Agonizing cramps – nobody taking me seriously

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Find a new doctor. 

Birth control can help lessen period side effects but if that’s not the route you want to take then you need to find a doctor who will actually listen to you. It may take some trial and error though.

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kpkpkpkp :  this sounds a bit like endometriosis, bee. I’m not a doctor, but I have endo and many docs didn’t know what it was until I went to an expert (the diarrhea being my main symptom along with pain).

my doc told me to take Motrin 800 2 days before my period started. Apparently you have to catch the inflammation before it builds up. 

Of course you need a doctor to diagnose  you, but you might need an expert. So sorry you’re in pain!

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Definitely see a different doctor and ask about endometriosis. What you’re experiencing is NOT normal. I have heavy, painful periods, but in a more “normal” way (painful cramps but they come in waves and respond to pain killers, no other side effects really). Seek out a second opinion and don’t give up! It’s very sad but many doctors do not take women’s pain seriously 🙁

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Endometriosis doesn’t show up on an ultrasound, you need a laparoscopy to confirm. It sounds like that is a likely issue. Find a doctor who takes you seriously, some doctors are terrible at ignoring women’s pains but you know your body and know something is wrong.

Something reassuring for me while I was waiting for a diagnosis, the level of pain isn’t an indicator of the level of endometriosis, it’s mostly due to the pattern of where the lesions are. So it may not have an effect on fertility, but if you are going to try to conceive soon, when they do the lap they will also remove any lesions which will help the TTC process.

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You poor thing! Your doctor may suggest an exploratory laparoscopic examination where they make a small incision in your abdomen and go in an have a look around. It could be a number of things, endometriosis, adhesions, even UC, it’s really hard to say without knowing more about your symptoms. It could also just be period pain which some women experience worse than others. I also have terrible period pain but I don’t have endemetriosos or anything, it’s just period pain therefore I just treat it symptomatically with naproxen etc. 

I would suggest keeping a diary of your symptoms, and present back to your doctor (or another if you want to change) and see what they suggest xo 

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I’m sorry to hear it. I have some experience with this, so please allow me to say that they will probably never find anything wrong with you medically. Unfortunately a lot of pain is made much worse by emotional, and not physical problems. So most doctors are not going to find anything. There are doctors who evaluate you as a whole person and not just the physical, but they are in the minority.

I understand you don’t want birth control, I would never take it either.

So I would suggest making sure you have a doctor who is taking you seriously. Get painkillers that will actually work, because advil, ibuprofen etc are not strong stuff. Diclofenac-based painkillers are good. Also you need to start tackling any emotional baggage that you have. You can look up psychosomatic pain, it’s a real thing and that is why for some problems doctors can’t find anything physically wrong. This results in people suffering for years with no solution to their pain. A good diet also helps, eat more vegetables and less processed food.

As far as I know there is no actual cure for bad menstrual cramps or for irregular periods. Instead of telling you that, many doctors will say to go on birth control or to remove the uterus entirely. You may have heard of a story in the Bible of a woman with an awful menstrual problem, she spent all her money on doctors and got no cure – well things haven’t changed, there is still NO cure and yet most doctors will not be honest with you and just tell you that. That is why I would suggest a different approach of dealing with your suppressed emotional pain and related issues you may have. You are guaranteed to see a reduction in your pain.

All the best.

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Agreed with PP’s, this sounds like endometriosis. It does not show up on ultrasound (int or ext) – I’ve dealt with very similar symptoms as you since I was 12 year old. No doctor took me seriously, one told me at the age of 18 to have a full hysterectomy if I was seriously in that much pain…I got a new doctor. I did my own research and self-diagnosed and when I told my new doctor she agreed that it sounded like endo and ordered for a lap. It was endo. The only thing that helped me with any pain relief was going on Lo-Estrin – it doesn’t help the length or heaviness of my periods but the pain is way more managable!

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I wasted years going to “the best doctor in the county”.

You pay the damn doctor you go to so SHOP AROUND! Find someone who works WITH you, not ON you. Ask your friends.

If it takes three or four or more tries, it will be worth it when you find some who SEES you, HEARS you, and BELIEVES you.

Hope you feel much better SOON!!

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My heart goes out to you. I have had bad period cramps my whole life too. I am able to tolerate by tracking my periods each month so I can predict the next one and start taking aleve/naproxen or advil a few days before they actually start. 

I did go on the pill for several years and it helped me a lot. If you are in such pain to the point that otc meds aren’t working then you need something stronger. Have you tried maybe seeing a new doctor? 

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kpkpkpkp :  Find a new doctor.  Are you planning to become pregnant soon?  I didn’t have (super) painful periods but I had extremely heavy periods when I was younger (like a huge tampon in 45 minutes and even at lesser strength they would go on for weeks) and I stayed on BCP for 16 years which basically took care of it (meaning it kept it under control and eventually my body regulated).  Now my cycles are regular (not 2 weeks long) and not as heavy but after I had two kids I decided to get a mirena so now I have no period.  So I wouldn’t discount those methods to control them completely, but if you plan to become pregnant soon you definitely want to discuss with a doctor.  And your doctor should not be dismissing your pain, find a new one.  It sounds like endo and that doesn’t show up on an ultrasound, you need a lap to confirm. It can also make getting pregnant more difficult sometimes so if that’s something you want it’s just another reason to find a new doctor.

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Definitely see a new doc. Mine was actually almost exactly what you describe, severe pain, and SUPER heavy periods. It ended up being fibroids. But they should have caught that in an Ultrasound. I had surgery to remove them 3 times (they kept coming back) but I’ve been good since the last surgery (In October)! Go see someone else who can help you and tell them that you specifically want to be tested for endometriosis and fibroids. 

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Definitely consider checking for endometriosis. And complain more and louder, as unfortunately many doctors consider period must be painful, or some woman pain more, or are more sensitive to pain etc. For me, it was thanks to my husband that I was finally diagnosed, as his graphic descriptions of my pain finally got me the attention of the doctor and laparoscopic surgery. It helped for a while, now it is getting back, I am basically useless for 2 days in a month. 

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FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR. I went through very similar until I *finally* found a doctor who took me seriously. My new doctor suspects endo (my mom, aunt, and grandma all have it), but is medicating me to avoid having to do diagnostic surgery. So I’m on about 3 mg of progesterone each day to stop my period, which mostly stops the pain. I also have an anti-spasmatic for when the cramps do come from time to time (it prevents the cramps, doesn’t just kill the pain).


The point of all this is, find a doctor who will listen. Check out period pain forums and endo forums to see what doctors in your area might be recommended.

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I used to have that. I used to feel incredibly crampy. I had diarrhea, and I would throw up quite often too. 

There is this wonderful medicine called Buscopan that saved me.  I wonder if you can get it in the USA… The composition is Scopolamine butylbromide (a derivative of Scopolamine).

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