Age when TTC?

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Started ttc at 26, pregnant now with my first at 29. As long as you’re able to take care of yourself and a baby 26 isn’t too young at all.

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I think what is “normal” varies a lot by culture/ geography. I spent most of my twenties in a large city and literally none of my friends even started thinking about TTC until 30. That being said, it did take longer for most of them to conceive, but most have been ultimately successful. 


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I was 29, but we knew we had issues, so 30 was when we really tried. Got pregnant and had my son when I was 30 almost 31!

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25 and TTC now! I’ll be 26 next month. It’s definitely not too young. Fertility declines with age and I know SOOOOO many people who waited and are struggling, so if you’re on your feet finanically I wouldn’t wait

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faithtrustpixiedust :  We will start in a year or two when we’re 31/32.  We’ve been together a long time (since 18) but were definitely not ready at 26.  My parents had me when they were 26 though, so I don’t think it’s inherently too young.  We live in a large HCOL city and 31/32 is considered very young to have children, while my parents have commented that now that I’m 30, I must not ever be having children!  All that matters is that it’s the right time for you and your D.H. 

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When we TTC I was 28 and my husband 30. Luckily i got pregnant right away, I was expecting it to take a while.

I’ve since had my 29th birthday and am due in February right after my husband turns 31!

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faithtrustpixiedust :  I was 27 and my husband was 31. Gave birth at 28 and DH was 31. We’re discussing TTC in a few months again

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I suspect that it’s one of those things where there’s no truly ideal age, and that anyone who is lucky enough to live to old age could look back and only pick the perfect age in hindsight. 

We’ll be 30/31 (me, depending on exactly which month we start) and 41 when we start trying. In theory, I’d have loved to have been a slightly younger mom (28 or so), but it didn’t work out that way. And now, I really see the benefits of waiting. I’m sure it would have been fine then, but now we live a life that is very conducive to a child (aka we’re hermits who are settled enough in our jobs to not be desperately searching for something much bigger and better). The job thing has been huge…both of us have sort of thoroughly realized that we’re “work to live, not live to work” people, and I think that’ll be helpful when we have kids. 

That being said, I do hate that there’s a possible time crunch on a second and third kid if we wanted more. I worry about how I’ll handle the lack of sleep, because it already is incredibly hard on me. Now that we’re married and looking to buy a house and looking at retirement accounts, I worry about money more than I did at 26-28. It makes me sad that our kids won’t have any close-in-age cousins…when you count both sides of my family, I have 6 cousins born within 2 years of me. 

So, don’t worry too much OP, there’s no perfect time, and it’s not like you’re 20. 

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It’s so funny because just a couple decades ago, 26 would have been considered late in some places!

We will be starting to TTC when we will both be 28!

(Side note: Omg, I can’t believe I’m almost 28…I swear I was 22 just a few months ago.)

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39 (me) and 35 (him).  Pregnant now and will be 40 when I deliver.  I was 32 when we met and 35 when we married but then a year later when we were thinking about TTC he went into end stage kidney failure – we knew it would happen but it happened faster than we thought.  He got a transplant in about six months (his mum donated) but we wanted to make sure he was thoroughly well after that, and that his meds were down to maintenance levels, as one of them can have an effect on fertility, so pretty much started TTC at the two year transplant anniversary mark.  Didn’t know if we were too late but apparently not!

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Started TTC when I was 38 due to finding my partner later in life. Able to have my first child (naturally) at 40.  If I had met my partner earlier, I would have been ok with trying for kids in my mid 30s I think. I did have two miscarriages before having my healthy child, but I accepted the fact that I might never have children.

I know some people want to start families young, but I personally was not ready to have a family or get married in my 20s. I had soo much fun being single and doing my own thing, having fun with friends, traveling the world, going to school and establishing my career. I would not trade it for anything and I guess I’m lucky because I was able to find my person and start a family much later in life and I finally feel settled enough to do it. This is my own story. I would never tell anyone else NOT to have kids when they are young. If you want to do it, who am I to say that is wrong  or be the family police telling other people they “should” have kids younger or they “should” have kids at an older age??

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faithtrustpixiedust :  I lived with my mom until I was 28. Then put life on fast forward and TTC at 31. 

My siblings had planned kids at 22 and the other at 29 after trying for 5+ years and doing IVF. You do you!

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I was 28 when we started TTC and had my baby. It was and is young to me. I didn’t think I’d get pregnant so soon otherwise I would have waited 6 months to a year. 

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