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My nana (also my great-grandmother ๐Ÿ™‚ ) passed away this past Thanksgiving, it was so hard on my entire family. See, Christmas was right around the corner, and ever since even my DAD was born, our whole family has spent Christmas Eve at my great grandmother’s house every single year of our lives…


I was reading a blog a couple of nights before Christmas Eve and it was about how it was ok to ask passed loved ones for signs. I, only half-seriously, said to my Nana “Nana, I need a sign that you’re ok… and if you need any ideas, a white Christmas would be a pretty awesome sign.” There was absolutely no snow in the forecast… not even when Christmas Eve rolled around – there was NO snow in the forecast.


On Christmas Eve, my Fiance and I were driving up to my grandmother’s house for our first Christmas without Nana. It began flurrying, but I thought nothing of it. We stopped at Nana and her husband’s graves and left pointsettias there. When we got to their graves, it started snowing HARD. It didn’t stop; not for hours. The ground was covered; we got like 3 inches of snow – and NOBODY was predicting it.


I told my family about how I’d asked Nana for a sign and joking suggested a white Christmas. I know it brought a LOT of comfort to my dad, at least, to hear about that. He kept telling everyone how I’d asked Nana to make it snow as a sign that she was ok. My grandmother even got all teary over it. I absolutely believe it was a sign that she is ok and is with the love of her life again in heaven.

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I’m not sure what I believe, but a day or two after our new Border Collie puppy died in my arms my Fiance and I came downstairs and heard a music box playing. I figured my brother had wound it and made it play but no one was home. It just kept playing and playing and didn’t stop for a long time. We even got a video. It was sitting above where our puppy used to sleep and it played the song ‘no place like home’ or whatever it’s called. When my mom got home I told her about it and she said that the music box hadn’t worked in like two years and when we tried to get it to play and wound it up and stuff it wouldn’t work.. just like before. It was so strange and kind of comforting. That happened July 2012.

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Oh, I actually have a second…and third story.


See, a few days later, I actually asked her to make it snow again despite there being no forecast for snow… and, again, it did. But I also got the distinct impression that she was like shaking her head at me like “what? you didn’t get the first sign? Silly!” I stopped asking for snow after that.


So, just a few days ago, I was sitting at a stoplight when I saw the most beautiful red cardinal & his female mate. It’s not super common to see pairs of cardinals in this area; not unheard of, but not super common. But the MOST uncommon thing was that these birds were SO CLOSE to my car. I got the distinct impression that it was another sign that my great grandmother & great grandfather are happy and reunited again, but that they are still watching over us.


I even “asked” if the bright male bird could come a bit closer for a picture, and he did! He pretty much posed for the picture looking right at me! ๐Ÿ™‚



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My father died at home in December of 2005 after his second and fairly short battle with cancer.  I won’t go into all of the details but I guess due to his organs shutting down he had a very peculiar smell on his breath…nothing I had ever smelled before.  He died around 12:30 am with my family around him. 

That afternoon I was sitting alone in the room where he always watched TV I smelled that same peculiar smell for just a second.  I never told anyone.  I went down to visit my mother a month later, was sitting in the same room, and detected the odor again.  Just like before it was only for a second.  I still didn’t tell anyone.  The next time I went down I was expecting it but it didn’t happen and to this day I’ve never smelled it again.  I finally told the rest of my family and none of them had experienced it. 

I can’t help but think he was letting me know he was still there with us.  It really felt like he was still in the house for a while.  When I didn’t feel his presence anymore it was almost sad. 

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I’ve never had any experiences with ghosts or strange things happening (nor do I want to) but after my aunt died I use to have dreams about her. Very real and comforting. When I woke up it almost felt like we made a new memory together even though she was gone. It was really nice. 

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I didn’t exactly see anything but on the day of my grandmothers funeral it was miserable snowy cloudy freezing weather. I took a minute alone before we went to the cemetary to just “talk” to her and say how much I loved her and then said how the day couldn’t be worse with saying goodbye to her, missing her  and the miserable weather well by the time we got to the cemetary roughly 15 min away, no snow, no clouds, sun was shining and it was warmer. I just know in my heart she heard me and tried to give me what comfort she could that sad day.

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My Nan passed away 6 years ago and i took it very badly. I felt guilty as the day she passed away i had to go to college for an important exam. The rest of my family went to be with my grandad and i felt i didnt grieve the way everybody else had.

Anyway, a few weeks passed and i wasnt doing too well emotionally. I would spend days in bed not wanting to see anyone.

One evening i woke up in the night in tears and started talking to my nan and apologising. I closed my eyes for second and when i opened them there was lots of coloured lights dancing around my bedroom. I immediately felt calm and as quickly as they appeared they dissapeared. I knew it was my nan.

I never told anyone about this until a few weeks ago. My mum said she too had a similar experience after the funeral.


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I was much younger when my paternal grandfather died. I was close with both of my grandfathers. My dedushka (russian word for grandfather) had heart attack and went into the hospital. When my father met him at the hospital, deda told my dad that god told him he’d die in a week. Exactly one week later, I was out sledding with friends when my chest got tight. I started having trouble breathing and had to sit down. After about 5 minutes it passed. As I walked back to my friend’s house, I just knew. When the phone rang, I said outloud “That’s mom calling to tell me to come home because deda died.” He had just had a second heart attack and passed away around the same time I felt the tightness in my chest. I felt him around very strongly for exactly 40 days after he passed away. My grandfather was an extremely religious man and we have a tradition of praying for 40 days for the soul of your loved one. After 40 days, we didn’t feel him anymore but the first night that we were praying in our church, I saw a glimpse of something sitting in his chair. 

My maternal grandfather had cancer and deteriorated very quickly. He passed away a few years after my dedushka. My extended family live 6 hours away from us so when we got the call, my mom drove out by herself to be wtih her family and my father was going to bring me and my sisters a few days later. While my mom was driving, she started to break down and had to pull off the highway. A butterfly flew into her car and stayed in the car, mostly just sitting on the dashboard until she got to her parents’ house. She felt very strongly that it was her father comforting her. 

My mom’s grandmother was extremely close with my mom. She actually suffered a heart attack just a couple hours prior to when my mom was supposed to come visit her. The night that she died, my mom told me that she woke up in the middle of the night and saw her grandmother just sitting at the edge of the bed, smiling at her which she found incredibly comforting.

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A few days after my dad died my aunt was awoken to a mans voice saying “tell K that I love her”. K is my moms name.

My cousin was killed in Iraq and was a huge fan of Guiness beer. A few months after he passed my aunt had stopped to pick up takeout on her way home. When she got back to her car there was a 6 pack of Guiness on the ground next to the drivers side door.

Ive had two  REALLY vivid dream a that my dad was standing over me. I kept trying to wake myself up but I couldnt. Both times that happened was on my dads bday.

I’m really into these kind of things so I love reading your stories ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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