, and is only drying your face out and irritating it; it’s not treating or helping your condition at all. I cannot tell you how awful that stuff is.

If you can, I highly recommend seeing a dermatologist or an esthetician at a local spa so that they can get you under a Wood’s lamp and do a thorough assessment of your skin.

I myself am an esthetician, and if you have a genuine case of adult acne, I can’t stress how important it is to see a skincare professional. There are maybe a few over-the-counter/widely available products that might be good for you after initial treatment, but I wouldn’t even recommend anything without knowing the specifics of your skin condition and type. If you really want results, you need to be using quality professional products — not Proactiv, Clinique, Oil of Olay, etc. They’re horrible, horrible products with ingredients that will only further aggravate your condition.

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I don’t have those red pimples but I have little flesh color bumps. I found that going for facials every month has helped. Also, I use a toner and a gentle cleanser. I suggest moisterizing at night with a night serum and using a face cream every day. It’s helped me. 

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See a dermatologist. Do not waste your money on all these products that all have exactly the same medicine in them. I’m 33 and have been dealing with acne since college. Prescription medicines have made me look like I never had a pimple on my face. But you have to do exactly what your doctor tells you. It’s a regimen that must be followed daily. 

Good luck!

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I had this EXACT same problem. I had acne as a teenager, it went away and came back in my early 20s. I tried everything, scrubs, peels, proactive, everything. My acne, which may be the case with you, was a hormonal problem. So topical treatments won’t cure it you need to control the hormones. I stopped using harsh products geared towards acne as those are hard on your skin and strip the natural oil which, In turn, makes your skin produce more oil to over compensate resulting in more acne. I started using purity by philosophy. It’s pricey but completely worth it. I then went to a dermatologist who prescribed me both retin a and a drug called spironolactone. The spironolactone helps balance out your hormones and controls oil production. The retin a speeds cell turnover to get rid of the bad skin and clogged pores. But you have to be patient. It does take awhile to work but its completely worth it in the end. After about 6 months my acne was completely gone. Go to acne.org, there’s tons of reviews for both products! Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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See a dermatologist and they can give you the correct cream and or meds.  Don’t waste your $$$ on store stuff. 

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@bretonvirgniia:  Aw hon. I feel for you. Rosacea and acne are painful conditions on their own, dealing with them combined can be awful. In fact, my bff came to me back in 2008 with mild rosacea and cystic acne, but since she’s been using the same professional products I prescribed her on a regular regimen, her skin is beautiful.

Some dermatologists can be expensive, but if you’re insured, check and see what kind of coverage you have for medical spas and skincare. If that’s not an option for you, keep an eye out for local Groupons/Google Offers for spas and skincare clinics. Be sure to check out the regular prices at spas, as well — many treatments or specials are very affordable! There are some amazing deals out there. Almost every spa offers some kind of acne-specific facial, as well. And no matter what kind of treatment or procedure you get on your face at a spa, they’ll do a consulation and thorough, in-depth examination beforehand. So even if they find something new or determine that your condition is something other than acne or rosacea, they’ll be able to use great products and tailor the procedure to your skin’s needs. Just make sure that the person performing any kind of procedure – whether it’s a facial or just an examination – is a licensed esthetician or dermalologist.

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Ive had acne my entire life. Im almost 28 years old and started doing the :oil cleansing method: 2 months ago and it has seriously changed my life.

I was very skeptical at first but i couldnt recommend it enough.

if it matters, I work in the skin care industry and would recommed this over anything ive ever used on clients!http://www.naturallivingmamma.com/2012/05/29/oil-cleansing-method/

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read up on organic apple cider vinegar and coconut oil—delighted momma is a good blog to read. she’s an esthetician

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I agree with the above posters.

Don’t use anything harsh as it will only aggravate your skin. Have you seen “the regimen” from acne.org?

Look out for Groupons for microdermabrasions/peels, etc. 

Try Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – I’ve heard wonders about it and just started using it yesterday. The idea is that your hormones are out of whack and that has to do with your pH levels. Apple Cider Vinegar will balance your pH.

Also, do you by any chance have an IUD, and if so, was it implanted just before you started to get acne? I got a copper IUD and started developing gross cystic acne within a month. Got it taken out, and BAM, back to normal. Similarly, if you started taking any other type of meds (BCP, whatever), that may be affecting you, too.

I had acne as a teenager, on my forehead only. Went on birth control at 17 up until I was 23 and then stopped. Was fine with some spots here and there sometimes (except during the IUD incident), up until very recently (now 27). Started breaking on my chin mainly, but also on my cheeks sometimes. The worse part now is my skin takes forever to heal and scars very easily. So, I started taking:

– Omega 3-6-9 supplements (fish oil, flax seed oil)

– Vitamin C supplements

And in the last couple of days:

– Evening Primrose Oil supplements 

– Vitamin E supplements

– Zinc supplement

– Apple Cider Vinegar (drinking and using as a toner)


I have no idea what exactly is working, but something is ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t had a new pimple in almost a week.


Good luck!!!!


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