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I think if you poke around, a few bee bloggers posted some “how I got here” stories.
Actually, some of them talk about it within their first few posts.

From what I gather, bloggers in general make up code names for their SO’s/FI’s/DH’s, so I think you can make up whatever name you (or he!) like for your blog and it should be fine.

If I were in your shoes, I’d just dive into the blog. Maybe a mini-intro post, but nothing too lengthy – tell the story in your blog posts!
Think of it like the first few dates – you want to let them know who you are, but not tell the whole story all at once. πŸ™‚

GOOD LUCK! Hope I get to hear all about your wedding next year!

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If I remember right I started with a why I was working on the blog and what beeing a bee meant for non-WB readers.

As for names I just made up a moniker and went with it. I tried to keep it as WB like as possible. 

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I randomly checked the boards today and saw this! I got married in 2012, so blogged from 2011-2012. I owe Weddingbee a few more recap posts and am getting myself geared up for that…

Anyway, I was blogging before I heard of Weddingbee, so I wound up editing a few posts once I had the avatar so they referenced “Minks.”

You’ll be able to write an introduction post and then organize your already-written posts, if you feel the need. Just write about what is happening with your planning, not as if you are about the apply for the bee.


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@pocketfox:  Check out the Bees Life posts (here’s mine) http://www.weddingbee.com/2013/09/20/wedding-blogger-advice/#axzz2mzPppuRG

I read these a lot before applying and found the tips and tricks really useful πŸ™‚

I think I referred to him as his own name on my blog, but I went back and edited my posts when he became ‘Jack’.

I don’t think I did an introduction post – I wrote my intro post once I’d been accepted so I just started straight with my first planning post πŸ™‚

Good luck! πŸ™‚ And def check out the Bees Life posts πŸ™‚

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Good questions!  If you’d like some feedback on your blog when you get some posts up, feel free to PM me the link and I’ll take a look at it.  I know some of the other bloggers are open to that as well.

On my personal blog, I just called Sphinx mister or Fiance, and I changed his name once I got accepted.  You’re able to fully edit any of your old posts before they get up on the bee.  

I didn’t have a very detailed intro post on my personal blog, I just had a quick one introducing us and how we got engaged.  After I was accepted to the bee, I wrote an intro post and the ones on our backstory.  I wanted to keep the info on my blog relevent, but it does help to get some background.  You could also put some of that in an “about me” page or bio on your blog, so someone could check that first before reading posts.  

Good luck!  

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@pocketfox:  I didn’t have much an intro post on my blog. I pretty much started with the proposal and dove headfirst into the planning process.

On my personal blog, I referred to Stallion/any other people by an initial. Like everyone has said, you’ll have ample opportunity to edit your archived posts before they go live, so don’t worry about that right now. The best thing you can do is write your posts as if you’re already a Bee blogger; this way, the powers that be can get a good sense of your writing voice and how you’d be a good fit for the site. 

Feel free to PM me should you need any additional help/feedback. Good luck! 

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Hi! I’m so glad that you’re thinking of applying! πŸ™‚

I didn’t write my “official” introduction post until after I was accepted. I made sure to have an in-depth About Me section on my blog as well as a general intro post – this is who I am, this is who my fiance is, this is our wedding, etc. My actual intro post was written within the hour of receiving my acceptance email and it was really just a lot of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha. 

I referred to Mr. PT as ‘J’ in my blog posts – I wasn’t sure what his actual ‘Mr.’ moniker would be. I know some people do ‘the Mister’ or something similar. Once you get accepted, you can go back through your posts and edit it to fit your moniker.

A few random bits of advice:

  • Don’t wriite as though you feel you have to have a list of “necessary” posts, i.e., ‘my dress’, ‘my flowers’, ‘my colors’, etc. Write what is unique/specific about you, your fiance and your day. Specific details are what make your application stand out, as opposed to writing like you’re filling out a checklist.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get accepted the first time! I was rejected once and it definitely kept me down for a little bit – I didn’t blog for months. Eventually, though, the fuel was re-ignited and I became even more determined. I reached out to the ‘Bees via the Boards for help and revisions, I refined my writing style and made sure I had quite an organized list of posts before applying again. 
  • Don’t limit yourself to hitting only the 14 required posts or ‘x’ amount per week – write in advance, if you can, and schedule them to go up periodically. It will definitely help keep you on track/keep you from falling behind and it takes a lot of the stress out of the commitment.

Good luck! If I/we can be of any further help, please reach out to us! I get so excited for new Bee bloggers! πŸ™‚ Happy Holidays! xo

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I write like I’m talking to friends, which I feel like I am! πŸ™‚

You don’t need to start with an intro post (and least, not like the introduction posts that you see here) because you won’t be certain what moniker you’ll get yet.

