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I just wanted to chime in — I seriously could have written this post a month ago. Hell, even last week, honestly. I went to the gyn for the first time last month with the intentions of talking about an IUD, and after a long conversation with her, I walked out with a prescription for Micronor, which is a progestin-only pill. I NEVER wanted to take hormones, like you, because I’m extremely careful with what I put into my body and I find the side effects appalling. If I have a crippling migraine for 3 days I won’t even take one Advil. But progestin-only pills (POPs) are basically birth control pills without all the shitty side effects and contraindications, because most of that comes from estrogen.

The risks for weight gain, mood swings, blood clot, stroke, heart attack, etc. etc. all of that stuff, is way smaller on POPs. The only thing that makes you unable to take it is if you have a failing liver, and your doc will check for that before he/she prescribes anything. (They just press on your belly for about 2 seconds to feel if it’s enlarged or not.)

I just took my 3rd pill ever a few minutes ago and I can honestly say, I have zero side effects 3 days in. I’m really pleased so far. And you mentioned cost — I have the generic Micronor, which cost me exactly $4.10 per pack, without insurance. (I offered my insurance card to the pharmacist and she says, “Uhh…this only costs $4.10…if you really want me to use the insurance I can, but…”. I told her not to bother, haha.)

One suggestion, DO NOT look up the info (for side effects etc.) for POPs online, because most of what I’ve found is copied directly from the info for combined pills (with estrogen in them), which is NOT correct for POPs, because they’re different pills. Talk to your doc about them, the info that comes with the pill pamphlet will be the correct info. Or if you have any more questions feel free to PM me 🙂

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I agree with mswizard on the progestin only! I avoid estrogen at all costs, and it has been a lifesaver and reduces so many of the risks of “hormonal” based BC methods.

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@mswizard  Thanks! Great to know and consider. I’ll chat with my doc about this option, I think.

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i was also going to suggest natural family planning along with condoms as a “back up.” that’s what my fiance and i have decided we’re going to do.

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Don’t be afraid of the pill. Try it. I’ve been taking it since I was 16 (for health reasons, not birth control at first — I didn’t have sex until I met my husband) and I have never had a single problem. Not that my personal experience is anything to base your decision on, because I believe you should actually look into the studies youself, but here is what I found out:

I used to be afraid of what health implications taking the pill would have, esp. after taking it for so many years (I was worried about infertility, etc, same as you). And so I reserched it. And researched some more. What’d I find out? The pill is the most well-studied medicine in history, and the overall results show that it is incredibly safe if not benificial to your health. It actually reduces the chances of certain cancers. 

Look, The use of oral contraceptives (birth control pills) for five years or more decreases the risk of ovarian cancer in later life by 50%.[95]Combined oral contraceptive use reduces the risk of ovarian cancer by 40% and the risk of endometrial cancer by 50% compared to never users.

It is a freaking anti-cancer pill!! Here is a link to just one of the studies showing this: http://www.springerlink.com/content/r337741kp72307m1/

There are huge misconceptions in the general public about the safety of the pill, and the side-effects, because most people don’t take the time to actually research the data. Or they are not educated enough to understand what constitutes scientific data vs shit a journalist made up. Most people just go off what their friends say (a horrible way to make health decisions!) or what they read in magazines (even more horrible!!). 

The fear of weight gain is also just wrong. I LOST weight when I went on the pill. Further, A 2000 British review concouded there is no evidence that modern low-dose pills cause weight gain.

As far as what is “natural”, when you think about it the natural state of a women is to be pregnant. We are not supposed to be bleeding every month, we are supposed to be making babies! My gynogcologist pointed this out to me when I first started taking the pill, and she also informed me of some of the long-term studies (she was a specialist) showing the health benifits (as well as risks) which I later researched further.

Like you, I am careful about what products I use and what I put in/on my body (for instance, I pay way too much for my natural beauty products!). But after researching the pill, I get seriously frustrated with people who say things like you did in your post. Why? Because you are missing out on The Greatest Thing Ever. Sure some people have problems when they first start the pill, or finding the right combination, but most people don’t have any issues at all. 

You can go along in your merry uninformed world with condoms and all the other horrible birth control options, or you can join the millions of women enjoying stress-free, baby-free sex with an added topping of NO CANCER. (:

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My two cents on the issue…I love the pill and wouldn’t use another birth control method. To me, taking the pill is way less invasive than sticking an IUD in my uterus. Modern birth control pills have very low doses of hormones compared to what birth control used to be. You might have to try a few pills to find the one that is right for you, but when you do find the right one, there really aren’t any side effects, especially not weight gain. The progesterone only mini-pill is a great option for some, but you do have to be careful to take it at the exact same time every day whereas there is more leeway with the regular combination pills. In terms of the cancer risks, it’s true that the pill decreases your risk of ovarian cancer, but it does slightly increase your risk of breast cancer. If I had a history of breast cancer in my family, I probably wouldn’t be taking the pill, but without this history the risk just isn’t great enough for me to worry about. 

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@Jade33  I think your reply was a little bit rude. There are also millions of women having stress-free, baby-free sex while using barrier methods, NFP, IUDs, and any number of things. Pills aren’t the only way to have stress-free, baby-free sex. And pills don’t guarantee an “added topping of NO CANCER”, they *may* slightly reduce the risk of some, and *may* slightly increase the risk of others. (Info from @Jade33, which cites specific studies and results.)

