(Closed) Advice on losing weight & getting fit when your BMI is normal

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If you have a wii I’ve found that wii fit is an easy way to ease into exercise. Or another wii exercise game, like zumba or even just dance. Plus you have the privacy of your living room. If you combine that with some weight training you should be ready to move into something more difficult/more active in no time!

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Well done on your lifestyle improvement! I’m sure you already feel a lot better than before. I’d say just start with walking, climbing stairs, this kind of thing. I find that if you can integrate some every day activity in your week, then it’s easier to lose/ maintain weight. Then when your fitness/ finances have improved, you can add other activities: gym, classes, etc… Good luck!

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I’m wondering about this as well. My BMI is fine (23.6), but I would like to have a better muscle/fat ratio. I’ve been running 3x/week since February, and I live in a city so I walk everywhere, but I don’t feel/look any different than when I started. I can certainly run longer, but other than that I don’t notice any changes. My eating habits haven’t changed much with the exception of including more vegetables, but I don’t overeat. It’s just frustrating that I haven’t noticed any progress. I gained some weight after college and would really like to get back to being me!

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The best exercise is hiking. And it’s free and relaxing! Go find a random patch of woods and enjoy. Note: the eliptical or treadmill is not the same and cannot prepare a person for a real hike….:). Congrats on your recent success!

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@lunalyra:  Well, if you’re already within a normal BMI range, exercising will skyrocket your metabolism. 

If you’re looking for sheer results, I recommend running.  Start off walking then jogging a couple blocks; do this for a half hour or so 3-4 times a week.  Build up to the point where you can run a mile.  Jog slowly at first – you’re not looking to win races, just to slim down – and build up speed and/or distance as you go.  Good music helps a LOT – I like techno, hip-hop, upbeat stuff.   

Also, begin incorporating free weights or resistance training into your off days from running/walking.  DVDs like Jillian Michael’s stuff are great and they’re only about a half hour each, plus they’re like 10 bucks at Walmart, so not expensive.  The more you do weights/train with your body’s weight, the more your muscles work in new ways, which ups your metabolism.  

Lastly, you said you’ve done a lot with your diet, but make sure you’re being honest with yourself. Cut out/down on junk and eat lots of salads, beans, soups, whole proteins.  Especially once you start exercising in ways that are new -your body will be hungry from all that work, so make sure you’re eating clean, and not mindlessly grabbing chips during the afternoon. 

Do all these things, and I’m sure you’ll see even more results than you’re getting!  Good luck and keep up all the GREAT work you’re already doing  🙂

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I would also like to add that I hope you aren’t using a bmi calculator online. Those things are horribly inaccurate.


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@lunalyra:  I recommend a combo of cardio/conditioning and weight lifting. 

Try walking, jogging, stairs (at school, in an apt on stadium steps), jumping jacks, burpees, jumping rope, fitness games, fitness DVDs. Also get ideas from bodyrock.tv, myohmytv.com, and Zuska Light on YouTube 


for strength (weight lifting) try pushups, pull ups, triceps dips,

To get started with weights check out girls gone strong on Facebook or girlsgonestrong.com, niashanks.com

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BMI is known for being inaccurate, period. Although if you truly wanted to know your BMI, you’d need to go see a specialist for that. Pretty much they just float you in a tank of water and figure out how much water you displace, but the BMI is not an exact science. There is a lot of stuff in your body that is essentially “Dead weight” (Water, feces, whatever you ate, etc) and muscle weighs a lot more than fat, even if you’re not showing that muscle (Some people have lean muscle, for example) it can still skew your BMI.

My suggestion is to totally forget BMI exists and just change your life to make you healthier. Whatever weight/body shape/whatever you want, set your sights on it and don’t stop til you get there. Adopt better eating habits, get outside and take a stroll more often, or hit up the gym.

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BMI is not the greatest way to measure health. It divides weight by height and doesn’t take into account your body makeup (bones, fat vs. muscle, water, etc.). I’d suggest finding a scale that measures all of those instead, if that’s really a huge concern. A caliper test is a more accurate way to measure, too.

However, I would forget all of that. Forget the numbers and the percentages, and focus on how you look and feel. I’m petite and not in great shape. I started eating better and working out regularly, and I can see a difference. I’ve started doing Jillian Michaels workouts (highly suggest 30 Day Shred and Ripped in 30 Days) and they are tough but really, really great. Once you start seeing and feeling changes, it gets easier.

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@PermaStudent:  Going to the doc or weight loss consultant to have them use a weight caliper is what I would suggest. That would be an accurate calculation.

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Sounds like you want to tone up more than lose weight perhaps? Strength training 🙂 


Also the more muscle you carry the higher your resting metabolism will be (but you may get heavier, muscle is heavier than fat) so it will throw your BMI off but you will look better!

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