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Tmagic are no magical exercises or foods that will make you lose weight. You simply have to eat less and move more. Aim for 30 minutes of any exercise you like and find challenging and cut your calories (somewhere between 1200-1800). healthy weight loss is no more than 2lbs per week. 

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@Saloria83:  you’re either eating a lot more than you think or you have a medical issue. Talk to your doctor. There aren’t any right foods or exercises. If you think your dieT is spot on, then consult your doctor. Chances are though, you’re underestimating your daily calories. 

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I second the idea about seeing your doctor.  Might be that you have a thyroid issue causing weight gain.  THey can do a simple blood draw. 

Also, 1500 calories might simply be too much for someone your size.  I’m 5’11 and 168lbs and I have to eat 1200-1350 calories to maintain my weight.  Try a few weeks of eating 1200 and track all your food and see if it makes a difference.

I’m not sure how old you are but for me, metabolism slowed at 30, and slowed even more at 35.  I’m 36 now.  I have to work out more and eat differently now. 

Once you rule out a medical issue, there are lots of ways to lose the weight.  Myfitnesspal.com is a great tool to help track food and exercise.  I also did Weight Watchers and liked the flexibility of that plan.

Good luck!  🙂

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@Saloria83:  I think the key is finding a physical activity that you don’t hate. In the summer I enjoy swimming. I tried to like running, but it isn’t going to happen. I actually really enjoy weight lifting and do a lot of that (paired w. walking around an indoor track) in the winter. It’s hard for us ladies to ‘bulk up’, and muscle burns more calories than fat. Don’t be afraid of doing a bit of weight training.

Try to work exercise into your day. You’ve heard it before… park further away, take the stairs, walk to the store etc. whatever you can. Every little bit helps.

As far as eating goes, you are probably eating more calories than you estimate.

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I think gaining over 20 pounds out of nowhere on a small frame is not normal and warrants a check up to rule out thryoid/hormonal issues or anything medical that might be at play. Based on the diet you posted, you don’t seem to be eating enough to cause that kind of weight gain. Metabolism slows down with age, but in my experience not enough and not quickly enough to cause that kind of weight gain when your diet is sound. 

As far as exercising, I’m going to guess that with two kids you might not have a ton of time to yourself, but you’ll need to carve out the time. That’s the hard part – anything you do with that time, as long as you’re moving, is good. I have a hard time sticking with exercise routines, but lately I’ve just been putting on some music and dancing around. While I’m bopping around to the music I’ll use some hand weights, do stepping on a little stool, jog in place, jumping jacks, throw in some squats and lunges, etc. I don’t have to drive anywhere to do it and music is the most motivating thing to get me moving, so it works for me, and I manage to do enough that I’m a little sore the next morning. I can do this for a long time without thinking about it, as opposed to slogging on the treadmill where I am constantly watching the clock. Otherwise if there’s a sport you have an interest in, like tennis, that can be a fun and motivating way to get exercise. If you enjoy listening to audiobooks or podcasts, download some onto your listening device of choice and take yourself on long walks through different walking trails or parts of town. These are things that work for me, as someone who doesn’t have the drive to exercise for exercise’s sake.

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To me it seems like you aren’t eating very much at lunch.  You might want to switch your dinner and lunch so you have some protein in there to keep you full and energized.  Also, for your size, you might need to eat fewer calories in order to lose weight.  It seems like you have a pretty small build.

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I’m also 5’2″ and reached 138 lbs about 1.5 years ago and needed to change. I was about a size 8. I also used MyFitnessPal to track my calories. To lose 1lb per week, my net calorie intake was set at 1200. I also exercised about 5 times a week, so I ate more like 1400-1500 calories, but burned off about 200-300 calories per day with exercise. I think if you want to lose, you either need to exercise daily to burn off 200 cals a day or eat less. At 5’2″, you prob need to NET 1200 cals to lose weight. I wasn’t perfect with my calorie goals, but combined with cardio and weights (I HIGHLY recommend weights to build muscle!!!!! Lift and lift heavy!!!!), I’m now 118 lbs and a size 4 with muscle. 

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Our body types are nothing alike so I’m not going to weigh in on diet except to say that it’s critical for both your body composition and your health.

But I will say that EXERCISE is how you’ll hit your happy medium.  When you were underweight i’m guessing you weren’t working out much or lifting weights?  Building strength will help you achieve the trim but filled out look you’re going for and…shocker…it’s good for your health.

As a gernal guide I’d say that you need to make sure you’re getting a decent balance of both cardio work (the stuff that gets your heart pumping) and resistance training (the stuff that makes your muscles sore afterwards).  As a busy mother you don’t need to waste a lot of time at the gym, so learn to do your workouts intensely and efficiently and you should only need to workout 2-3 times per week to maintain good physical fitness.  

Since you haven’t really worked out much, I would suggest you get a trainer to help show you the basics and set up a routine for you.  You should only need the trainer for a few weeks.  If that’s prohibitively expensive for you, ask a friend who’s knowledable to help you out in person.  

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