(Closed) Advanced age,Overweight and TTC?

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I am definitely not in the same position as you, so I can’t say that I know what you are going through, but those are some tricky choices! Can you do both at once? It may take a few more rounds to get pg again, so in that time you could always try to lose weight where you can.

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At your weight there are many women that continue to lose for the first 6 months  (healthily!!!) and then maintain weight more or less the last several months of pregnancy. Of course it takes work and vigilance, but no more so than a regular weight loss regiman and now you have the health of a little one to consider.  Your doctor can guide you.


Your already eating more calories than your body needs so there is no need to worry about getting enough for a healthy baby. You just need to choose foods with nutrients


So in some ways, you could have it all.   I say start both right now. Start TTC, but also make weekly appts with a nutritionist and get serious about weight loss. Get Darling Husband on board and ask him to help you. Maybe its going for nightly walks together or changing your dinner foods up a bit.  


If it does take you a couple months to conceive, you could be well on your way to your goal. If it takes longer, youll be even further and if you are lucky to conceive right away, you know you will have a healthy diet to support a healthy pregnancy.


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I would give it a good 6 months at trying to lose the weight before TTC if that were me.  Like a real, heavy hearted go at it.  

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just try to lose WHILE you TTC. don’t delay your TTC journey.

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If you feel the depression is leading to weight gain have you discussed starting an anti-depressant and attending therapy to deal w/ some issues.  I know there are a lot of scary commericals about the harms of taking anti-depressants while KU but I have known many women who were able to take a low dose medication and concieve healthy babies.  Although I would talk w/ a psychiatrist about this, studies show SSRI’s are safest (and often very inexpensive.)  Also if you start on anti-depressants/therapy, it might lead you to work out which will increase the serotinon and you may wean off it when you are KU or shortly after if you are nervous about risks.  

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Oldtimer here (over 50)

So as someone who have had all my kids, maybe I can speak to what I learned from that life experience

Get your weight under control first

Pregnancy is hard on your body… and can be physically exhausting even for those who are young and relatively fit

I was in my 20s, maybe a tad chunky… but not drastically overweight at the time

Being pregnant took a lot out of me.

I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant

And then went to Weight Watchers to get back to something near normal


135 before, 175 at Delivery, 150 after

It was either get back down to somewhere around 125 to 135 or start over again at 150

Many women don’t finish the task, and begin at a higher weight.

Making it always harder and harder to lose

Never mind the fact that when you actually have kids, you tend to gain more weight as the years go on (some call it the Clean The Plate syndrom… you eating on the fly not necessarily healthily… as you are sooo busy… and then cleaning their plates of whatever they don’t eat)  Bad combo

Before you know it, you wake up one day, and your “new normal” weight is what you once weighed when you were pregnant about to deliver (or about 30 to 40 lbs more than your children weight)

Then it is really really hard to take off.

Honestly I think you should work on the weight issue first.  Your body will thank you for it.  And you’ll have a GOOD HEALTHY routine in place for when you are pregnant and the kids come (something to depend on for life)

Plus Drs will tell you getting pregnant after 30 gets harder and harder with each year (and also means more health issues / dangers)  Getting yourself in a healthy spot just means you’ll be beating the odds for (a) getting pregnant (b) staying pregnant (c) and having a better pregnant / delivery experience

Not to mention the most important reason (d) having a healthier baby !!

Call it motivation… your reward at the end will be fully committed to being TTC

Check out Weight Watchers, they have a proven track record, and a good reputation.  You’ll learn healthy eating habits (good for life) and meet some other similar minded folks probably as well (lots of ladies in their 20s and 30s… many pre or post pregnancy)

Hang in there… you can do it (( HUGS ))

Hope this helps,


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I dont see any reason why you cant do both! Im currently ttc while loosing weight.  Granted its not an easy task, (for both ;))! I think getting on a stict diet plan now, you could probably loose 30-40 lbs within six months. Hopefully you’ll be pregnant by then, and if thats the case you’ll have to adjust your diet accordingly. But as others have mentioned, many women have gone on and lost weight healthily during pregnancy. I started a motivational weight loss thread while TTC many months ago, maybe we can revive it? Good luck to you in whatever your decision maybe! 🙂

ETA: Also, I’m so sorry for your loss!I


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I’m 32, overweight and just had my Mirena removed. Hubby and I are NTNP, but I am trying to get healthy at the same time. I don’t want to delay TTC too long, but could stand to lose 80-100 pounds.

My goal is to change what I can by eating healthier and being more active. If I end up pregnant, I will continue those things and hopefully keep losing weight during the pregnancy. Since having my Mirena removed, I’ve lost 6 pounds… I definitely think hormonal BC is a killer for me– I gained nearly 50 pounds in 4.5 years on Mirena and had similar effects before while on oral BC.

Good luck!!!

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@rosworms:  Agree, why are they mutually exclusive? You can start trying to get healthy today and continue to TTC. 

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@Cougar09:  I agree 100% with @rosworms

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