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mspenny :  I have been to DB, but for bridesmaid dress shopping only. I can answer your questions though!

What clothes should i wear to appointment? I wore something comfortable. Wear lighter color panties and a strapless bra.

What should i expect from my first appointment? The first appointment is so fun! The first dress I put on, I had the oh my god im getting married moment.

How many dresses do you typically get to try on during an appointment. (my appointment is 1.5hrs long) In my appointment I tried on 8 dresses, then I had it narrowed down to two dresses I loved, and I tried those two on again.

Did you find THE DRESS your first time? How many appointments is it typical to have? I found my dress at my first appointment, and it was nothing like I thought I would ever get! I was going for a lace ballgown, very traditional, ended up with a sparkly lace fitted A line! Trust in your consultant, She had me try on shapes that I never thought I could wear (and there were some that I wouldnt even come out in, but it was good to be open to other shapes.


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Try on different silhouettes – you never know. I was certain I would get an aline with a natural waist, kind of classic looking. I ended up with a blush dress, with a dropped waist and a ruffled skirt, I had seen it online and never thought I could pull it off. The consultant pulled it for me and before she zipped it, I knew it was the one.

Wear makeup and do your hair – even though it won’t exactly look like your wedding day, you can get a better idea of what you’ll look like.

My first dress appointment was an hour. I tried on 5 dresses. I found my dress, it was number 4. I had time before I needed to order, so I went back several months later and tried on my top two. I never went anywhere else.

Don’t bring a crap-ton of people with you. Bring a few that you trust and will be honest. I had so much anxiety about dress shopping, I went with my sister and we face timed my parents (who live in a different state). When I went back, it was just my sister and my parents in person. You don’t need your entire bridal party and every person you’ve ever known. It’s your decision. It really doesn’t matter what other people think. Get the dress that makes you feel amazing.

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I bought my dress from DB!


What clothes should i wear to appointment? 

Clothes that are easy to take off. Strapless bra. If you already have your shoes, bring them! If not, then heels or something similar to what you plan on wearing.

What should i expect from my first appointment?

How many dresses do you typically get to try on during an appointment. I tried on 3 and since I found my dress quickly, the rest of the time was spent letting my Maid/Matron of Honor try on dresses.

Did you find THE DRESS your first time? How many appointments is it typical to have?

I’m sure it varies. I found mine right away but I’m not too fussy. But it ended up being something so unexpected! I figured I was have a very simple and plain dress since that’s who I am, but I fell in love with a big poofy ball gown with a ton of sequins. I felt like a princess wearing it! I went into this not knowing I’d want to feel that way. So I think you’re doing the right thing being open to trying different styles.


Other advice: Don’t bring too many people. It ends up being more overwhleming with too many people with too many opinions. Put your hair roughly in the style you might wear it. I did a bun. Oh, and DB will make you ring this bell if you “say yes to the dres” and everyone will clap lol.

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I don’t know if this is a thing all DB consultants do or if it was just mine. After every dress I tried she asked me to name three things I liked and three things i didn’t like about the dress. I felt like i was being quizzed at school. Not a fan lol

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mspenny :  I was really nervous for my first appointment, which was also at Davids Bridal.
It doesnt really matter what you wear, as you will take it off until the end of your appointment. I just wore a t shirt and lulu’s. Definately wear a strapless bra if you’re looking at strapless dresses.

I thought the consultant would come into the room and help me in and out of dresses like they do on Say Yes ToThe Dress, but not the case. They put the dress in the room and get you to change into it, then they will do it up for you.

I think I tried on about 6 dresses the first time. Bring WATER! I was so warm trying on dresses, I felt bad for the consultant doing up my dress because I knew my back was sweating! haha.

I didn’t get a dress at my first appointment. I went to a different bridal shop for my second appointment and I found my dress there.

Just relax and have fun with it! Your consultant will ask if you have a type of dress in mind, and also your price point.

