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I don’t have specific advice, but HUGE hugs. 

Try your best to relax and be calm and just do what the doctor says.  I’m sure your hubs can figure out some meals.  google some easy meals that he can prepare and you can instruct from the couch if needed.


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Why does your Dr do a vag exam every visit? That certainly isn’t common.  Did she schedule for an ultrasound so you can get a measurement if the cervix is actually thinning? Did she schedule for steroid shots if she thinks that you are actually in danger of preterm labor? If she did none of these things I would be concerned about her competency as a practioner as they are all standard with threatened preterm labor/shortened cervix. Also the reality is that if your body/baby decides it is time to come early there isn’t much that can be done to prevent it. Research indicates that bedrest doesn’t really do anything either. So good luck to you, but if you are facing possible complications I would want to ensure that my physician is practicing competantly. 

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I was put on be rest with my second baby but for different reasons. Hugs to you!! I’m sorry you are going through this. It can be scary because you don’t know what’s going on and are so scared.

The only advice I can offer is to listen to your doctor and lay down. You are lucky you can work from home so you aren’t missing that extra paycheck or eating up sick/vacation days/mat leave. 

I remember going for ultrasounds an the baby brin the wrong way facin so the technician would get me to go on my side or something, and yes that would work, the baby would eventually flip over. But if your doctor old you to be on bed rest, then I’m sure it’s to help the baby either go up or to not go any lower.

Get yourself some good books and movies and rest!! Good luck to you and I hope everything turns out well in the end. And enjoy the rest now (try to be as stress-free as possible as stress does no good for baby) because when baby comes out, you will no longer know the what the word “rest” means anymore 😉 

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My friend was on bed rest for almost 2 months because of basically the same thing. She made it to full term and the baby was perfectly fine. Her biggest thing was going absolutely stir crazy! Having to lie on a bed that long makes you nearly lose it… So, even though I can’t provide prenancy advice, I WILL say you should get as many things to keep you occupied as you can! Movies, books, documentaries, work, something to plan, take up knitting, etc. Good luck and I wish you a smooth pregnancy!

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Agree with PP, please get second opinion ASAP. Something doesn’t sound quite right with your doctor….  Good luck. 

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I would seek a second opinion as well.  This is my third child, and each time I have had a different OB because each time I was pregnant I was in a different state.  Out of all three doctors, not a single one of them examined me every time I went in.  And as it stands right now – I am a 24w5d and I have only had an internal pelvic exam ONCE and that was for my pap smear. 

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octoberbaby:  Oh wait, so are you saying you have only had three appointments so far?  The one to confirm the pregnancy, the one where she checked to see if the uterus had flipped back, and now this latest one?  I can certainly understand the doctor checking you during these three appointments, especially if you had a retroverted uterus. 

I still question the decision not to prescribe any steroid injections if they were truly concerned the baby would be arriving earlier than anticipated.

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HMM, I also think that’s strange. I have a rear-tipped uterus and was never given any special risk consideration because of it. I carried my pregnancy normally and never had a vaginal exam until I was in active labor. My baby was also super low after 32 weeks — I could feel her head on the rear vaginal wall. I told my midwives and they never had any concern about it. I delivered a healthy baby girl at 38 weeks.

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I understand what you are going through. I am only 13 weeks but I’ve been on bed rest for the last two weeks for a different cause: I was bleeding (red blood) because there was something wrong with my placenta and they were (and are still) afraid that I will miscarry. I go see my doctor in a week and I will know if I have to stay on bed rest some more.

the time is long and I would love to help Darling Husband in everyday chores, but he always says that I am busy taking care of baby. After a miscarriage with the last one, I don’t want to risk anything so I respect what my doctor told me. It is boring but necessary.

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octoberbaby:  First and foremost- super sorry you are going through this.

It *sounds* like your baby has pressed down, which has dilated you at least some– because if your cervix was tight and closed, she shouldn’t have been able to feel baby’s head.


As other PP’s have said– and the first thing that came to mind when I read your post was:  why is her OB doing a pelvic exam/check at each appointment?  I had one pelvic exam/pap at the beginning of the my first pregnancy, and the same for this one.  Later on (I forget exactly when it was….28 or 32 weeks?) I got one brief check as part of my routine visit.  I guess I’d be curious to know why your OB was doing this.  Keep in mind– she should NOT be doing another check at your next visit, unless you are in the hospital and ready for delivery– she can attempt to do a visual check (not as accurate- but it can be done).  

When I was in the hospital because I had a tear in my water, they didn’t do a check the first night I was there because they didn’t want to get anything moving along if they could help it.  My son’s head had pushed down and dialted me without contractions.  The goal was to keep me pregnant as long as possible– and doing a manual check may have gotten things started.  They did do a visual check- and eventually, after they realized baby was goinng to come, they did do a manual check.  But like I said– they were hesitant at first, because it can move things along sometimes.  


In the meantime, follow the DRs orders– stay on bedrest.  Your baby might make it full term, and each DAY– especially weeks- that go by help your baby more and more.


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