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Are you swaddling her up nice and snug when you put her in the crib? That might help. Do you not want to let her cry it out? I know she’s little for that and some parents are just not into it at all, totally understandable. Does she use a pacifier? It sounds like you’ve tried a lot of options, just throwing some things out there that you haven’t mentioned.

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If you swaddle tightly, even a 6 month old shouldn’t be able to get out, but it has to be tight. It took me several weeks working at the daycare to get it right. Also patting her chest for awhile may help her calm down. You may have to do it for a long time but it usually helps. Good luck! 

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We have a 3-week old who sleeps in her crib every night. We rock her in our arms to sleepy, not sleep. And then we transfer her to the crib and swaddle her. Sometimes she wakes up and “cries” (I’m learning her cries and this is not really a cry – it’s more like a protest) for a few minutes. She’s usually very sleepy so we leave her for 5 minutes (we set a timer) and let her cry. Most of the time, she falls asleep. If she doesn’t, we go back in the room, check her diaper, make sure we fed her enough, soothe her a little more, and try it again until it works. It’s gets a little easier each day. And yes there are bad days/nights but you gotta keep trying.


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The swaddleme’s didn’t really work for me.  I used the miracle blanket and it was fantastic!  Ours slept in that until she started rolling from back to tummy. 

Have you tried putting her down awake?  Put her down when she is drowsy or sleepy but still calm (not crying or upset).

We also use a mobile that makes noise (well classical music) and the animals rotate, I think she likes to have something to look at or hear while she’s falling asleep.  It’s really helped me to have that on when I put her down awake.

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This is just a guess, but is it possible she’s having reflux that’s aggravated by laying flat? I think my brother and SIL had their baby sleep in one of those Fisher Price rock and play things because it kept her more upright and helped with her reflux, which drove her crazy when she was flat on her back. 

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I personally didn’t use this but two of my friends did and they swear by it: zipadeezip.com

I would have but I didn’t find out about this until way too late.

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My Dirty Delete is almost 10 months, and she did the exact same thing yours is doing when she was that age. If she’s not ready to sleep in her crib, you don’t have to force it. Maybe she just doesn’t feel safe yet, maybe it’s too big and scary (she is just a tiny baby!). What we did is, let her sleep on my chest. I sat on the couch (we have one that reclines) and let her sleep on me. It’s not uncommon to have to do that. When she got a little older (maybe 8-10 weeks?) we tried the Fischer Price Rock N Play and she loved it. It kept her on a slight incline and nice and snug. Eventually she started napping in her crib, then one night she decided she was ready to go all night in her crib. 

I’ll probably get a lot of heat for this, but sometimes you can’t force a baby to do something. They will let you know when they are ready, they know how to be babies. 

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Sounds pretty typical for 6 weeks.  I think you should give swaddling another try!  There are so many different swaddling products out there to help the little houdinis!  Check out the ollie swaddle. I haven’t used it but it looks awesome and can’t wait to give it a try when we have our second.

Also, are you using white noise? REAL white noise (not ocean waves) and LOUD!  

I subscribe to the whole 4th trimester concept so my goal was to recreate the womb for the first 12 weeks.

And sometimes it’s about survival! If she’ll only sleep in the swing, so be it!  If you’re nursing, bed sharing can actually be done quite safely.  Read up on it and take safety precautions.

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Katie-Didnt:  honestly some babies don’t LIKE being swaddled! My daughter hated it and no matter how tight we swaddled, she would break free lol IMO there is no one way to get every baby in the world to sleep…so when ppl would keep telling me “swaddle her” “swaddle tighter” etc I was losing my mind because she just didn’t like it! Long story short, her swing was a godsend. I had the same worries about safety and stuff, but a mom’s gotta get some sleep somehow! And if she could barely lift her head much less roll over on her own, she wasn’t getting out of that swing (especially since she was strapped in anyways). I wouldn’t worry too much about it right now. In my opinion, she’s too young to let her cry it out in a crib, and if she is comfy in her swing then why not let her sleep there? Some parents have to put their babies to sleep in a car seat because they won’t sleep any other way lol 

Once my daughter was old enough (I don’t remember the exact age, but definitely before 1…I’d say between 5-7 months, maybe a little older) we moved her to an actual crib. I had to let her cry it out the first couple of times but after that she was good to go and has been sleeping for 8+ hours.. sometimes 12…a night in her crib 🙂 Her pediatrician just said give her a good 15 min and if she is still crying then go comfort her, but I don’t think we even got to that point. She usually fell asleep by then. Hope this helps 

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Katie-Didnt:  our daughter didn’t sleep in her crib until she was 7 months.  And like you, our daughter only liked falling asleep in the swing or on us until she was 2.5 months old and she was able to be put down in the pack n play.  this is not recommended but we co-slept and it worked for us.  I would never tell people this is the way to go, nor would I do it with any future children we may have, but we were desparate and needed sleep.  

For us, we let her decide the pace to move, that meant when she moved into her pack n play, when she moved into her crib, etc.  We never forced the issue with her, and she always did whatever we wanted relatively quickly.  We started introducing her to the crib at 6.5-7 months, and she felt fine and comfortable sleeping in it very quickly (she would be sat in the crib with toys and we would both be there for several times a day until she got used to it).  The pack n play was in our room, and her crib is in her room.  So it was big transition to move into the crib for both of us.

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I absolutely loved our Fisher Price Rock N Play for her to sleep in as a newborn, she was snug in there and on a slight recline and slept really well there.  When we moved her to the crib we bought a wedge to put under the mattress to give a very slight incline because she’d freak out if I laid her down completely flat.  I also swaddled her for a while with aden anais blankets, they seemed to work the best.  I hated the sleep sack swaddles, she ended up pushing her arms up enough that they moved up towards her face which freaked me out. Also she always wanted to be pat on the butt when she’d fall asleep on me so I started laying her down and then patting her until she fell asleep.  It wasn’t until around 4 months that I tried any type of sleep training that required her to self soothe.  At 7 months old now she sleeps 10-12 hours a night and puts herself to sleep.

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Katie-Didnt:  First thing I can suggest is to not put her in her crib when she’s asleep. Sleepy, yes, but not out. I don’t know how you are with crying, but we’d usually let our son fuss and cry for a few minutes, pick him up and cuddle him, and then set him back down. We would do this a few times, and finally he’d calm down and go to sleep. We did swaddle, and our son was awesome at getting out of them as well, but we kept at it, even if he busted out of it. Glad to hear you’re going to give it another try. It didn’t last long with our son (I think by a little over a month we were done swaddling), so it’s ok.

Good luck. It will pass soon. This sounds pretty typical 🙂

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