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Following! We will be TTC in the next few months after our wedding! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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I did visit my Dr prior to TTC. I had my vaccinations/immunities tested as some you can’t have while pregnant (measles, mumps, rubella for example). I was told to start taking a pre-natal vitamin 3 months prior to TTC. Folic acid is the one that’s very important in early pregnancy, so if you’re uncomfortable about taking a pre-natal, I’d at least go for folic acid (helps prevent neural tube defects). 

Good luck!

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I second everything PP just said. Folic acid is a must. Any doctor will tell you that even if you aren’t actively TTC, you should be taking it. You can take just folic acid alone without taking a full prenatal. I started on just 400 mcg of folic acid before moving on to a full prenatal when I started TTC.

Other than that, have fun!

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I did not go to the OB before TTC, I don’t think it’s necessary unless you need caught up on vaccinations and you want them. I’m pretty sure they’ll just tell you to take your prenatals. Folic Acid and DHA are the two most important vitamins in the prenatals, even if you don’t take a whole prenatal, I would make sure to take those. I believe they say you should be on them for a few months before TTC.

If you’re interested charting/opks or learning more about your cycle and the science behind fertility, Taking Charge of Your Fertility is an awesome book.

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BostonStacy:  I just had my pre-conception counseling with my GP last week. She prescribed prenatals for me with DHA, and said ideally you should be taking a prenatal daily for at least 3 months before TTC. She said that the folic acid and DHA are very important for the fetus. She also ordered bloodwork to make sure I’m still immune to MMR and varicella (chicken pox). If you’re not immune, you have to get booster shots and then wait at least 3 months to TTC. I’m overdue for a tetanus shot, so I’ll need to get the TDaP vax during my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. This way, the whooping cough vax transfuses to the fetus. I have family history of a thyroid disorder, so she also ordered bloodwork to check my thyroid function. Be prepared to let your GP know of any medical conditions that run in your family so that they can run tests, if necessary.

Have fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I had a pre-conception appointment with a GYN, but that was because 1) I hadn’t had a PAP test in at least 2 years so figured I should get one, 2) I was new to the area and wanted to try out an OB/GYN office before committing to them for a whole pregnancy, and 3) my cycles were irregular and I wanted to see the GYN’s thoughts on what could be causing it, and if they had suggestions for adjusting my TTC approach because of it.  If you’re up to date on your PAP tests, have a GYN you like, and don’t have any cycle/health issues you want to discuss with a doctor, they’re probably not necessary.


Folic acid is a must, though.  I don’t know many foods that have sufficient amounts, so if you don’t want to take a full prenatal vitamin, maybe pick up just a folic acid suppliement.  The most crucial time for needing folic acid is when the neural tube develops, which is one of the first things that happens, it’ll already be on its way by the time you find out you’re pregnant which is why its good to already have a lot of it in your system while TTC.


Health wise, that’s really it if you’re already a generally healthy person.  Enjoy alcohol, sushi and cold deli meats while you can and good luck!

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BostonStacy:  Take folic acid and have sex a lot.

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MrsAKSkier:  +1!

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BostonStacy:  First of all, best of luck! It may happen right away for you, it make take 10+ cycles.. it’ll be hard, but try not to get discouraged if it does take time.. that’s perfectly normal! To answer your questions…

Did you all have an extra obgyn visit when you decided to start?

No, but I did mention it to him at my yearly appointment we’d be starting soon & what did he recommend we do. Basically he said start taking a prenatal now (or even just folic acid if I didn’t want to do the prenatal) and he said I didn’t have to be off the pill for a certain length of time before we started trying (I went off the pill in Aug, started trying in Sept & got pregnant in Dec)

Did you all take prenatal vitamins? (I really don’t like synthetic vitamins on principle, I’d rather just eat lots of spinach…?)

I took a folic acid pill for about a year before we started trying.. and once we started trying I started a prenantal (Vitafusion Gummies)

What else should we/I be doing?

There’s really nothing else to do besides have sex and hope for the best! I found after the first month of trying that charting my temp helped me to know when I ovulated and hit that fertile week. But really if you just have sex every couple days throughout the month, you’re bound to hit your ovulation! If you don’t want to chart, use OPKs etc

I have been eating super healthy and exercising, but now I’m worried what else I might be missing!

I’d say you’re doing everything just fine, maybe start taking that folic acid and get busy ๐Ÿ˜‰


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BostonStacy:  Good luck!

I did have an appointment prior to TTC, but only because I had to go for my annual. It just worked out that it was the same month we were TTC so I could ask a few questions. Yes, I absolutely did take (and still do) prenatal vitamins. They, especially Folic Acid and Omega 3, are incredibly important to help ensure healthy growth and development of a fetus. I charted prior to TTC, but didn’t want to continue while TTC so I could relax a bit. I did use OPKs to narrow down ovulation as I never ovulated on exactly the same CD each cycle. Those do help you hit your FW (a positive indicates ovulation-usually-within 12-48 hours). I write this every time someone asks, but the best days to hit to conceive are 2 and 1 days before ovulation and the day of ovulation. Other than that, just be kind to yourself. TTC isn’t a perfect art form. You can do everything right and it may just take time.

Oh…a few tips:

Wait to test as long as you can. I refused to test before the evening of 12DPO because I would typically spot that day then start AF the following. The two times I tested positive (the first pregnancy ended in MC) I waited until the evening of 12DPO.

Do not go test crazy and take tests every day. You’re going to drive yourself crazy comparing lines from one day to the next. I had lines in my first pregnancy that darkened nicely and I still miscarried. This pregnancy (19 weeks and doing well) I tested three times-the initial positive and then two ClearBlue Weeks Estimator as those not progressing were early indications of my CP/MC in my first pregnancy. I refused any bloodwork early and just rode it out.

Best of luck!

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