(Closed) Advice on where to purchase a loose gemstone?

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@puppynurse:  JTV (although they can be pricey), ebay, gemselect. 

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If you don’t have any qualms about lab-created gemstones, I would definitely recommend betterthandiamond.com. We purchase both my sapphire and emerald centre stones from them and I couldn’t be happier with the service and products

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This isn’t what you’re looking for, because these would be strictly for cocktail rings, but just incase someone comes looking for loose stones for cocktail rings :


Their stones are very pretty, and every ring I’ve purchased from them has been gorgeous, so I assume their stones are too.

However, they aren’t engagement ring quality, more suitable for RHR rings or pendants.

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I’ve been browsing recently looking to maybe start a gemstone collection (though most likely will end up having anything I get made into jewellery!) and I came across the website http://www.starrubies.in The reviews seem positive and there is a LOT of choice, especially with sapphires but I don’t think the cuts are all that good overall. Another one (based in Thailand) is http://www.gemselect.com if you were ok with buying from abroad. I have to say I was a little wary when we ordered my diamond from a company in Israel (and even more so when it was shipped via hong kong to the UK but it got here fine-apparently it’s just the way it’s done!) but it all worked out and we saved a LOT of money over buying IN the UK. 

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Have you picked a setting? How much do you know about sapphires? What is your price range? Are you looking for Untreated, Natural and Treated, or Lab Grown? Since you mentioned purple do you mind color change? What cut are you looking for? What clarity?

Price range is a big deal here it will determine what type of sapphire you can afford.

My stone is what they call eye clean at one angle you can see the rutile silk in the top quadrant otherwise you can not. Its natural the silk proves it hasnt been heat or chemical treated. This stone was over 2000 it was a good deal and cut by a master cutter who has won awards. Note that 2000 is a very very good deal for a stone over 2 carats, but it also came from an obscure mine in Tanzania that is now becoming known. My purple is actually what they call an alexandrite shifter we bought it without them knowing it was a shifter till they mailed it to us for inspection. I think they would have raised the price if we had not purchased since the stones they knew had this change were higher priced.

Know that purples in particular have a variety of colors and also have a range of secondary colors they can put off. Purple is classified as having more red than blue. Violet has more blue than red. Purples and Violets in sapphires typically are color shifters if not full color changers. These are the reason you will want to see the stone before keeping it and your fiance to be may want some say in her stone.

Hue saturation is a big deal too. Lighter stones will be cheaper, and stones with higher saturation more expensive, unless you get one over saturated then the cost goes down but the brilliance does too.

Clarity is also something we’d need to know before setting you on a stone buying quest. Know that a lab created stone or a heat treated stone will have the best clarity, but the lowest value. All sapphires have silk its what gives them rich colors heat destroys that and in my opinion gives them a harsh tone. Untreated sapphires are the most expensive per carat and will at best to an untrained eye be eye clean. They will still have feathers and silk.

As to 2 carats a 2 carat sapphire is going to be smaller than a 2 carat diamond. Sapphires are denser than diamonds. So do you want a 2 carat sapphire or do you want a sapphire the size of a 2 carat diamond?

Once you answer a few more questions I can direct you towards some stones :). If you have not selected a setting the people who made my ring typically have a selection of purples on hand or can easily get them and they will ship you the stone overnight for inspection. Note many larger chain jewelers can not get purple sapphires they may never have even seen one. If they can get one they will hike the price to its actual value. For example the stone in my ring is probably worth 4000-8000 atleast and will continue to rise since that mine is almost depleted and becoming known. Tiffanies can get purple sapphires but charges astronomical prices for them. Smaller jewelers maybe able to get them but it depends on their source the price you will pay. If you’d like a stone preset there are a few etsy dealers who have nice set stones at a good cost just know what you’re looking at before buying.


I buy my stones loose. I typically go to a gem show and study on what I’m going to buy before going. I have also purchased online. I only do this if there is a good return policy.


So size, color, clarity, type of stone, and more information on the color? I maybe able to help you. Pricescope is also a good place to get information.


This is my stone and ring 😀

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Here is a lavender stone, the cut is pretty good but the cutlet is slightly off, its untreated, 2 carats,  it has good depth ratios at 58%, and its eye clean, its a great price at 1500 due to the light color but will be brilliant: http://www.thenaturalsapphirecompany.com/Sapphires/Unique/U3937/Round/stoneid=U3937

Here is a 2.05 scissor cut stone. Its an orchid purple more red than blue has a lot of pink tones. Scissor cut is a modified emerald cut with more brilliance. The dept is 56% shes untreated and eyeclean $3800, this would look awesome set east west in my opinion: http://www.wildfishgems.com/inc/sdetail/11081/10711

