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Helper bee

I’d say try either a tampon and some Thinx panties (they’ll catch leaks!) or maybe a pad from Cora. I wear them on my cycle (tampons and cups make my cramps so bad I can’t function) and I love them! They’re super thin and don’t show under anything (including my compression running pants – win)

Otherwise – if you’re on birth control you may just be able to skip!!

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Sugar bee
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angabe26 :  Go grab a prescription for the Nuva Ring and skip it!

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Busy bee
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do not wear a pad!! 

I see a few people recomending the pill from your GP to stop and am not being a debbie downer but my friend recently done that so she stopped her period for a vacation and the aftermath was horrific. 

If you are on birth control pill then avoid placebo and continue with new pack..

If you are going all natural then use tampons, practically leak proof as long as you change and you can still wear the underwear. 

If you’re squeemish about tampons start now practice wearing them and suck it up coz you can’t be walking bout with a noticable pad / stain!!!

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Sugar bee
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jemmlove12 :  Do you mind sharing what was bad about when your friend who tried the pill to delay her period?  I’m in the same boat and am hoping to delay my period too for a vacation.  I get horrific periods (I have endometriosis, PCOS, uterine fibroids, and endometrial hyperplasia), so if it’s just a heavier than normal period, I got that down! lol  Originally I wasn’t supposed to be on my period while on vacation, but thanks to a random 7 week long period, now I’m supposed to be on it right smack in the middle of my cruise.  And if that happens, I literally won’t be able to leave the ship because my periods are so bad.  πŸ™

OP, I second the other bees and say skip the placebo pill if you’re on BC.  For me, that’s not an option because I can only be on progestrin and skipping pills won’t alter your cycle.  

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Helper bee
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JsDragonfly :  I know everyone reacts to the pill differenlty, I get horibbily moody and almost a completley different person. Things that would normally not bug me, drive me insane! I haven’t been on the pill for about 2 years.

BUT- my app on my phone told me my period was coming the day of my wedding, so I went to the DR. and got a perscription, took it for a month (turned into a raging B) But now my period is pushed so I wont have it on my wedding or honeymoon. In my opinion the month of feeling bad is worth not having my period for the biggest week ever!!

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Honey bee

Have you tried the Thinx period underwear? Id see if you can get a pair to try for this month….

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Sugar bee
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sollyb :  That makes total sense!  I have difficulty being on the pill as well.  I think I’m to the point of desperation in my real life, that I am so deflated at the thought of having it on vacation.  I know that sounds dramatic, but we’re to the point w/ all the issues that I have,  that my doctor agrees a hysterectomy would be a good choice…except we’re still hoping for a miracle baby.

Thank you for your input!!!!  My cruise isn’t until December, so I’m really hoping to treat the symptoms holistically, so maybe *fingers crossed* they’d be minimal rather than full on disaster zone. lol  

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Bumble bee
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So if you’re not already using birth control, don’t expect immediate results in time for your wedding. You’ll still have a period, though maybe not as intense. I tried BC to time with an event and I didn’t start soon enough. Lots of annoying spotting that I had to keep up with.

Sometimes my period will move by a few days following a very aggressive increase in exercise. I went from exercising maybe 2x a week to running a mile 5 mornings a week and a couple strength workouts in the evenings. I also ate a lot of vegetables. I got my period about 3 days early in October, which saved my wedding night πŸ™‚

If you wear tampons or a cup, you’ll have the best protection. I bleed through a super in 1 hour during the first 12 hours of my period, so I understand your fears. Find some white spanx to serve as an extra barrier between you and your dress.


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Helper bee
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Natural ways like with herbs take time, and with your wedding so close now it probably won’t work in time. I would go the GP and medicine path like PPs suggested. Otherwise, I would use menstrual cup or tampons, and grab a few pairs of period pants (e.g. Thinx) as backup. Just be extra careful emptying cup or changing out tampon to not get blood on the dress.

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Sugar bee
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Order a pair of Thinx panties. The skin tone ones. And then change your tampon every few hours. You’ll be fine.

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Buzzing bee
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If you go to the doctor,  they’ll give you a pill to delay it. You take a few tablets a day just before it’s due. Then your period will arrive just after you finish taking the pills. 

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Helper bee

I was prescribed tablets to delay my period for a holiday, as I have terrible, painful and heavy periods (pcos + endo 😩) and it really messed with me emotionally and mentally. It SO wasn’t worth it for me, and I would have hated feeling like that on my wedding day. I’ve been on the pill before and I was ok, but my doctor said the kinds of tablets that suddenly delay your period have such high doses of progesterone they are linked to much higher mental side effects than a normal pill. If you want to go that route I’d really recommend trying it well before your wedding to see how you adjust.

Everyone is different though!

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My vote is for a pair of thinx + tampon, that’s a good combo. Due to my health issues, my shark weeks are awful and since I travel a lot that’s the only way for me to get through long flights without leakages. 
I won’t recommend you to mess with birth control pills, though. As many girls mentioned before, each situation is unique and ruining your health is not an option. There won’t be any immediate effect with period delay but there’s a good chance that you’ll get some nasty side effects from pills. Sorry, kinda paranoid πŸ™‚

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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i had AF on my wedding day.  came the day before and day 2 is my heaviest flow.  it all worked out.

when you go to the bathroom.  face the back wall and squat over the toilet.  actually best way for any bride to use the bathroom.  2 bridesmaids held my dress up in the back. i went easily and was able to change my tampon with no issue.

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