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Babies at 6 months usually only need 2 naps.  They start to be awake more during the day and transition to two naps.  

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In my opinion, 5:30 to 9 is way too long for a 6-month-old. Babies generally need to have their first nap pretty soon after waking up in the morning, like my 9-month-old still needs her first nap 2 hours after waking up even though she sleeps 11 h at night. Many of my friends have six month olds and they all seem to nap every couple of hours because they’re all bad nappers (ie only sleep for 40 min or so). Babies transition to two naps once they start to have long (like 1.5 h or longer) naps. It really doesn’t matter what time the baby has solids, it could be at breakfast time as well. Instead of trying to make a schedule, just follow your baby’s cues and you’ll have a schedule in the end.


Edit: I read your post again and youre baby sounds overtired. Lots of sleep problems are caused by it. It also takes many days to get over over tiredness so I would keep trying to get the baby to sleep mmore, especially since the night time sleep seems to be on the shorter side.

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Have you thought about a “2-3-4” schedule? Put baby down for his first nap two hours after wakeup, second nap three hours after waking from his first nap, then bedtime four hours after waking from his second nap. Spending lots of time outside can also help baby sleep better.

As for solids, if baby was awake at a mealtime then they sat at the table with me / us to have food and as baby got older and the naps moved I would adjust lunchtime to suit.

in your case your day would look was follows:

0530 – wakeup then breakfast

0730/0800 – down for baby’s first nap (baby might sleep till 9 or 10)

1130-1200ish – lunchtime for baby

1230-1300 – nap time based on however long baby slept in the morning (Baby might sleep till 1430 or 1500)

1830/1900 – bedtime 



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PaperQueen:  I think it’s closer to 9-12 months they drop down to 2 naps.

amanda3334455:  My baby is almost 8 months and here is our schedule (we just started 3 meals of solids a day):

6:30am – Wake up & Breastfeed

8:00am – Breakfast

8:30am – Nap

10:00am – Wake up & Breastfeed

12:00pm – Lunch

12:30pm – Nap

1:30pm – Wake up & Breastfeed

4:00pm – Nap

5:00pm – Wakeup & Breastfeed

6:00pm – Dinner

7:30pm – Breastfeed & Bedtime


But I say schedule loosely, we really are plus or minus an hour for each of these, and it depends on what’s going on that day.  I dont adhere my baby or I to a strict schedule.


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Usually around 6mo is when they switch to 2 naps a day (some might need a short catnap in the early evening).  Around that age mine took a nap at 10:30am or 11am and then again at ~3pm.  She usually napped for 1 hour to 1 hour 30 min.  Sometimes she would fall asleep around 6 for about 30min if we took her on a walk.  Bedtime was 8pm ish and she would wake up around 7:30 or 8am.  I think 2 or 3 naps is probably appropriate at this age.

I only did solids at 5 or 5:30pm at 6months.

If your baby is waking up at 5:30 I would probably give them a nap around 8am, then again at 1pm, and then they might need a little catnap around 5pm.  Do you all get up at 5:30am so you can get ready for daycare?  Or is that just when he wakes up?  You might be able to get him to go back to sleep for a few hours if you fed him a little (not sure if that’s what you want or if you’ve tried that but just a thought since 5:30 is so early if you don’t need to be up that early). 

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At sixmonths we were doing 3 naps. Many kids really don’t transition easily to two naps until closer to 8 months. i followed the idea of max wake times so at most I would keep her up for 2.5hours before  was nap time again. We were up at 6, bottle at 6:15, breakfast at 7:30 nap at 8-9. Bottle at wake up lunch at 11. Nap 11:30-1 bottle play until 3. Catnap 3-4 dinner at 5 bed  at 6:30. Honestly the six month age was rough because it was impossible to do anything Between naps. 

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Honestly, I would stop worrying about what time he does things and just follow his lead and let him fall into his own ‘schedule.’ I don’t remember what my 2 year old did at that age, but I have a 5 month old and I just watch him and follow his lead, he settled into his own routine. He wakes up around 5-5:30 every day, but I feed him and put him back down and he eventually falls back to sleep (thats just far too early for me!) and both kids wake up for the day around 7:30. 

He’s usually tired and ready for a nap around 10, but it’s a short nap. My 2 year old has lunch at 11:30 and she’s ready for a nap by 12:30, that’s about the same time DS is tired again, so they both take a long nap then, about 2-3 hours. Most days he takes an evening nap around 5, that’s another short one. 

I feed him on demand, so there’s no schedule there. With my dd, when we started solids we did breakfast whenever she was awake and hungry. Even now, some days she’s hungry when she wakes up, other days she won’t be ready for breakfast for an hour or so after she wakes up. 

I just watches them and didn’t worry about what time it was. They fall into their own routine. 

If your DS is struggling to go to sleep, he’s probably over tired. As soon as you see the first ‘I’m tired’ cue, get that baby to sleep. 

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He sounds overtired to me as well! Especially sincr you say he gets hyperactive when he’s awake too long. 2-3-4 is a recommended schedule for the amount of time they should be awake in between naps and bedtime. Basically awake for 7-8 hours, asleep the rest- yes babies need at least 16 hours of sleep including naps! If only we could sleep that much lol. Also, baby doesn’t need lunch right at 12, if that’s when he needs a nap then the nap is more important. Especially since he’s getting up so early, 10:30 or 11 might be a better time for his midday meal. Good luck!

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In my personal experience, you can do two things with early morning wakings: first, you can try to let him cry for 15 min in the morning at a time and in this way push the wakig time later. I.e., you do several days where you don’t pick him up until 5:45, then several, where it goes until 6:00, etc. Another possibility is to just shift your schedule so that he goes to bed an hour later and wakes up an hour later. You do it the same way as you do it for daylight saving: shift everything by 15min or 1/2 hour at a time until in 2-4 days you arrive at where you want to be.

In terms of naps: at that age, we were doing three naps – two longish ones (2-2 1/2 h) at 9:00 and at 1:30pm and then a cat-nap between 5:00pm and 6:00pm. Bedtime was at 9:00pm and she would wake up at 6:30am.

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