(Closed) Advice on cat who keeps urinating in cat bed?

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Blushing bee
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There could be several issues with the cat, but my first thought is: once a cat uses bedding for urination, they are *very* likely to do so again on the same bedding. Even if you wash it, the cat has now marked that bedding. Any way you could get a new bed and put it in a new location?




Definitely worth a trip to the vet if it continues (as you said, could be a sign of diabetes, etc). I’m willing to bet that it is behavioral since it happened when the box was being cleaned.




Good on you for being conscientious about dealing with this!




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Helper bee
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My cat had a bladder inflammation when he did this. Some pills from the vet fixed him right up. However, I ended up throwing out the scratch mat he was going on because even after lots of washing he kept going on it.

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Honey bee
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Cat urine crystallizes. Even after you wash things, the crystals are still there. You might not be able to smell it, but cats can. Once they mark where they want to pee, unless you get rid of the urine crystals, they’ll continue to go in the spot they have claimed as “theirs.” You’ll need an enzyme cleaner to break down the crystals. They sell them at Petco.

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Helper bee
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One of my cats does this whenever he or she finds a cat bed.  Other than that, I’ve had no problems — we just keep the cat beds out of the house.  I have to say, though, that it’s easier to clean/pitch a cat bed than to clean a carpet.  I was kind of relieved when I figured out where the smell was coming from.

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Bumble bee
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I would talk to the vet about an infection.  A cat that is otherwise well-behaved can use peeing outside their box as a signal to you.  Our cat did that twice, once in Hub’s gym bag and once on ME while I was in bed.  Both times she had bladder stones that were causing pain.  Lots of hydration and a change of food and no more “incidents”.

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Bumble bee
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Once they pee on something, they can smell it forever. All the bleach in the world won’t fix it. You have to throw out the cat bed.

We had a foster cat a couple years ago for a few months. One time she accidentally got locked in my FI’s bathroom and peed on the rug. After that, she would pee on that same rug every time she got the chance. Never on the other, identical rug.

Fast forward a year. That cat was rehomed and we adopted two kittens. The rug in question had been laundered and bleached probably 50 times. The first time one of the kittens got into my FI’s bathroom, he peed right on that same rug. (And then took all the toilet paper off the roll and shredded it, as kittens will.)


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Sugar bee
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I’d throw out the bed- even with washing, even if you can’t smell where he peed, he may be able to, and he’ll pee there again.


However, take him to the vet as well. My cat had never had any potty problems until a few months ago, just before Christmas. I had taken him to my mom’s house shortly before, and he wasn’t the biggest fan of my dog, so I assumed that was why he peed on the rug.


I realized that was not the case when the next day he got up on the bed *right* next to me and peed so close that it got on my pants- and then I saw the blood. Turns out my poor baby had a UTI and wasn’t just being a brat after all. 🙁 I felt awful.


We took him to the vet and got him antibiotics, and he didn’t have a single accident after that, even in the places where he’d peed during his infection.

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Busy bee
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We use Nature’s Miracle Orange Oxy Power and it works great, I guess orange is really good at hiding cat pee. We used it in a corner that our one cat kept peeing in once and she never did it again.

Good luck!

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Bee Keeper
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I could be wrong but I think you have to get a new one, once that smell is there no amount of washing will get it out so much that his sensitive senses won’t smell it.

He could have a bladder infection?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Toss out the bed, first off. Secondly, if this keeps happening take him to the vet. Cats will associate pain with their litter box, thus causing them to urinate else where. If you toss out the bed and it stops, I would assume he did it because there was no litter box (since you were cleaning it) then kept doing it because he could smell his urine on it. Good luck! 🙂

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Sugar bee
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I can almost guarantee your cat didn’t do it because he was upset that his litterbox was being cleaned.  Our cats will sit there and watch the box being cleaned and use it as soon as we’re done.  It takes what, two minutes to scoop out a box?

Cats don’t pee outside of their box for no reason (they also don’t do it out of anger or spite).  SOMETHING happened to make him do so.  The most likely explanation is that there is a medical problem such as a UTI or bladder stones/crystals that are causing him pain when he urinates.  This causes them to soil outside of the box, because they associate the box with the pain of the infection.

Another explanation could be an environmental change.  Has anything changed recently in his environment…have you changed or moved the litterbox, changed the type of litter, started using a box liner when you didn’t before…

Try cleaning with an enzyme cleaner and/or replacing the cat bed.  But more than likely a trip to the vet is called for.  

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