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  • poll: How big of an age gap do you have between your kids?

    0-1 years

    1-2 years

    2-3 years

    3-4 years

    5+ years

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    @Ninteenthchance:  Would have been nice if you could pick more than one option as I could not answer accurately with one. Frown There are 3 1/2 yrs. between my 1st(B) and 2nd(G). 2 1/2 yrs. between my 2nd(G) and 3rd(G). 2 1/2 yrs. between my 3rd(G) and 4th(B). And finally, 21 mos. between my 4th(B) and 5th(B). To reiterate: boy, girl, girl, boy, boy. My first 3 were easy, well behaved children. The last 2 are terrors (long story). I like the 2 1/2 yr. gap between the 2 girls because I think the 3 1/2 yr. gap between myself and my only sister was a little too much for us and we never really had a relationship or had mutual friends growing up. But then it also can be a difference in personality. The last two being less than 2 years apart…ugh. Love my kids, they’re a tag team, best friends and worst enemies. But they drive me nuts. They are so close in age, they think alike, they act alike. Honestly they feed off each other and my house always looks like a tornado just came through. It’s hard (for me) to keep up. But again, some of it has to do with other issues and misbehavior. I’m just saying I could handle one of them easy, it’s the two of them that drive me bonkers. Having two in diapers at the same time and in different sizes means twice the diaper bag load. I almost cried from happiness the day the older one potty trained. One kid going through the “terrible two’s” and an infant…if I had it to do over again…


    I’m sure you’d get through it fine. Just keep in mind, two is harder than most people think it is.


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    I’m not ttc until next year 🙂 I voted 1-2 years. I’d like my kids to be close in age. We hope to ttc after the wedding which is october 2014. So if all goes to plan we can ttc for baby 2 at baby 1’s 1st birthday lol. It sounds good in theory…. But who knows!! 

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    I have three siblings of all age gaps and I think I prefer an age gap of right around five years.  First cause you get to spend one on one time with each baby, first with the oldest then when the new baby comes the oldest will be off at school.  Also with the five year gap I can actually remember my sister being born and I’m sure I helped out around the house for my mom with her.  Finally the competition is very minimal as they don’t have to be in high school together and competing against each other (girls are the worst!) and only one teenager is in the house at one time and your only paying for one kids college at one time.  Plus it’s not too far where you don’t have things in common, for instance a 20 and 25 year old can totally still get along.  My sister is 18 and I’m 24 and we get along really well.

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    My  brother and I are almost irish twins (1 year, 18 days)  and I would ideally like to do the same once I TTC.


    My mom was fine physically having us so close. She had us two and done. We are close and I feel like the bigger the age gap, the less close the kids could be. Fiance and his older brother are 10 years apart and they have no particular bond. He has a younger brother by a year and they are much closer. I’m sure its not always that way, but I would like them closer together.

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    I used to want to have three children, all 16-18 months apart.

    Then I became a Nanny to three children 17 months apart and honestly, life was hell and I only had those children 10 hours a day!

    My sister and I are 2.5 years apart and are not close because our personalities are vastly different – SO and his sister are 5 years apart and aren’t close either, because of their age and always being at different life stages.

    I would like 2-4 years between our children. I think that gives me time with each child to teach them one on one and never have them feel neglected; as I know the three children I was a nanny for felt.

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    The age difference between my oldest and my twins is 2.5 years.  My boys (2.5 years apart) get along fairly well, both like to play video games so they bond over that.  My youngest son and his twin sister get along really well because they basically spend every minute of every day together.

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    We have 6 in total. Mine,his, our. They ages are 24, 21, 16,14,4, and 9 months. 

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    2 1/2 – 3 years seem to me to be  an ideal age gap, although you don’t always get to decide these things.   That way, kids are close enough in age to be able to do things together as a family and far enough apart that one is ready for #2 physically, emotionally, and financially.  

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    My brother and I are 3 years apart and I thought it was perfect…i felt like we grew up together.  My DH and his sister are 5 years apart and he feels that was too much of a gap.

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    I only have one son, although we tried for more, it just didn’t work out. 

    Pew are planning to adopt a 2-3 year old, hopefully within the next year, so our children will be about 5-6 years apart.

    My brother is 5 1/2 years older then me, and he has ALWAYS been my best friend.. When we were younger/teenagers/and now. Sure we had our moments, but nothing to do with age.

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    I have 3.5  years between my firt and second and 18months between second and third.

    3.5 years was awesome. She was potty trained and talked and could eat on her own and was sleep trained by the time my second was born.

    Now my second is 3 years old and stll not potty trained, my youngest is 1.5 and we ready to be potty trained. Both of the younger ones are not sleep trained yet and refuse to eat on their own. I actually preffer it this way because it’s just easier to do both at the same time. We are starting potty training on both the yonger ones at the same time. Its working out really good because the boy is a bit behind and lazy and the girl is ahead and very energetic.

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    I don’t have kids yet! But we are TTC right now! And we plan to have our 2nd 4-5 years later. This way the first baby will be somewhat taking care of themselves by the time we have a brand new newborn.

    My twin sisters are 9 years older than me, they were more of a motherly figure when I was younger, however I feel that I matured extremely fast having them in my life, and they are nothing short of being my closest friends now.

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    My kids are 4 years and 11 days apart. It wasn’t what I wanted, but I took a long time to conceive my second. Now, I think it is perfect and I’m glad it worked out that way.

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