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  • poll: Did you lose all your baby weight? How long did it take you?
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    I gained 50lbs with my pregnancy.  I ate more or less ok (could have been better, but I don’t eat a lot of processed foods or fast food) and I exercised regularly… jogged until 5 months pregnant, zumba until almost 8 months, spin class/swimming/walking until I was almost due!  

    I’m 15wks pp, and am still about 20lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight.  I pump exclusively, and I noticed when I cut calories or added strenuous exercise my milk production slowed way down.

    My biggest area of insecurity was the stretched out skin around my midsection, and after about 3 months that isn’t as severe… but let’s just say this year isn’t going to be a bikini year!  I am still self conscious about my belly, but I suppose it comes down to either working out, eating well, and getting back in shape OR feeding my baby breastmilk, but not both.

    Honestly, I have found that I’m kinder to myself than I thought I would be.  My body has done some truly amazing things, one of them being carrying and birthing my beautiful baby.  That takes a toll, it’s hard work, but every stretch mark and extra pound remind me of how lucky I am to even BE a mom.


    *on a completely side note, I have made it a point to really try not to engage in negative self-talk about my body.  I have a daughter, and it dawned on me that one day she will be an awkward teenager with typical teenager insecurities.  How in the world can I expect her to be confident in herself and comfortable in her own skin if I’m not?  <— still working on this, and it’s hard, but I have a feeling in the long run it will be so very worth it πŸ™‚

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    posting to follow!

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    I weighed 100 lbs when I got pregnant with my first Dirty Delete and gained 38 lbs. (I’m 5′ 2.5” tall and was 23 years old.) I took medications that had weigh gain as a side effect after her birth which made loosing weight harder. Got down to 120 lbs a year and four months after she was born. I tried Weight Watchers online, workout videos and walking 3x a week. 

    I tried breast feeding for a couple weeks. I pumped for 6 weeks. 

    With the twins I only gained 30 lbs but ending weight of 150 lbs.  Start weight was 120 got down to it after 4 months just through diet. I did not breast feed at all for them. I got plenty of stretch marks on my stomach that still look pink 6 years later. I never wore a bikini so no loos there. 


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    I prefer my body now after 2 children. I was very lucky that I’m actually slimmer now and have no stretch marks. Iam forever greatful for this:)) everyone’s different and woman can be so hard on themselves. I only gained 13 kilograms and I expressed for about 8 weeks as I couldn’t breast feed:( 


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    I’m only 5.5 weeks PP but I will answer anyway. I only gained 25lbs during my pregnancy but I was carrying some extra weight before we got pregnant so I was tryin to maintain a healthy gain. I lost all my pregnancy weight by the 1 month mark, however my body definitely doesn’t look like pre-pregnancy yet and to be honest, it probably never will. I need to do lots of abdominal toning (this is probably worse because I had a c-section) and pray that the stretch mark fairies will take them back to where they came from lol. I am exclusively breastfeeding but I haven’t been cleared for exercise yet so all the weight I’ve lost just kind of happened. I do still have probably 20 lbs to lose to get back to what “normal” weight is for me.

    @DaneLady:  Very well said! I have to say that although I don’t have a daughter, I worry that talking down to myself about my appearance might influence my son in to thinking a woman needs to be flawless to be worthy of his love and that is so so wrong. Luckily my Darling Husband has been the voice of reason when I comment on my post pregnancy body so I know DS has a great role model! Very important lesson for both daughters and sons!

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    I weighed about 95lbs before and two kids later I weigh around 100/105. I don’t have a before pic but this is me now about a year after. With my first baby I went bounced back after a couple months my second defiantly took awhile longer. I did not breast feed. I think it just depends on your body before(probably the biggest part is genetics) and how much you work out pre and post baby. I gained 35lbs with my first and 40-45 with my second.

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    Before having my 2 kids i was 100lbs after the pregnancy i was 140lbs losing the baby weight it took me about 6 months did alot of cardio I weigh in at 105lbs now.



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    I was 133 pre-pregnancy (I’m 5’7″). I’m 8 months PP and I’m bouncing around from 135-138. But I’ll be totally honest. I didn’t try AT ALL. In fact, I eat pretty crappy these days (I work from home and am full time mom and I have a terrible sleeper). I got to the gym a bit when little man was 4 or 5 months old, but haven’t had the time lately. I do walk on occasion (when weather allows–too cold when he was little and too hot/smoky now…but there were a couple months in there). 

    I did (and do) breastfeed. I actually think some of the weight is boobs (mine got HUGE). I’d say it took 3-4 months (without trying) to be back around where I am now. If I worked hard for a couple weeks, I’m pretty sure that I could get to 133. But I like ice cream πŸ˜‰

    ETA: All-told, I gained about 40 pounds (though I stopped looking at the scale after 35, so I’m not totally sure…)

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    Posting to follow. So nervous about this.

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    Gained 45 pounds during pregnancy. I breastfed for 6 months. I am nearly 5 years postpartum (her 5th birthday is in two weeks) and I am still 25 pounds over my pre-baby weight. I admit I haven’t done much to take it off, though, besides poking at my flub and making sad faces – which, unfortunately, is very ineffective as a weight-loss strategy.

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    Here’s a website my SO’s sister found to be inspiring. Many of the women update and it’s incredible how well a woman’s body can bounce back. 


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    posting to follow

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    I gained 23 lbs during my pregnancy.  I was suuuper sick for the first half, I was on diclectin for the whole pregnancy, and I only hit 100lbs at around 5 months pregnant.  I was always pretty small, my belly didn’t start showing until almost 7 months and I could still easily hide it at that point.  I got super lucky and didn’t get any stretch marks, I tried to breastfeed but I gave up (way too easily I might add :/ not proud of that).  I lost pretty much all my weight within a few weeks but it took a few months to firm up my stomach.  Edit: I’m 31 years old and my son just turned 3 in May, we’re TTC again starting next month, eek!

    I’ll try to post sort of a progression




    5 weeks





    19 weeks



    30 weeks





    40 weeks





    3 weeks post partum





    12 weeks post partum (and still with that stupid linea negra)





    I have a pretty healthy and active lifestyle, I’ve since gotten more into fitness.  I am a certified zumba instructor now, and plan to keep teaching during my next pregnancy and I HOPE to keep my body  πŸ™‚


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