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  • poll: Would you get braces as an adult?



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    My aunt got braces at 55! She looks great now that her smile is perfect!

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    My teeth have always been perfect. No cavities, no braces, nothing. But I always wanted them! I totally would!

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    My fiancee proposed a month after I got my braces on.  I’m supposed to get them off in Jan. I’ll be 24.  I can’t see the difference now but I already gotten tons of compliments on my teeth.

    Noone believes I’m 24 but other than that I’ve not had any negative comments.  I have clear braces on top and mettalic braces on bottom.

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    I voted no, and then I read that this is about your bottom teeth.  I was in the same situation with my upper teeth.

    I wanted braces, but my dentist advised against them.  Teeth shift, and you will always have to use retainers to keep them straight after the braces come off.

    I finally got veneers. Boy, was that expensive and unpleasant, let me tell you! But it was absolutely worth it. Love my teeth now. I also got a mouthpiece to wear at night so that they will stay in place.

    For the bottom teeth though… I wouldn’t go through the trouble with veneers for them. Braces should be fine.

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    I second getting permanent retainers installed if you do get braces once you get them off.  I have permanent retainers on both top and bottom (and have for over 8 years without problem) and my teeth haven’t moved! 🙂

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    Wore braces as a kid and adult. It was a lot of $ but also important enough for me to do and pay for it as an adult.

    I will say that you must be diligent about wearing your retainers after the braces come off. Your teeth will shift no matter what and it would be such a waste to spend the time and energy for the braces if you don’t follow through when they are off. I’ve had them off for almost 4 years and the longest I’ve gone not wearing my retainers is 3 days and it’s usually when I’m sick and the retainers make it that much more difficult to breathe. It is a lifelong commitment pretty much.

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    I had the metal braces on the top only in my early teenage years, but my wisdom teeth also came in crooked and pushed pushed my front tooth back out. My bottom teeth, though crooked, were never done.

    My big regret when I got my University graduation pictures was how my teeth looked. A few years ago I had a dentist recommend braces again and although I wasn’t sure if the expense and bother was worth it, I finally went for Invisalign this March and I am so glad that I did!

    Upcoming wedding pictures didn’t really factor into the decision but when I did get engaged I was so glad that I would be able to have straight teeth. My advice: if it bothers you and you are at all able to swing the expense… go for it. No matter what method you go for there will be temporary pain, bother, and expense. But then it will be done! In my case I spent years agonizing about the decision and then I found out it would only take 8 months to completely straighten my teeth!

    In terms of Invisalign, I have had a great experience. They are a bit high maintenance in that you have to take them out to eat or drink, immediately brush your teeth, and then put them back in. I go through a lot of toothpaste! At the beginning of the treatment I actually lost 5 pounds as I stopped drinking sugary drinks, and starting thinking more about snacking habits. I am 3 weeks away from completion and them I will have 24 hour a day retainers for 6 months followed by nightime retainers (all of the same clear plastic) for probably the rest of my life. I read somewhere that the most stable position of your teeth is where they are now, so retaining is key!

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    I’m kinda in the same boat as you!  My wisdom teeth have been crowding and pushing my bottom teeth together for years.  I finally sucked it up and made an appointment to get my wisdom teeth removed (SO scared to do this!).  One of the main reasons I decided to get them out was to be able to get braces and finally fix my crooked bottom teeth.

    One of my best friends got braces when she was 22.  She just got the silver ones, and honestly, they weren’t that noticeable.  It took her a week or two to get used to talking with them, but after that she was fine.  Her smile is beautiful now!  So basically, I vote yes 🙂

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    I had braces in my early twenties–the clear on the top and the metal on the bottom, because apparently the metal have some more power. No one really noticed them, especially the bottom. My orthodontist put them as far down as he could so they couldn’t really be seen.

    Not to scare you away….

    With that being said, if I ever had to do it again, I wouldn’t. I had maybe one or two cavities ever prior to having the braces and now post braces, my wonderfully straight teeth are a hot mess. Root canals, cavities, gingival grafts, you name it, it’s been done. I take care of my teeth, and I know other factors like genetics, soft teeth etc, come into play, but I seriously blame it all on the braces.

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    My bottom teeth are crooked, more so since my wisdom teeth came in. I am so so so excited to get my braces after I get my wisdom teeth out! If all goes according to plan, I will live to be 80. Wearing braces for 2 years out of 80 is like a drop in a bucket, totally worth it IMO! I can’t wait to have straight teeth and show off my perfect smile!

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    I had both braces and Invisalign. Invisalign is expensive, but definitely worth it. It’s a touch awkward taking them out to eat, but they are barely noticable to you and to others.

    I personally wouldn’t get braces having had them as a kid. The brackets kept coming off and then it would just spin around and around and be annoying. And they broke off at the slightest touch. With Invisalign, that doesn’t happen.

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    I had in my early 20’s for almost two years. It was the metal ones and to be honest I was dreading getting them on.

    But then you get them on you realise its really not a big deal and you get used to it. Infact that’s when you start noticing a lot of adults with it. And when they finally come off its SO worth it. I say go for it girl!

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