Write about your planning. Include lots and lots of pictures (be sure to credit them!) and be yourself. And, like Palm Tree said, don’t be discouraged if you get rejected the first time. It’s not a sign that they didn’t like your blog – it’s a just a sign that it has some areas to improve. I got rejected on my first application and then went back and edited all my posts. I was able to find my voice better and switched from a diary style to the more conversational style I have now.

Before I got accepted, I referred to my fiance (now husband!) by name. It’s an easy fix to go back and change it later.

Good luck! And if you want someone to look it over before you apply, just ask!

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@pocketfox:  Hey girl! Happy to give a few tips πŸ™‚

The best advice I can give is to blog as if you’re already chosen to blog for Weddingbee. And tell a story. Start from the beginning, help your readers get to know who you are and what your story is with your Fiance, and paint a picture of your wedding-planning journey. Keep in mind that when you’re blogging for a large public readership, it’s not a diary – someone on the other side of the world probably won’t be interested in whether you’ve checked off each item on your to-do list, or too much of the personal details. Most of the readers are other engaged or recently married women who are looking for inspiration in planning their own weddings, and going through the same process of dating-to-married life.

And write about what you love! I’m not very interested in rings, so I don’t think I ever mentioned my e-ring. But I care a lot about the environment and wanted to plan a green wedding, so I talked about that at length. My DH’s family is Iranian, so I wrote about Iranian wedding customs and how we incorporated them to hopefully help out other brides struggling with how to combine multiple cultures into one seamless wedding.

But do spend some time blogging about yourself before you jump right into dresses, cakes, bouquets, etc. My first blog post was about how Darling Husband and I met, my second post was about how he proposed, and third blog post was about how we decided we wanted to have a large family wedding and what general feel/theme we wanted for our wedding  day (incl. how we chose to have an outdoor wedding…) If you start out in roughly chronological order, it helps piece together a story for your readers.

Post photos wherever you can! No one likes to scroll and scroll through a wall of text. A lot of wedding planning these days is highly visual, with glossy photos all over wedding blogs – so keep in mind that photos can often convey as much as a whole paragraph of text. Don’t forget to give credit where due where your photos aren’t your own. When you start blogging with a blog website (I used blogger.com) you can resize photos so they’re nice and large.

Everyone has their own flow of ideas and way of organizing topics/posts. I found myself writing about each topic in one post – a dress post, a hair post, a make-up post, a venue post, etc. That’s my personal preference – when I read other blogs I catch up all-at-once and tend to miss posts if they’re part of a series, so I’m in the get-it-all-out-in-one-post camp, you know? But everyone has a structure that works for them.

Good luck sweetie! PM me if you have any specific Qs. 

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I think I started out with a general post about why i was writing a wedding blog, because I was already blogging pretty regularly on my general blog & put a link up, so I figured people might want to know what i was doing. πŸ™‚

And, I *think* I just refered to Mr. D and everyone else by their first names, because again, I was already doing that on my regular blog. But I went through and edited once I was accepted.

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@Mrs. Palm Tree: I have to say I love your PT avatar!

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I used a lot of information I submitted with my application in my intro. post – so if you do get accepted, that will most certainly write itself!  Like Campfire, I write as if I’m talking to my friends which is really helpful in avoiding writer’s block.  You aren’t ever stumped on what to say next when you’re just gossiping with your pals!  (At least I’m not!)

Definitely keep it personal and let your voice come through as much as possible, that’s what will make you relateable.  

Oh, and I always called Mr. Jet Setter just ‘M’ and went back through each entry to change it once I was accepted as Miss JS. 

Best of luck!!

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My first post I ever wrote was about cupcakes and food. What can I say? I really like cupcakes.

I am absolutely not a chronological writer, and so I wrote most of my posts in a haphazard kind of way but usually about whatever I was really thinking about and worrying about at the time. After a few posts in, that’s when I actually started writing my introduction posts. When I got chosen to be a bee, I just asked for the introduction posts to get posted before the other posts and I think that worked really well for me.

I personally tried to write my posts like they were going to go up on the main page. I tried to have my biography set up and I tried to stay on a 3-4 posts/week schedule (which is much harder to maintain than you think it is…) and I try to keep my posts self contained since there are so many bloggers, blogging about different things simultaneously, I know it’s hard to keep track of who is doing what.

As always, many of us bloggers love reading other peoples blogs, and can probably give some advice to help strengthen your writing. I know, I am always happy to read potential bee blogs, just pm me!

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