Weight gain is listed as a potential side effect in nearly ALL oral contraceptives, and Depo Provera (the shot) is proven to cause weight gain in some people. Perhaps low-dose pills don’t cause it as much, but what about women who aren’t on a low-dose pill? Low-dose is only one type of pill.

The pill may work for you, and you may love it, and that’s great. Many women will agree with you. But there’s no reason to be condescending to the OP because she’s not sure it’s the right choice for her.

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I’m totally with you about fearing BC pills. I think I might actually be more afraid of taking the pill than I am of getting pregnant. Undecided

I was on BC pills a few years ago and my experience wasn’t the greatest. The worst part was when I decided to stop taking the pills, it took forever for my cycles to be normal again. My period was really inconsistant…I never knew when it was going to come! Now that I’ve been off the pill for (4?) years my cycles are as close to perfection as you can get. My period is always 28-29 days long and pretty great (as much as a period can be lol).Plus I love that I”m not putting all that hormonal junk in my system anymore.

My Fiance and I aren’t having sex til after the wedding but we’ve discussed BC options and luckily my Fiance doesn’t really want me on BC pills either. He works in the medical field so I trust his opinion on the subject. We’re just going to use condoms for now and hope for the best. We’re in a bit of a different situation though because while we’d rather wait a year or so to get pregnant…if it were to happen right away, we’d be okay with that too.

Another reason that I’m scared to take BC pills is that it might make TRYING to get pregnant more difficult in the future because of how it screwed up my cycles the last time I was on it.

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I don’t take BC pills either. They are very dangerous. Why take something that does not give your period (or the waste) that needs to come out of your body. Where then does it go… (back up in your body) then when you get off of BC and your period finally comes down…… its loads of it and peple bleed for weeks….. ugh, not worth the hassile.

Have you tried charting your cycle. From many reviews it is very great and really works, but best if you really know your body well, nad have a regular cycle. Go get a basal temp taker, some charting books, and get on it girlie. It works! There is lots online about charting as well.

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I had the same reservations you had about birth control, particularly as my family has a history of mood disorders and I didn’t want anything messing up my hormones. A friend with similar history started taking a type of BCP and immediately became suicidal. So, that is one of my Very Good Reasons not to take BCP. Otherwise, I don’t find anything particularly healthy about artificial hormones or copper doodads hanging out in my lady parts.

My husband and I have used FAM (fertility awareness/natural family planning/charting) for years with 100% effectiveness. I love it! It’s free, gives you an understanding of your body that (sadly) very few women have, and is instantly reversible if you do want to get pregnant. 🙂

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I also dont like most birth control options, I’ve  never been on the pill or taken anything hormonal, I dont like disrupting the natural order of my cycle, so I’ve also been wondering what Dh and I will do after the baby arrives to maintain the 3 year gap we want between our kids. Condoms have worked fine for us in the past but I know they arent the most reliable.. we plan to keep charting and using condoms as well

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@MuchGreater I respect your discomfort with hormonal  birth control  but I believe you have been misinformed.  Birth control doesn’t function as a “period preventer” that traps waste in your body.  For many standard types of pills, women experience similar monthly bleeding to what they have without the pill, assuming they didn’t have irregular periods to start in which case it gives them a more regular cycle.  There are also pills that can manipulate the cycle timing but they don’t have the effects you describe.

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@Jade33  This! 

If you’re worried about side effects, steer clear of the long-term contraceptives like depo. But the pill is an actual lifesaver, it has eased up my cramps and flow SO MUCH it is a miracle!

Don’t be frightened of it, there are side effects to everything. Your apprehension for taking it is understandable, but honestly? The internet forums you might read where the women b*Tch about these things? They’re the worst case scenarios. They’re on the Internet, ranting in the first place BECAUSE of their situation. You RARELY see many women who ARE happy on the Internet saying that they’re happy (if I make sense).

Try it for about 3 months or so. You might be pleasantly surprised. I was like you, before my mother put me on it. And I changed my mind SO quickly.
And remember – 90+% of our medication comes from naturally derived sources, they’re just refined more in the labs to become more effective. 🙂  

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I completely understand your reluctance to take hormonal BC. I took it for almost ten years in various different forms, all with some sort of problem. Of course, many women don’t experience any issue…that’s just what happened to me.

In June I stopped taking any kind of BC and we switched to the FAM version of natural BC. I echo the PP who said that “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” is an excellent read, and it really got me into charting and monitoring my cycles. We have been off BC and using FAM since June and I’m really happy with how I feel and the method as a whole.

I’m not pregnant, so it’s obviously working, and I feel better than I ever did when I was taking hormonal BC. I would absolutely recommend learning more about FAM.

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I was on BC for well over 10 years, and got a copper IUD after my son was born.  Both worked great, but I am happy not taking any hormones, even though I never had any problems with the pill. In fact, they cleared up my skin and gave me nice, light periods.  I might go back on them once we are done having kids but I don’t know.

the IUD periods were heavier, but not awful. The insertion was uncomfortable but not painful (I did not have a vaginal birth or any labor).  they ARE expensive if your insurance doesn’t cover them.  And there are risks, but I do not believe any greater than any other form of birth control

re: testosterone only pills – talk to your OB, because these “mini pills” require much better adherence to taking them at the same time every day. Combined pills have more leeway – eg more chance of unitended pregnancy from the mini pills if not taken perfectly so not the best choice for everyone.


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@ahavah  thanks!

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