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BellaBeau:  I had a Manx cat, and he was VERY affectionate with me – but hated other people. He’d greet me at the door whenever I got home, if I had left. He’d wait for me to take off my shoes/coat and lay on the ground and stretch, then wait for me to pick him up where then he gave me cat forehead kisses.

He’s always lay somewhere near me if he couldn’t be on me. And usually when watching TV, he’d be laying onthe top part of the couch, or on me somehow.

I did use to compare him to a stripper… you can look and he loves attention, but you can’t touch! He was not a fan of me having company, even if we let him do his own thing and no one bothered him. I had gotten him when he was a kitten, so he had been around others… it was just so odd.

I did have to re-home him before moving in with Darling Husband, since he is very allergic… but I told the gal that he’ll take A LOT of time to warm up to her, but from pics I’ve seen in Instagram, it’s going well!

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this is my little Finnley. He is a rescue and he’s the most affectionate, quirky, lovable kitty I’ve ever owned! The day we picked him up from the shelter he cuddled up into my neck and arms and just purred like the happiest little kitty. We have 2 dogs, a terrier mix and a pittie and he is like one of the dogs! He runs with the dogs when we play fetch in the house, whenever we let the dogs out he wants to run outside with them and play (We don’t let him outside though so he sits and watches his brothers play). He follows me all over the house and if you don’t snuggle and pet him after coming home from work he will whine until he gets attention. My Fiance who has grown up not liking cats absolutely LOVES him. Whenever I catch him snuggling up with the kitty And sweet talking him it always melts my heart. 

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I’ve got a Russian Blue who is craaaazy affectionate. Face rubber, screams at you if your lap is not available to her, etc. Charming girl. Not her most photogenic moment here, but a favorite of mine.


Then there’s my orange tabby, who is a total self-loathing closet-case snuggler. He acts super independent during the day, but as soon as we turn out the lights at night, he creeps up onto the bed. Very occasionally, if the evening is cold enough, he’ll join us for a cuddle on the couch, but eventually gets up and acts all embarrassed afterward.

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BellaBeau:  My cat is very affectionate. One would never know because she’s such a scaredy cat, until she get’s to know you. She drools when you pet her, apparently that’s a high sign of affection and love. Also, if you don’t pet her, she will make you pet her. Just leave your hand out and she will force her head onto it, it’s hilarious. She’s queen bee around here. 

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I have two domestic shorthair cats. One is a kitten and wants attention when she wants it but if she doesn’t then she will just run away. Kitten also hates to be by herself. So if you are in any room, bathroom bedroom, wherever she will come running into the room. If you shut the door she will jusy sit there and meow until yoh let her in. Our other cat is aroundl 4 and all you have to do is look at her and she will sound like a lawn mower from all the purring she will do. Our older cat loves attention! Her favorite place is on your lap and ahe eill do whatever she can to get on it! Both cats have to sleep in bed with us or they will throw fits. And just wake us up all night doing various things.

That’s our kitten Aspen.

And that’s our older cat, Cindy 

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My aunt has a Siamese and he is very affection and meows until he gets your attention! She used to have a female Sismear that was the total opposite, very mean!

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BellaBeau:  I have a very loving cat. He can be on his own, but prefers our company. He also loves dogs and accepts other cats. He loves to rub his face on our chins, knead on our bellies, and just be in the same room. I frequently find myself laying on my side, with a dog curled up to my belly, a dog behind my legs, and then the kitty laying along my side. 

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My cat is very affectionate. She lies on her back and stares at my husband and I when we come home until I rub her belly. She will also cry until I pick her up and then purr while touching my face. My cat is very spoiled that way. I love the way she always has to be near one of us and enjoys nestling between my husband when we are watching tv together. 

My cat is very “conversational” with her meows. She meows whenever anyone says her name or speaks to her. 

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We have two Maine Coons – one is 7 months old, the other we rescued when she was 3 or 4 back in September.

The kitten is REALLY affectionate… always trying to ‘kiss’ my face, sits on me all the time, kneads all over me lol, drooling included. I usually ended up holding him in the crook of my arm like a baby when I am watching TV lol. It’s a male and I have heard male cats are usually more affectionate?

The female is a different story, she only comes to me on her terms, but when she does she headbutts me continuously until I give her pats!!

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