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If possible, I think it’s best to try to go on a weekday when most people are at work. I had my appointment on a Saturday afternoon, and the consultant abandoned me after a half hour because someone without an appointment walked in, so the receptionist started helping me and didn’t listen to what I liked at all. I also had a bad experience the first time I went in for bridesmaids dresses. I took my flower girls in on a Friday morning and it was a totally different experience! We had undivided attention, even after not having an appointment because their website was having problems, I just called when we were on our way. My girls had their dresses picked out and ordered within a half hour.


Definitely a nude strapless bra if possible, sometimes the ones they have there for you to use don’t fit well. If you have an idea about shoes, take a similar pair if you have them. I have tiny feet (size 5) and they put in heels that were too big, so I went barefoot. If you have an idea for hair and makeup already, trying to replicate something similar will help you get the full effect while you’re shopping.


I had 4 appointments before I bought my dress (only one at DB). Don’t sweat it if you don’t find one at your first appointment, there’s a million dresses in the world, you’ll find something you love. Have fun!

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What clothes should i wear to appointment? I accidentally wore a bright blue bra to my first appointment. Later I tried to go with strapless/neutral colors. The places I went also had strapless bras for people who forgot to bring one. I think I went braless at a few places. Try and do your hair and makeup. It’ll help give you an idea of the overall look and you’ll like the pictures better! 

What should i expect from my first appointment? It can be a little overwhelming. Don’t try to make the decision right away. (If it happens great!) It took me several appointments to start to understand what I wanted. Try on all types of dresses. It’s fun and you never know what you’ll find. I was able to rule out styles in the first two appointments.  

How many dresses do you typically get to try on during an appointment. (my appointment is 1.5hrs long) Five or six.  Depends ok how quickly you move from one to the next. I’d say have fun and take your time at the first one. The more you try on the quicker you’ll know if it’s a yes or no. 

Did you find THE DRESS your first time? How many appointments is it typical to have? I went to seven different places before I found the one. I didn’t have the “this is it” feeling but I didn’t want to take it off.  

Good luck! It’s a lot of fun! 

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First thing: DO. NOT. try on dresses that are over your budget! It’s the absolute worst thing if you end up falling in love with one! 


Second thing: expect a consultant to come inside the dressing room with you. I had no idea they did this, but I guess it’s pretty obvious because most dresses have so much poof and so much dress, you’ll need help. And you can’t do up the back yourself


Third thing: definetly do your hair, and if possible, bring a pair of heels the same height you’re planning on wearing day-of


Fourth thing: wear white bra/panties, DB may have a slip and strapless bra for you to use instead though, so just be aware. They had this for me when I went there, it was nice because I felt more modest with the consultant in the dressing room with me, but also it sucked because it made actually getting into the dresses that much more complicated. The skirt slip went down to my knees or something. 


Fifth (and final) thing: bring water! And wear lots of deodorant! It’s a lot of work getting in and out of huge dresses in a tiny stuffy dressing room! Also, don’t stress if you don’t find “The One” sometimes you need to go to more than one shop! 


Most of all though, have fun! Wedding dress shopping is another one of those one-time-only experiences, so enjoy yourself! 

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I visited 3 or 4 different stores and probably tried on 50 dresses until I found The One. I’m glad I held out for the right dress. 

Previous posters are right:

– Try at least one of every style, and don’t judge it before you see yourself in it in the mirror. 

– You will get tired and thirsty after an hour on your feet climbing into and out of piles of fabric!  The places I went offered me a bottled water and I downed it lol. 

– Don’t try on a dress you can’t afford! For the same reason you don’t test drive a car you can’t afford! I made that mistake and it ended up being The Temporary One for several days, much to my agony, until I found The Actual One. 

Advice I would add:

– At some point you’ll probably try on a princess dress. It might not have been the silhouette you had in mind, but it will hug you in all the right places and flare at just the right location, and it will sparkle, and you’ll revert emotionally to your 6 year old self, and you (and your mom if she’s there) will get teary-eyed, and the dress will go on your short list, and you’ll start to wonder if it’s The One.  For many people people the princess dress is the one! For many others, it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to feel like the princess our 6 year old selves wanted to be in our hearts, and we savor the moment in front of the mirror, then remind ourselves that our beach or barn wedding really calls for a different kind of dress, and we thank fate for the experience and put the dress back on the rack. 

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