(Closed) After one year of TTC… What happens next?

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After 1 year TTC, I would talk to my OB to see what they recommend.  If they think I shold see an RE, then that would be my next step.  An RE will do blood work, HCG, semen analysis, and a few other tests.

You should not need to be temping to be taken seriously with TTC.  

If you suspect you have endo, I’d talk to my OB (or whichever new OB you choose) about getting that suspicion checked out.  Sometimes OBs will refer to an RE if there are issues such as PCOS or endo prior to the 12 month mark.  I was sent to an RE after 6 months because my OB suspected PCOS.

Are you temping?

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cooperlove:  Talk to your doctor. They will order some blood tests and maybe an HSG for you as well as a semen analysis for your husband. I had my annual physical at around 4 month TTC and my doctor told me to stop charting because the added stress wasn’t helping anything. He said for the first year I should just have regular (3-4x a week) sex with my husband and not think about it too much. 

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cooperlove:  RE= reproductive endocrinologist. It’s who will help you with any infertility issues. Like PPs have said, talk to your doctor. They will run basic diagnostic tests to figure out where you stand as far as health and fertility. I was diagnosed with PCOS and after 3 months of no period I went to my GYN who treated me with clomid for another 5 months before I finally went to an RE. Don’t kick yourself for not planning out earlier. Just look at moving forward 🙂 

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i never temped/charted.  even though i was under 35, at the 7 month mark, i thought there was a problem.  i asked my gyn for an RE recommendation.  i called one and made an appointment. 

they took me very seriously (i think they want your money more than they care about you). 

at the consultation, we went over our history, talked about how hard it is to make babies, etc.  and told me about all the tests i would need.  Darling Husband had a sperm analysis (SA).  i had the 3 day bloodtest and ultrasound baseline, an HSG, and a SHG.  after all the results came back, we had an appointment to go over results.

for us, Darling Husband convinced me to wait until the 12 month mark to start treatment. 

we did 3 iuis, 2 ivfs – it took us 24 cycles but we are finally expecting in april.


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cooperlove:  I hope this goes well! I was in your shoes about 2.5 years ago, and hopefully I can offer some suggestions that will help you get to the end of your TTC journey soon! I took a bunch of half-measures, and i wish I had scoped out a better plan at the start.

– Today: Look at your insurance, and see what it covers. See if you can visit a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) without referral. If you can, I recommend going straight to the RE.

– Research the fertility clinics where you live. fertilityauthority.com gives recommendations, or you can look at statistics online. I got the recommendation to my clinic through the fertilityauthority site which was pretty good. The reason I recommend looking into this up front is that switching clinics later is possible, but a hassle.

– Get an initial consult scheduled ASAP!

– After your initial consult, they’ll probably schedule a series of diagnostic tests. This is helpful to see if they can diagnose what is going on, which can help guide treatment.

– Treatment schedules can vary, but often go something like:

    – 3 – 6 medicated cycles with timed intercourse and possible an HCG shot that will trigger ovulation. During these cycles, they may do ultrasounds to see how your egg development is progressing. Common drugs are clomid and letrozole. I personally prefer letrozole since it has fewer side effects and is inexpensive.

   – 3 – 5 IUI cycles. These are often similar to the medicated cycles, except they rely on IUI component.

   – IVF

Often doctors may mention complementary treatments like diet, acupuncture, vitamins, etc. : these are good, but are a supplement rather than a replacement to the items I mentioned above.

I recommend reading “Navigating the Land of IF”. Infertility sucks because you don’t know how the journey will end. For years I did less-agressive treatment and kept thinking “oh, this next cycle will be the one”. This book will help you plot out a plan so you and your husband can make a plan up front. It also explains a lot of the treatment options.

Let me know if I can help in other ways! Here’s hoping you’ll get your BFP soon!

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No you do not have to be charting, etc. for it to count. All you have to do is say, “I’ve been trying for a year.” Literally. So if I were you, that’s what I’d say (I was in a similar boat — knew I had PCOS).

What will happen is you will be referred to a reproductive endocrinologist. S’he will then begin testing you and your partner to determine what issues are at play.

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I agree with rusticgirl‘s suggestion to check your insurance ASAP.  In my case, all the preliminary testing (CD3 and CD21 bloodwork, HSG, SA, and even 3-4 medicated cycles) have to be done through my normal OB/GYN before we are eligible for a referral to the RE/infertility clinic.  So, we’re going through that right now and will likely get our referral next month.

Also, if you have a reason to suspect something isn’t right, you don’t have to wait an entire year of trying.  In my case, my cycles got really irregular, I was having + OPKs multiple times in each cycle, and based on temping I knew I wasn’t ovulating.  So I went to my OB/GYN after about 6 or 8 months of TTC.

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I knew something was wrong when I had been ttc for 6 months with no success. I went to my obgyn and they brushed it off and said come back at 1 yr. Well I did and they finally listened and did blood tests and found all my hormones who post menopausal levels and referred me to a RE.   I went to my RE once and she told me what was wrong. Moral of my story: if you feel like something isn’t right trust your instinct and find a Dr willing to listen! If you have to say it’s been longer than it has, so be it. You should do what u need to get answers. Good luck! 

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