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I’ve been really happy using the Paula’s Choice CLEAR anti-acne system, but I think you could reproduce the results with convenience store products as long as you use the same ingredients.  Basically you start out with a cleanser (preferrably non-foaming, as I understand foaming cleansers have ingredients that can dry out your skin), follow up with a toner that is salicylic acid based which will chemically exfoliate the dead skin build up, then apply a topical lotion/cream that is benzoyl peroxide based which will kill the bacteria that creates acne, and follow up with a moisturizer.  I think it’s the combo of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that really does the trick; I used to only use one or the other until I started using Paula’s Choice and I feel like I’ve gotten the most long run results with this method.

Good luck!

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@ArmyBeee:  I have the same issue and hormonal breakouts and Im almost 26.  :/  I never broke out when I was 18 and under.  I wish my skin would act its age!!!

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@ArmyBeee:  This seems to be a common issue on the Bee lately!! I posted about it a couple weeks ago – mine is mostly due to coming off of birth control so my hormones are all outta whack.

As another Bee suggested, I started using Tea Tree Oil and it has made a noticeable difference! Aside from the few larger hormonal pimples I have now, the rest of my face is spotless which is very unusual for me. Even while I was on BCP I had really tiny pimples everywhere but now, nada! 

I also started taking Cod Liver Oil once a day. I haven’t noticed a tremendous difference but it’s only been a week so I’ll give it some more time. I’ve heard good things about it! 

For a cleanser, I use Desert Essence Throughly Clean Tea Tree Cleanser and like it. My face feel extremely clean and fresh afterwards and it’s super cheap!

Good luck! I feel your pain!

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Me too, ArmyBeee!  I’m even the same age as you-I know it’s kind of a splurge, but the Clarisonic brush is my HG (holy grail) facial care product.  I have pretty sensitive skin as well, so I use the sensitive head instead of the acne head, and I just use a really gentle, non comedogenic cleanser, like cetaphil.  It’s amazing, it really scrubs everyone of your pores out (my stress acne is always on my chin and cheeks) with out being harsh.  I highly recommend it!




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I’m 24 and I am with you.  I have combo skin and my breakouts would stay mainly in my T zone, chin too.  For the past 2-3 years I used the clean and clear advantage line.   And it did its best, but it wasn’t enough.  And I evem added a salycic acid spot treatment for the bad ones.  I recently tried more “mature” items and its been helping big time.  I’m using olay regenerist cream cleanser and elizabeth arden visible difference refining complex.  Since I started 2 weeks ago I have had no breakouts whatsoever and my skin is much much more even than I can even recall. 

I always leaned specifically for acne treatments and it never did what it said it would.  I go for something simpler and voila, my skin is improving miraculously.  I only wash my face once a day.  And on weekends substitue the olay for an ahava mud mask. 

My understanding is that cream cleansers are the way to go.  Exfoliant cleansers shouldnt be used daily since they are rough, but use them often still.  Other than topical treatments other stuff affects your face too.  Take off your makeup at night (if you wear any), change your sheets regularly, and if you use a towel to wash your face switch it out often as dirt will build up.  Oh and lots of water!

ETA:  I see a bee mentioned the clairasonic.  If price is an issue I read that the olay one works just as well and is $10.

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I am right there with you. 

I use Ren from Sephora’s for my acne it has a micro cleanser, a mask, and serum packed full of vitamin C which is very good for skin and right now it is pulling all of my deep acne to the top which is a pain in the butt, but I am starting to clear up. 

I would reccommend Ren. =D

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I will be 26 next month and have really, really struggled with adult acne. I did an Accutane round of treatment about 3.5 years ago that dramatically helped, but I STILL was getting the monthly breakout and my usual problem areas were flaring up.


A while back I started doing a raw organic honey mask EVERY night for at least a half an hour and in the morning washing with honey like I would a regular facewash and it has dramatically improved my breakouts and my skin tone/texture.


The honey was cheap ( 10 bucks maybe), and aside from the inconvenience of smearing sticky stuff on your face, it really isn’t bad at all! Every few days I will resort back to my St Ives face scrub to exfoliate, but the raw honey has some natural exfoliant in it… so it probably isn’t necessary. 


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@ArmyBeee:  I’m 26 and have REALLY oily skin. By 10am my face would be wet with oil. Ridiculous. I tried absolutely everything and nothing worked.

Now I’m on accutane and it’s working miracles. I did a LOT of research before hand. I’ve stopped drinking alcohol, only eat home cooked food, reduced sugar (all to help my liver function) plus I moisturise constantly, cover myself in SPF, wear sun hats even when the sun isn’t shining etc.

I only think accutane is the path to go down if you’re willing to look after yourself 150% because you need to give your body the best shot of being able to handle the drug.

I’ve been on it for 3 weeks now and there is no oil anymore. My skin is smooth now and my spots have almost all gone.

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@ArmyBeee:  I am 30 – and still having breakouts. I started getting acne when I was 8 YEARS OLD. srsly. I was told it would be gone at puberty – then I was told it would be gone when I turned 18 – then I was told theres no way I’d still have it past my early 20’s.

I got on Accutane when I was 24-ish. It helped so much. I am a different person because I feel like I am normal person again! It didn’t take it all away but it did take away the cystic ones and the consistant breakouts.

Now, I’ll take a stress breakout or a PMS breakout over anything I had before…plus they tell me I will outgrow it when I’m into my 30’s lol or when I have a baby!

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i’m almost 32 and get a giant zit right before my period and occassionally a stress pimple

when i used clenziderm, it was amazing but too expensive.  i use cetaphil, it was recommended to me to get a facial every few months.

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I’m 28 and still have adult acne.  I use retin-a but it tends to make my skin super dry and flakey so I have to use it sparingly.  And, I have a clarisonic brush to exfoliate. 

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27 soon to be 28 and I have pretty bad acne and oily skin. I use the Acne Free 3-step system. It’s pretty much exactly like ProActiv, but a whole lot cheaper. They have a regular kind, sensitive kind and an “extra strong” kind. It has the face wash, toner and face lotion. You can also get what they call the Terminator which is a spot treatment. I have had acne all of my life and I have tried everything under the sun and this stuff works for me. It’s only like $17 at walmart.


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I never had so much as a pimple when I was a teenager or in my early twenties. Now in my mid-twenties, I get random break outs. I never learned how to cope because I didn’t have the awful teenager skin years. I went to my derm to get cream that takes the breakouts away literally overnight. However, it does make my skin DRY. And has to be kept in the fridge. Weird.

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@ArmyBeee:  I second @htepolt:  I also use the Acne Free 3-step system and it’s helped clear my breakouts.  I always had clear skin until I started taking vitamins a year or so ago.  I was taking a lot of B-vitamins because I thought they were supposed to help clear my skin. Turns out they can actually cause acne in some people.  So I discotinued taking all my vitamins, expect my cranberry pills, and began using the Acne Free system and everything has cleared up.  Not I just have to get rid of the scars….




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