(Closed) advice please! not ttc till after the wedding, but iud sucks!!

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    I think only you can assess the risk level you’re tolerant of.  Charting is likely riskier than many mechanical or hormonal birth control methods but if you’re comfortable with the possibility that it could happen that’s fine. When we needed to NOT get pregnant desperately we used condoms and bcp, and when it became slightly less important we went to just the pill kind of thing. 

    What about diaphragm/spermicide while you’re in this transition period where you don’t want to mess around with your hormones?  

    I use fertility friend (to GET pregnant) but it might not hurt to use condoms for a bit and try a trial or a similar product for the purpose of tracking your safe days until you get the hang of it. 

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    If you want to start trying right after the wedding, I would definitely plan on taking out the IUD a couple of months before that. I guess if I was in your situation, I’d take it out soon (being that painful can’t be good for your body OR your sex life!), then rely on a combo of condoms/charting/pull out. I wouldn’t rely on charting until you did it for a couple of months and could really interpret the signs (have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility? If you go with charting, read it). Not that this is ideal, but once you get to 2-3 months before the wedding, you would still fit into your dress even if something happened! 

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    OP…how long have you had it in? I had 2 IUD’s way before I was ever pregnant (from age 19-25) and never had any pain with either. The first month or so I had some heavier bleeding and initial cramping after insertion, but never any pain at all. My first was a Dalkon Shield and the second was a copper7.

    This was many years ago now, so I’m not sure what may have changed with them. I might keep checking with the Dr. who did the insertion and maybe have it pulled and another inserted.

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    I had an IUD and loved it, gave me such a feeling of freedom that I never got from the bcp or condoms. Like a PP, I had a bit heavier bleeding at first but other than that, it was great. I am a bit small down there and also have a tilted cervix and I never felt anything although Fiance said that he sometimes could.

    I think that charting could work but you have to be very thorough and give yourself a couple of months at least to really learn your cycle & the signs your body shows.

    Good luck!


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    @thelawwon:  I had a lot of cramping with my copper IUD for the first 6 months.  I had an exam and ultrasound to confirm proper placement (which it was).  Gradually, it just started getting better and better.  I’ve had it for 2 years now and it’s great! Just cramps with my period.  Not sure how long you’ve had it in, but that’s just my experience.  Also, the copper IUD does not thin your uterine lining, you’re thinking of the Mirena. Hope this helps!

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    We knew we would TTC sometime in the next 2-6 months when I was due for my annual exam so I had my IUD removed then and we just used Nuvaring for a couple months before going for it.  I never did well on the pill and wanted to avoid hormones but a September baby also would have been quite inconvenient for us so it was worth it to me.  I didn’t have any of the problems with the ring that I did with the pill if that helps.  

    Having half-assed charted to TTC I’d feel pretty confident in being able to use it to avoid pregnancy but ONLY if it wouldn’t really be that big of a deal if it did happen.  

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    One other option would be the progesterone only pills.  The downside is that they must be taken at exactly the same time daily, and have a slightly higher failure rate.  TTC after is a non-issue, and they won’t up your Bridal Party like OCPs.

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    Definitely read Taking Charge of Your Fertility if you are considering charting, some of what I’m writing below will really only make sense if you’ve read the book. I’m having this debate right now, to get off BCP and chart or stay on. From all my research and asking people who chart, it seems like most (not all) couples who get pregnant when charting knew they were taking a risk. People who really want to use charting to absolutely avoid ignore the first five days rule and dry day rule and use back-up contraception on the days they would be considered infertile pre-ovulation, abstinence when they are showing signs of fertility, and consider three days after confirmed ovulation the only “safe” days for unprotected sex. They never take short cuts and treat each cycle independently (ie don’t make any assumptions about ovulation based on previous charts). That is being extremely conservative with the FAM method. Using these conservative rules makes charting statistically as effective as taking the pill. It’s important to remember when you chart that during your fertile days you are as protected as whatever method of contraceptive you are using (abstinence, withdrawal, diaphram, etc). I have not started charting so this is all anecdotal right now, not personal experience.

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