This one is not eyeclean it is a color changer. Its oval, 2.115 carats. She’s untreated, take a look at the other photos. The depth ratio is 67% which is getting a little high too. The price of 3800 is due to the color shift from violet to orchid with pink tones. $3900: http://www.wildfishgems.com/inc/sdetail/11081/8610

This one is lightly included but maybe eyeclean unmagnified. She’s 1.76 natural and a nice lavender. The depth is high on this one at 79% which was probably so they could saturate color, and partially due to the cushion cut. Due to it being cushion though it shouldnt affect the brilliance. ITs cushion cut, and well cut: http://www.wildfishgems.com/inc/sdetail/11081/13816

Another cushion, in purple. This one is lightly included you maybe able to see these unmagnified but it has good depth, and color saturation ratios. The cut is also  good untreated 2.08 carats: http://www.wildfishgems.com/inc/sdetail/11081/16359

The 5th one down is a color changer in a well cut square cushion at 1.81 carats. Violet to purple. Special price $995. Untreated pretty clean. I do not know much about this company so going to pricescope and checking for reviews might be a good policy, check theyre returns too and have it looked at by a good jeweler not a mall jeweler.  This appears to be a good deal: http://www.mineralminers.com/html/spkgems.stm


Looking for more brb







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JTV also has an auction section on thei web site and a clearance page.  I think their prices are pretty reasonable.

You can buy on ebay, but use extreme caution, there are a lot of fakes being sold, even by sellers with high feedback ratings.  Naive buyers can’t assess the stone for authenticity and tend to judge it by how pretty it looks.

I’m quite partial to JTV for gem stones, especially when they’re doing the$2.99 shipping thing.

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This one is a cushion the color I feel is oversaturated 2.13 carats. The cut is good and its untreated. The clarity seems good at magnification. $3800, they have payment options. I dont have experience with this company again research them, find their policies, and have the stone inspected. This stone is AGL certified but color stones arent the same as diamonds in certification and they very based on the lab: http://www.africagems.com/cushion-purplesapphire-g2k-4345.html

Here is an oval at 2 carats. This one is slightly included but considered eye clean. It has been heat treated. $1473: http://www.africagems.com/oval-sapphire-lavender-g2k879.html


2.55 carat oval in purple. Eye clean with AGL certification. $3800. The cut on this one is good it should have great sparkle : http://www.africagems.com/oval-sapphire-purple-g2k3486.html

I really like the cut of this one if you’re interested in oval, but its not certified. ITs an oval 2.57 carats $5700 as its a color changer. Eye clean no treatments. I actually like this one a lot its well cut as stated the saturation is good I wish they had photos of the color shift I suspect its a purple to blue as this stone in the photo is currently violet. This stone could be a stunner and is probably just a little larger than a 2 carat diamond oval : http://www.africagems.com/sapphire-purple-ja217.html

2.07  modified Round brilliant (almost bloom cut which is really excellent with sapphires gives them a lot of fire) color changer violet to purple AGL certified. It looks like it may have some color zoning. The cut is very good she’s eye clean but at this magnification you can see the rutile silk which verifies she is definitly not treated. $4400 this one is also likely a stunner: http://www.africagems.com/sapphire-purple-ja759.html

2.82 Heat Treated Radient Purple sapphire, I feel the heat made this one a little flat, but the cut helps that by adding brilliance. This one is almost periwinkle :D. Though they say its eye clean if you look at the lower left there is a flaw that I think even unmagnified will show, it maybe possible to hide in a good setting, $6500 I feel is very steap for this stone but I’m sharing so you can see the color: http://www.africagems.com/sapphire-purple-ja646.html

2.55 carat oval purple. Eye clean untreated. Cut is good as is saturation. I would stick this one ina  white gold setting with white diamonds since other colors may muddy the tones but she looks to have good brilliance with lavender tones $4500 : http://www.africagems.com/sapphire-purple-ja481.html

2.16 cushion Heat Treated. ITs eye clean but you can see the harshness I talked about with heat treated stones here. The cut is ok but I think its symetry is off. $3500: http://www.africagems.com/sapphire-purple-ja807.html





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@sassy411:  I’m with you on ebay, JTV doesnt have large purples right now. I checked :).

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Now my stone came from http://www.krikawa.com :). They have marvelous settings too and great customer service. We live cross country from them.


I’m checking out a few more places let me know if you want more stones :D.

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I bought both of my gemstones from AJSgems.com  I think they only have a few purple sapphires on the site right now, but you can always ask if they have more or can source them for you.  Ron is very very helpful.


If you need other sites, check out PriceScope – Colored Gem Section – and there are many trusted vendors/gemcutters… and also a lot of people with lots of experience in buying gemstones who can give you help.  

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@Miss Circe:  i second this – betterthandiamond is amazing for info, purchases and they also have a forum!

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