Advantages of being CFBC?

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Money, free time, sleeping in, eating out, lots of sex, trips, and poorly trained dogs. 

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jacksspade :  

I 2nd poorly trained dogs! 

My dog’s first home got rid of her because they had a baby.

She won’t ever have to worry about being rehomed again. 

More pros to no kids: 

Adopting animals with behavioral issues and having the time to work with them. 

Deciding to survive off of top ramen for the rest of the month to buy a video game

Staying up until 5AM and waking up at noon

Cheaper and small apartment which may translate to a cheapr and smaller house 

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Not having to organise my life around childcare, school runs, ballet classes, etc. 

The disposable income and free time goes without saying.

Not having to clean up after another human’s bodily functions is also another nice plus!

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I hope this is OK to post. I think these threads can be super uplifting for the CFnotBC ladies. I know when I was in that situation (with little chance of it changing) it was good for me to count my blessings and advantages.

So for me it was always

lie ins

holidays to cool places

Friday evening cheeky pub trips

We were quite against getting a pet as it would be a responsibility and would remove some of the benefits of not having kids for us.

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mrsautumn36 :  

This topic could easily evolve into a 500 page treatise.

But, just off the top, as a PP said—quiet.  My noise tolerance is very low, which I am discovering is an actual thing related to how my brain operates.

Another enormous plus is being able to live in the world of adults. I don’t have to try to communicate with children.  It’s not up to me to decode their screams, screeches, chortles, and howls.

And, I have the blissful luxury of being able to discuss grown up stuff, as opposed to, let’s say, one’s most recent poopy.

For me, there is no downside.

Even when I was a kid, I very much preferred the company of adults and pushed kids my own age away.

Not having to lug around one of those gawd awful car seat things that I have been told weigh 350 lbs.

Diapers.  Enough said.

A puppy can be house trained in a couple of weeks.

Wearing nice clothes, whenever you feel like it.  Odds are, no adult is going to spit up on you, though that may have to be revisited when alcohol is flowing.

Just doing whateverthehell you feel like doing. Feeling the need to get up at 2 am and getting some schoolwork done?  Not a problem.  Conking out at 4 pm, who cares? It’s glorious.

The dogs do keep us a bit anchored, but we always have the option of taking them with us.

If I don’t stop now, I won’t get anything else done today.

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Just had another one dawn on me. I have a horrible cold today and feel rubbish, but I know I can go home and relax and not have to deal with parenting responsibilities.

 I remember when a single mother friend of mine was really ill with a stomach bug, and then her kids caught it, so she was having to deal with two poorly little ones whilst feeling like death herself. Nope, nope, nope!

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FutureMrsBex :  each cfbc thread ends in a debate about the definition of cfbc and who can define themselves as such

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The list is too big. 

I can’t think of any cons if that puts it in perspective lol.

My fiance joked he doesnt have to worry about the future future because we won’t have kids around to suffer in whatever political or environmental disaster awaits them. I think that would stress me out if I had kids. All the bad things that cant be controlled really gets me down some days this way I dont have someone extra to worry about. 

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Not cfbc, but Lordy…

Adult spaces!  Vases on end tables, exposed cords, nail polish remover on the nightstand, no locks on cleaning supples, pitchers near the edge of the table.  Not worrying about children poking, stabbing, electrocuting, poisoning, breaking someone or something every 13 minutes.

Wearing nice clothes & high heels whenever you like.  

Carrying as small a purse as you want.  Not needing to carry tissues, spoons, wetwipes, chapstick, mittens, coloring books, crayons, tablet, etc is glorious.

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SO many things.

My fiance has anxiety and I have ADHD, which causes a lot of anxiety and disordered moods, so for us the ability to block out time to just relax at home is really good for our mental health. When you have kids life gets insanely busy and neither of us wants that. We also both feel much better when our house is clean/tidy so it’s enough just having a dog and ourselves to pick up after. Just this weekend I had a minor breakdown over how endless of a task cleaning the kitchen is. Being able to get the right amount of sleep is also a big one for us. I can hardly function as a human being if I get less than 7 solid hours.

I also just really enjoy not having to plan our lives around kids. We look at all our friend and family who have kids and even though they are still the same awesome people, they have to prioritise family-friendly outings and activities which means they have less time and money to do things for themselves. For example, my brother and sister in law haven’t been on a kid-free vacation longer than one weekend for 8 years… It’s fine for them, because family time with the kids is what makes them happy, but that would NOT work for me. 

Another factor is that I have very little patience – it’s a character flaw I have been working hard on my entire life but it’s just the way I am. I get annoyed pretty quickly with children, even really awesome ones, and I find them echausting even when they’re in a great mood. I find them utterly unbearable when they’re cranky, especially when they’re cranky about something stupid (which is most of the time). I can remind myself all I want that it’s not the kids fault that they’re irrational beings and that they’re just acting out because they’re tired or whatever, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s annoying as hell. I love kids, but I love being able to just walk away when they get worked up or cranky, and I love being able to decide when I’m done playing with them. 

Add to all of these lifestyle and personality conflicts with parenthood, I find the idea of being pregnant absolutely repuslive and terrifying, so I’m pretty freakin stoked never to have to go through that! 

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coffeecakez :  To be fair, even though we don’t have children, we don’t put vases and pitchers near the ends of tables because I am a clumsy oaf lol

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jacksspade :   APancakePrincess :  I’m confused by the poorly trained dogs. My friend has a poorly trained dog and no kids and it’s still a pain in the ass because he can’t find anyone willing to dog-sit, come to his house, or that will allow his dog to come to theirs. His entire life is restricted by how long the dog can be home alone. It’s just as much of a hassle as having children! 

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