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  • poll: What age were were you when you had your first child?
    18-24 : (10 votes)
    23 %
    25-30 : (21 votes)
    49 %
    31-39 : (11 votes)
    26 %
    40+ : (1 votes)
    2 %
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    I had my first at 23 and my second at 25. My future hubby and I are planning to TTC in about a year. I am 29 now. I didn’t want to have anymore kids after the age of 30. So I will be about a year behind by the time baby is born…if we are lucky enough to conceive right away. But this will be my last and his too.  I am so happy I started having kids at the age I did because I want to be young enough for them as they get older. I don’t want my kids to be the kids with the old parents. I want a chance to see my grandchildren one day. It is crazy that I think that far into the future but I do. Sometimes it is hard to start right away because of the time you have together. But a year or two after marriage is would be nice.

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    i voted even though I do not have a child yet…but I am 30 years old and my husband is 37. I turn 31 next month (holy crap!). We are going to start TTC at the end of this year…I am happy, though, that I didn’t have children in my 20’s. Obviously nothing against anyone – just personal choice!

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    I feel like personally I wasn’t ready before very recently.  I am a much more patient person now than I was in my 20’s, but I know many people are ready sooner.  I think it’s a very individual decision!

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    I’m currently 27, I’ll be 28 when I get married next year. I plan to start having kids before 30 and finish before 35. (I want 2 kids.)

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    This poll makes me happy. I don’t have kids yet, but always said I wanted to be early thirties.

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    i’ll be 27 when i have my first kid, a month away from 28. i have no advice as i don’t have children yet, but for me i wanted to do everything earlier than i did. it didn’t work out that way, but that’s life. and it’s still an awesome life!

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    I’m 23 and just had my first child about a month ago. The only I would say is that I wish I had been more comfortable around children before having one of my own. I love my daughter and all, but it happened earlier than anticipated by a few years. Therefore, I feel it’s a bit of a harder adjustment than if I were a few years older. However, I do like that I’ll be a young mother, as hypocritical as that sounds, because I definitely want the energy to keep up with her.

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    I’m 23, and not even close to having kids, so I would have to guess 30+. I didn’t vote in your pole because I didn’t want to mess it up. πŸ™‚

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    I’m thinking late 20s/early 30s.  I was a child of the ‘old parents’ and honestly it wasn’t that bad.  They had the money so we could go out and do things and they were still active.  Maybe it would have been different if they had health problems or something but most people are still healthy and active into their 60s and beyond now.

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    I was 27 with my first.  I actually had my first ultra sound with her on my 27th birthday, I was 5 weeks at that stage.

    I am now 29 and a week away from having my second. (And just as scared as I was the first time). YIKES. And funnly enough I had my second ultrasound this time on my birthday.  It was the morphology scan.

    One of my Sisters was 28 for her first and 30 for her second.  The other was 32 and 34 with her two.

    I know they say this risk of being pregnant for the first time in your 30s is greater, but I think all that really happens is that your doctor monitors you and the baby alot closer then someone in their 20s.  And really alls that will do is keep your mind at ease about the health of yourself and the baby and keep you calmer. 

    And I know the importance of keeping calm, I had alot of trouble getting in to see my doctor and in the end changed doctors.  The receptionist actually had the hide to tell me that it was a joke that I chose to live in a high growth area and also expect to see a Dr. I went nuts, I was BORN in this area and have lived her all my life. PLUS that DR surgery had been my Dr since my mother was pregnant with me.  I got extrememely upset. But went to the new Dr Surgery in town, and havent look back.

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    Hmm…I’ll be between 30 and 31 depending on how it goes, so I didn’t vote.  I’m 29 too; I’ll be 30 in 2 weeks, yuck! We plan to TTC right away, so if it goes super quick 30, not so quick 31.  I’m finally totally ready.  We have been talking about it for about a year so I’ve been able to mentally prepare for what it will be like socially and at work and I’m so excited!!  

    For advice, my mom was 31 when she had me, her first.  My dad was 30.  I remember feeling like they were old compared to my other friends, but they were able to play sports with us (Dad at least) and be involved in everything.  My Fiance is 40 so I worry a bit, but I feel like any time in the early 30s is absolutely perfect!

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    I think this is so personal! For me, I wouldn’t have been ready in my 20s – I was working hard, went back to get my MBA, and just generally enjoying travelling, spending time with friends, etc.  And mentally I was just so not ready to have kids!  I will have our first at 33 – I always thought it would be more around 30, but even 3 years ago the idea of having a child still didn’t sit right with me.

    Then there are people like my brother who started at 25 and for him it was perfect – he is much more of a homebody and a house, wife & kids in the suburbs was right up his alley and he couldn’t be happier πŸ™‚

    The benefits of earlier is that you get to be the younger, energetic parent, you empty nest younger and the risks are lower.  The benefits of later are you get to really live up your 20s, focus on yourself (career, travel, whatever) first and then kids, and you are generally more financially stable. 

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    I’ll be 42 when I deliver my first baby … I don’t think I would have waited that long if I had found Mr. Right earlier, though. πŸ™‚

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