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I have a Mirena IUD and it is a god send. I was on BC for a long time and I definitely had side effects. Migraines, increased  blood pressure, weight gain, etc. I went off it and it’s been so, so much better. It does have a low level of hormones but no estrogen, so like the POPs it doesn’t have all those side effects that combo pills have.

I got mine at a Planned Parenthood and it was $500. If you think about it, for 5 years of BC that’s really, really cheap. If you paid monthly for the 5 years it would cost you $8.33 so in terms of affordability, IUD is definitely a good bet.

The insertion wasn’t super fun but it wasn’t all that scary at all. I was nervous but it went fine and honestly, they do these all the time. If it helps, I actually know a lot more girls with an IUD than girls on the pill.

Unless you’re willing to chart your fertility and abstain or use barrier methods during fertile times I would suggest an IUD for sure.

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@mswizard:  How is providing more information being condescending? The OP stated misplaced, common, fears. I don’t see how offering factual info to help her is rude, but I’m sorry if you felt I was attacking other BC methods. Aside from condoms (which I do think are horrible!), the pill is the only method I have ever used, I didn’t comment on any other options.

OP, I really meant it when I said I think you are missing out on The Greatest Thing Ever. The pill has completely changed my life for the better (not only because of the family planning it provides), and it has done the same for millions of other women. Don’t be afraid, it very likely might be right for you and your partner too. (:

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Totally think you shouldn’t take bc if you don’t want to. But you DO get your period on most BC pills, you just don’t ovulate first.

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I was on the pill for at least 6 years. (In a nutshell I didn’t start having a period til age 16 and it was very irregular so I got on the pill at 17 and pretty much stayed on it until recently.) I got off it about two months ago because I didn’t want all those hormones in my body anymore. I’ve heard about how you shouldn’t be on it for more than 5 years because of some risks. Plus, now that I’m older, I’m really trying to take a more natural approach to things concerning my body. My husband and I just use condoms now. 

I never had any super major problems with the pill. When I first started it at 17, I gained a little bit of weight and my breasts got bigger. The most recent pill I was on (Natazia) made me have some mood swings but I wasn’t on it for a long time so I don’t think my body had gotten used to it yet. 


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@Stace126:  ok im the minority here but i’m afraid of birth control and have never used it….my fiance and I have been together for years and we just keep track of ovulation and it’s worked for us…

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I figure I may as well share my experiences with the birth control pill. I’ve been using for more than a year now and I have never had BAD side effects.


I was prescribed Orthocept, a combination pill, a bit over a year ago. My sex drive did diminish, I started having breakthrough, light bleeding for a week before starting my actual period, and my blood pressure went from being normal to high. My NP was an idiot – she didn’t make the connection when I told her that I had always had normal blood pressure and that I had NEVER had breakthrough bleeding before starting Orthocept.

She blamed the blood pressure on my weight (despite being very active and it was normal before I took the pill…and I had lost 50 pounds in the year since I started taking the pill) and told me that the breakthrough bleeding could be chlamydia or gonorrhea (until she looked at my sex history and decided I wasn’t a prime candidate for that AT ALL. Hahaha).

She prescribed Micronor, a progestin-only pill. If you are overweight, I suggest taking one of those because the risks are lower than they are with pills that contain estrogen (and estrogen can give you high blood pressure). I LOVE IT.


So far, the only side effect I’ve had (I’ve been on Micronor for a few months, so it’s still settling in) is that I had a second period one month that lasted for four days. This is typical the first few months, though, and I have already noticed that my period the past two months has been MUCH lighter than it used to be, cramping is minimal (actually, Orthocept helped me with excessive bleeding and period cramps too. I shudder to think of ever having a ‘normal’ period again!)

Most B/C pills don’t make you stop having a period, especially if they contain estrogen. And a significant portion of women on progestin-only pills also continue to have periods.

I have NEVER gained weight (issues with that are much more common with the implants and injections) from a pill and had no trouble losign while on a pill.

If you have never been great at taking the pill, it’s not the option for you! But for me, I have never missed a pill and the idea that I ‘might’ get pregnant if I’m more than 3 hours late is laughable. I have never been more than an hour late in taking my pills. So, it’s all preference.


Hope this helps anyone else out there who is fearful.

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I’ve been taking Loestra (low hormone) pills for a year and have had no side effects whatsoever.  This was my first time on BC pills, and was very nervous.  My doctor and I talked at length, and she recommended a brand and they work amazing. 

Talk to your Dr about options, and don’t be afraid to try a few until you find one that works for you!

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@Stace126:  I’ve also been a little afraid of hormonal BC, because I know that while some people do great with them, they affect other people badly, and I don’t want to deal with that. Also, what if I forget(???), which I am prone to do.

I got a non-hormonal IUD last month and it has been awesome so for. It hurt a little putting it in, but really not horribly at all (and I’m a virgin to boot) and the whole procedure lasted less than 10 minutes. Then I did have pretty bad cramps that afternoon (so I treated myself to a bath and a nap and Fiance brought home sorbet and flowers, all in all a good trade in my mind). My period has been a little heavier, but my cramps have maybe been only slightly worse (they were never that bad to begin with). 

At first it felt kind of unnatural having this foreign thing in my body, but I hardly ever think about it anymore. I was kinda worried about it being expelled too. My OBGYN said that in all of her patients she’s only had that happen once, and it was to a woman who had just given birth, so her cervix was still kind of open. 

A lot of women in FI’s family are into natural family planning and they really like it and have used it to a lot of success. I’m not willing to do that now, maybe someday, because I feel like the margin of error is grater and we’re really not at a place where a baby would be a good thing yet. My cycle is usually normal, but then a couple months ago it randomly came 4 days early, what’s that about? Of course, I haven’t done enough research to know for sure, there are probably ways to deal with issues like that.

The IUD is really expensive without insurance like you pointed out, though in the long run, even if it costs $1000 if you use it for the 10 years it works (which it sounds like you might because you’re not sure about kids yet), that’s only $100 a year or  $0.28 a day, which may or may not be cheaper than condems even, depending on you guys. And whil the firs tocuple of days you might not feel like having sex while it settles in, it is effective immediately, so waiting until after the wedding would probably be fine. Good luck and let me now if you have any questions I could help with!

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