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Sorry, bee! I know that feeling. I’ve actually never gained weight going off the pill (I gained 15 lbs going on when I was seventeen and that 15 pounds refused to budge till I was 20 and went on a different pill), but I’ve heard of all kinds of things like that happening to other women. 15 lbs in 3 weeks is excessive however, even if your eating habits had shifted. I’m willing to bet your body is retaining water for some reason. Could be a rebound effect or your hormones just needing to normalize. 

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Happened to me. About 15 pounds as well. Mostly in the mid section. Ugh. 


Doctors say I wasn’t being active enough, but that’s BS. I know it was from stopping the pills. 

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Bumble bee

This is the first time ive heard of anyone gaining weight when stopping the pill and it terrifies me! I gained so much weight from being on the pill and I was really hoping that when I stop I would lose it all, as most of my friends have. Maybe your hormones are adjusting and you could lose it again when it settles? That would be my hope anyway because your diet and exercise looks great!

I might be able to help with the constipation though as I suffer from bowel problems. Add Psylium Husk powder and/or Flaxseed to your breakfast. Take a probiotic every morning, maybe also a magnesium tablet and try to eat some natural yoghurt (even just a spoonful) everyday. If all else fails, go to your nearest health section and buy some digestion tea usually called ‘slimatea’ or ‘bootea’ etc.. Dont drink it everyday because it can cause pain and diarrhea but I find just drinking it once (at night) makes me go the next morning without fail. 

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Hmmm have they tested your thyroid? I can’t remember but there’s something about thyroid and bcp and after pregnancy …

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Well if you gained a pound after starting to exercise, that pound could be muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. 

Scales are shit. Take pictures (front, back, side) in tight clothing, take measurements (neck, boobs, arms, thighs, waist, hips etc), use scale once a month (in the morning…in your undies, after going to the bathroom and before you put anything in your system). Then at your monthly weigh-in, retake your measurements and your pictures in the same clothes and in the same place. Maybe keep a journal with how you feel… for example “i feel stronger” or “I can now walk briskly for 20 minutes without breaking a sweat” or “I noticed that my jeans are looser around my thighs” etc.

I have lost and gained and lost and gained and I can tell you I lose weight from the weirdest spots and sometimes it changes from where I lose it first. And generally if I start working out and eating right, I see either no difference or slight increases at first. Your diet looks from what you wrote… you would be eating give or take 1330 calories a day. If you were 130lbs @ 5’1 you would need roughly 1250 cals/day to lose 1lb of fat a week (with just light exercise 1-3 times a week) and to maintain your body weight you would need around 1715 cals/day. How long have you been eating like that and do you ever eat anything you didn’t list?

If you stay consistent it can take 3-4 weeks to notice any change. 

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It definitely sounds hormonal. Is there another endocrinologist you can talk to locally? Don’t give up and find a doctor that cares enough to genuinely listen to your concerns!

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mrscb2bee :  Yah you should definitely have noticed a change… However since you aren’t regular you really can’t use the scale as a judge. That probably explains the bloated feelings too. I would say for your own sanity to skip weighing yourself until you get that sorted out. All it will do is add stress to the situation.

Keep eating how you have been in the mean time. Drink lots of water. And maybe try to add foods which help with consitpation (make sure to fit it into your calories). Like maybe have some oatmeal for breakfast instead of your shake (real oatmeal though) or add some flaxseed into your shake. Or for a snack sometimes have strawberries, yogurt, prunes, popcorn. Basically probiotic foods or fibre high foods.

I am hoping that your doctor can help you come up with some answer. Because constipation can be quite serious. I mean you aren’t supposed to keep that bio-waste in your system. I hate going to the doctor because it always seems like it takes longer to drive there than the time we spend troubleshooting the problem. I got a sickness that was going around in January and I lost my taste and smell for about 2 weeks. It slowly came back but not 100%. Peppers smell and taste very… chemically to me, all pop tastes weird, I can taste old deep fryer oil if I get french fries, etc. Its unnerving and I went to my doctor 2 months after when it still hadn’t come back. And he basically said we can try antibiotics because maybe theres a lingering virus (Even though I said I haven’t been congested at all when he asked) or we can wait 2 more months! So I opted to wait for 2 more months “keep an eye on it” and guess what… I still don’t have my tastes back lol. I would say buy a new potato and see if it also tastes like pennies. I really do hope that this gets sorted out for you, it sounds absolutely heart wrenching and uncomfortable.

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mrscb2bee :  It could be your body adjusting to not taking the pill. I would increase fiber into your diet to help with the bathroom issue. You could be retaining too much “poo”. 

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How often are you working out and doing cardio? You could be eating TOO little and your body needs more than that. As far as being bloated and not being able to go, what vitamins and minerals do you take on a daily basis? Also, how much water are you intaking?

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