(Closed) Advice needed- living with newborn for 3 months in a 1 bedroom apartment

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My sister is doing this. Right now. They have a bassinet in the bedroom and a pack and play that is made for a newborn in the living room.  they also have 4 dogs. The baby is very used to noise and has learned to sleep through it. I never hear “it has to be quiet or you will wake the baby”. When mom or dad are sleeping in the bedroom, the baby is in the bedroom. If baby and one patent is awake, baby is up with the parent. Baby can also nap in the pack and play if either if them doesn’t want to disturb whoever us in the bedroom.  It sounds crazy but it is working quite well and with very little stress. Good luck!

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Yeah, 2BRs won’t make a difference at all. Putting floors between you will. You guys should go into the 2BR, and shout so you can hear how loud it will be. Hubby should just suck it up, def not worth the hassle and the extra rent!

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Honestly rather then move all my stuff twice I would sleep on the couch sometimes or he can. It it’s an issue. Or just see if it’s an issue. I’m pregnant now. There is no way that my husband will not as some point be woken up. It’s OUR baby, not just mine. Newborns make the parents tired for awhile. Tha’s just part of having the kid. Moving twice in 3 months sounds to me way harder on everyone. Also I agree with PP I really don’t see how a second bedroom will solve anything. They aren’t soundproof bedrooms. So if the baby is in the living room or a bedroom – what is the difference? 

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Your husband needs to suck it up and deal with the sound of a “newborn”. He will lose sleep, and so will you. Having one bedroom or two will not make a difference in that. It’s something every parent deals with when they have a baby.

Our daughter is 2 years old now, but let me tell you, as a new mom 2 years ago, we were clueless. Everything was new! But the best advice I can give you is, that everything will pass. it is all a phase. and as parents who chose to create a beautiful human being together, we just have to suck up the lack of sleep, lack of help, lack of anything and keep telling ourselves that it all shall pass. And dont think that you can do everything on your own just because you have maternity leave and your husband will work full time. you deserve help. hang in there. 3 months will go by FAST.

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@hspw714:  I say if husband is willing to pack/move/unpack all your stuff himself and it will really make him feel better, go to the 2br. I used this same argument on my husband when he didn’t want to spay the dog–he had to clean up the mess during every heat and keep other dogs away from her. He lasted about 6 hours through the first day of her first heat, and then caved. 😉

One last non-moving suggestion: do you live near any immediate family? Maybe husband could go to their house and sleep instead? That would be a lot of trucking around, but maybe easier than moving. Best wishes whatever you do!

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I live in NYC and plenty of familys cram into small apartments/homes here. I had a 1 bedroom until my daughter was 3. It really wasnt soooo bad.

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A baby that young will be sleeping in your room anyway. Most people don’t transition a baby to the crib in its own room until 6 months or later. That’s the recommendation for SIDS safety anyway.

Most newborns can sleep through anything. It’s when they get a bit older that they start needing peace and quiet.

Your husband will be able to sleep. It’s pretty normal for the moms to wake and the dads to just be passed out. We are more atuned to the sounds of the baby that the dad is.

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we had a one bedroom with a newborn for five months. It is fine for the baby, the world is still so new that even a one bedroom apartment is more than enough stimulation, with walks thrown in. Honestly, it is likely that neither of you will get much sleep, even in a two bedroom. Sometimes babies just scream, especially when you are both new to the game.  Plus, night time soothing is a great way for BOTH of you to bond with the baby! I would stay put.

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@hspw714:  I’d move to the bigger space and leave as much packed as possible.

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@tinkerbish:  +1 

Part of having a baby is losing sleep.  Hubs needs to get over it and learn to function like everyone else.

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I don’t think the cost of moving would be worth it. Some babies are really quiet. And odds are, if you’re up, DH’s sleep will be disturbed, even in a 2 BR. I think the first few months of having a bb are insane for everyone, and totally unpredictable–having an extra BR or not won’t change that. If things get really desperate, you can move DH into the living room temporarily, maybe put a twin bed or blowup mattress out there. 3 mos is really such a short time, it will fly by. 

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I shared a bedroom with my parents for 2.5 years.  My 3 older brothers had the “bedroom” and my parents and I slept in the livingroom, that had french doors.  Moving twice in a short period of time is hard, cause you don’t really want to unpack everything, and boxes everywhere.  

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This the only topic on the bee that really makes me feels some kind of way. As a native New Yorker the majority of my friends, family and acquaintances grew up in apts/condo etc.

So imagine my surprise when some Bee’s act like some how we are chopped liver for not having grown up in “house” just grates my gears a bit. Definitely not you OP but some threads in the past pretty leaned towards that).

IMO a child needs shelter. Preferably safe, warm and clean shelter. No child to my knowledge is born with some required square footage stamped to its bum. So yeah I’m team suck it up :). Because a crying child will hollar down ANY home you live in. 

*I know I went off topic slightly…the OP is asking about noise/space. So no need to correct me 😉

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@hspw714:  Look on the bright side. You don’t really have to move twice, more like one and a half times.

Use this time of moving to do a huge purge before the baby comes and only pack things you will 100% want in your new house. Also, don’t unpack things that you won’t really need in the next few months, keep those boxes packed so that you don’t have to unpack them for the new house. 

It might actually make it easier to move and pack most things now than to try and pack everything with a newborn. 

And then when all of this stress is over you get to enjoy your brand new house and brand new baby! 🙂

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