Adult Women with Hormonal Acne

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Birth control was a god-sent for my face when I was on it. When we started TTC, my skin got terrible again. I saw a dermatologist and he just recommended a prescription cream with benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin. It didn’t do anything for me.

What has worked for me is cutting way back on alcohol and caffeine. I also started limiting the amount of stuff I put on my face. I find that if I let my skin regulate itself, it tends to straighten out better than all the treatments. At this point, I just wash twice a day with a glycolic acid face wash and use occasional moisturizer and I’ve noticed significantly fewer breakouts.

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rockclimberbride :  Yes, I take their liver support. I figured it was best to use products that were designed to be taken together.

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Birth control helped me a lot, also Curology helped clear my hormonal acne. I was on Azelaic Acid, Clindamyacin, and a low dose of tretinoin.  Birth control and Accutane were really the only things that really helped get it under control permantenly.  I liked Yaz and Yazmin, I’m currently on ortho-cylen and like that as well.  All three helped with my acne!

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Estroblock completly clear my skin from horrible cystic acne all over my jaw, checks and neck in as little as two weeks.

i also take one capsule of liver detox pill at night .

life changing, havent had not one single cyst in 3 months only teny pimple near my period.

so woth it

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Oh and i dropped like 7 pounds without even trying !!!

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Only thing that worked for me was birth control! I struggled with it for years, but was to afraid to start birth control because of the side effects. When i finally relented and went on a low estrogen pill when I was 23 it cleared right up and the only other side effects I had was bigger boobs(no other weight gain), clearer skin and less PMS symptoms. Wish I’d done it sooner because I wound up with some scars from before then :/ 

It’s not for everyone, but typically people with hormonal acne have hormonal imbalances that BC helps to correct. The one I was on was tricyclen lo. (lower estrogen so typically has fewer side effects)

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rockclimberbride :  

What worked for me? I’m still treating my skin but it’s wayyyy better. Initislly years ago for cystic I yook Spironolactone for 3-6 months. That helped a ton! 

Now I got some bad acne again not as bad but not good either. I got a tip on here to use the niacinamide and retinol. So I use niacinamide with zinc 2x a day and retinol at night (you need sunscreen if you use this). 

I wash my face with free and clear. I use the niacinamide and the lotion I use is Tony Moly Cok chok green tea. It feels soothing. I also use rosehip oil nightly and that seems to help as well  

I regularly use the Origins face mask that has sulphur in it. 

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Paula’s Choice salicilic acid exfolient has worked pretty well for me, but it made my breakouts worse for about a month, so I wouldn’t start it now.  I still get occasional small pimples but benzoyl spot treatment makes them go away in a couple days.  I did read that the physical exfolients can be irritating so better to use a chemical one if you are acne prone. 

Some of my friends have seen a big improvement from BC but I didn’t notice that (they liked Yaz, I’m on a different one).  Another friend said Proactive really worked for her.  As for the dermatologist, I have very sensitive skin and several derms have given me benzoyl products which made me get terrible red irritation around my eyes and mouth, so if that sounds like you I wouldn’t try something new and harsh right before your wedding.   

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echoing others who have said dietary changes are key. That’s really what has worked best for me, along with limiting the stuff I put on my face. It’s so easy to over correct the issue, which then freaks your skin out even more and causes different issues. I wash my face twice a day with a clarisonic and very mild cleanser, spot treatment at night with Bridal Party, charcoal mask, exfoliating mask and moisture mask a few times a week as needed. Diet changes for me are no alcohol, limit caffine, low carb, no dairy, no added sugar. Sounds hard, but it isn’t as bad as you think and I do cheat here and there and typically as long as I go back to my diet, I will only get 1 or 2 small pimples. I also drink a ton of water, lemon water and apple cider vinegar water. I am in the process of TTC, so I really try to limit anything harsh on my skin ): obviously you can try the retinol route as well if you are not worried about TTC. 

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I cut out coffee and my hormonal chin/jaw/neck/lower face acne cleared up within a couple of weeks.  Been a year now and it’s only occasional pimples.  I think it’s to do with the acidity and high caffeine.  I’ve switched to tea.

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True Botanicals Clear line is a magical god-send. I had to switch birth control 3 times in 8 months which caused my skin to freak out. True Botanicals cleared it up in a month!

I ended up having to get rid of it b/c FH was weirdly sensitive to the smell (I asked at least 10 people, all thought it smelled fine) but I still use the oil sometimes around my TOM to help control breakouts.

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