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Busy bee

My ragdoll x Turkish van is sooooo affectionate. He craves attention and gets huffy and moody if he has t had enough pats and headbutts haha. 

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Worker bee
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My 13 (!!!) year-old ragdoll is so sweet and cuddly. She loves greeting Fiance and I at the door when we get home and then follows us around until we sit down and she can snuggle up!

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Bumble bee

My tabby is more affectionate than my dog lol 

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Busy bee
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My babies are very affectionate

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Busy bee
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Our kitty is a regular short hair tabby.. A beautiful redhead..:)

She has an incredible personality.. She is very active even though she is almost 10 years old.. She is extremely sociable; always hangs out with us.. Even if she is asleep she wants to be in the same room with us.. Every time me or my husband pass by her she greets us with a very loud meow.. Sometimes she just runs around our legs and meows like crazy for no reason..She loves to be petted by her bowl and purrs like a motorboat if you even get close to her food bowl.. Also she loves to sleep or lay down right next to us, but almost never gets on our lap..and hates when we grab her. In general she is a great baby..

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Bee Keeper

BellaBeau:  I had a brown tabby that was super affectionate. He’d follow me around and nuzzle me. I’d wake up and he’d be a ball of fur on my chest. He died a couple months ago. I still really miss him 


I think some breeds are more affectionate than others, but really, it just comes down to that cat’s personality.

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Bee Keeper

BellaBeau:  I have two 1 year old domestic short hairs a male and a female and my male cat is super affectionate!!! He follows me around the house and will lie with me when I’m in bed. My female cat likes to be on her own mostly but she will lie with my husband sometimes but not me. They are both talkers though and constantly talk back to us when we talk to them. Here they are, the male is the white and black the female is all black

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Buzzing bee

BellaBeau:  All of my cats have been super affectionate. I think it’s mostly about how you raise them. I baby mine and they all turn out to be total lovers. 

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Bee Keeper


deacon:  Your cats sound exactly like mine! My male cat is a “mommas boy” and my female cat prefers to be on her own. It’s so funny how each cat has a personality of their own just like people lol

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Sugar bee
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We have 3 cats.  

Our grey tabby (adult female) is my baby.  She sleeps with me, sits with me or Darling Husband on the couch, and forces us to rub her head. 

Our tuxedo cat (adult female) is more affectionate to Darling Husband, but she usually prefers to hang out by herself.  

Our orange tabby (8 month kitten, male) is very affectionate to both of us.  He “talks” to us all the time and will not leave us alone when we come home from work, unless we pick him up.  He likes to be held while we walk around the house and will hug our necks. I’ve seriously considered buying one of those baby slings so I can “hold” him while doing things around the house….he gets that annoying. lol 

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Helper bee
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I have a Siamese/Tabby cross and she is DEFINITELY full of personality. Sometimes when she’s grumpy she prefers to nap by herself, but most of the time she is curled up beside me. And as soon as I get home from work, she runs (like full tilt) to the couch in the living room and I am supposed to follow her and then she sits on my lap and I brush her (and she drools). Can you tell she’s got me trained? 🙂

She’s also very affectionate with her mouse toy.. she carries it around and has to sleep with it nearby, like a teddy bear. Cuteness!

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Sugar bee
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We had a Maine Coon (possibly a mix, he was found as a stray when he was a kitten), that loved our family but nobody else.  He was large and most of my friends were afraid of him.  He did settle down a bit in his old age, (had to put him down last month due to cancer, but he was 17), but still wasn’t friendly or affectionate with people outside the family.

Darling Husband and I have two cats, both females.  One is a DLH and one is a DSH.  The DLH is very affectionate most of the time. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant, so my belly is too big now, but she used to spoon with me every night, (she’d be the little spoon, curled against my chest/belly).  Now she sleeps down by my legs….and I try not to kick her when I struggle to turn over in the middle of the night.  

The DSH is very sweet and very tolerant, but she’s not nearly as interested in snuggle-fests.  She will occassionally sleep on our bed at night, usually down by our feet.  If we pick her up or hold her, she’ll tolerate our affection for a few minutes then leave as soon as we let her.  Now and then she decides she wants to sit on our lap…usually DH’s now that my lap is so much smaller.  LOL.  I remember the first time she voluntarily came over and got on my lap, I didn’t move for like an hour, because I didn’t want to scare her away and I was just so happy she was actually snuggling!

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Busy bee
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We have 2 birmans and a ginger tom-all three are very affectionate. All like to sleep beside us in the bed, follow us round the house, they are genuinely happy to see us when we get home. Our male birman teddy can actually be cuddled like a baby and the female birman always has to sit on my husband’s lap. 

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Busy bee

My Burmese is super affectionate. She follows me around like a dog.  She hates to be picked up but will jump up on the couch as soon as either of us sit down, purring.  We’ve just come home from 10 nights away and she tried to sleep on my head all night purring non-stop.  Most nights she sleeps on the couch but as soon as she hears one of us wake up, she’s up on the bed purring and saying hello.  Love my kitty! 

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