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I’ve never done airbrush tanning, but I’ve been using various self-tanning products for years.  My favorite products are the Sublime Bronze or Neutrogena sprays.  You can hold the cans upside down and sideways, so you can even get your back/hard to reach areas!

Make sure you exfoliate before you tan – that will help with the uneveness.  And pretty much every product I’ve tried does have a bit of a smell to it – you just kind of have to get used to it!


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Neutrogena natural glow lotion is wonderous!  It comes in a lotion for the body AND a seperate lotion for the face.  I truly recommend it.  It takes about a week of daily application for you to achieve noticeable color, but once you do, it looks au natural–I get positive feedback on it all the time!  People think I lay out and tan, but really I don’t.  On the upside, it’s a lotion, so you control where and how much you use.  Also, it’s gradual (takes days of application), so you don’t wake up in the morning with a horribly uneven tan that is unfixable.  And, compared to other self-tanners, this lotion smells decent, not like tanner at all.  Word of caution, it is a tanner, so when you put it on your legs, I would put some on your calves and thighs first AND then blend it into your knees and ankles/feet…if you put a whole lot on your knees (especially), it will turn out darker than the rest of you, so just beware and rub that last.  And, of course, wash your hands with warm water and soap afterwards so that your palms don’t turn a weird color.  I truly think you will love this stuff!  Good luck!

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Still on the fence about the big day, but I tried airbrush tanning before my shower a few weeks ago.  Yes, the smell is not pleasant, but fine to tolerate for 8 hours.  As far as evenness & streaking – I’ve heard there are two things that make a difference:  (1) use a high-end tanning concoction and (2) exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate – everywhere.    I got mine done by the esthetician at my salon and made sure I had scrubbed every last inch of skin the morning of.  It wore very even and looked pretty natural.  If you didn’t have luck the first time, I’d try a different location in the area.  Maybe try checking yelp.com for some reviews/recommendations?

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I’ve never had a spray tan but I have / am using tanning beds for up until my wedding. I know they are horrible but I want to look good and I will stop right after my wedding. The problem is that I developed a slight sun spot above my upper lip and if you look close enough it looks like I have a partial mustache. lol I went to the deramtologist and she prescribed me some bleachig cream. I wouldn’t suggest tanning for that reason and for the fact that you can get skin cancer. If I had know that I would develop this spot I would have just tanned in the real sun. Oh well, I will be nicely tanned (mustache or not) for our Hawaii Honeymoon and, lesson learned.

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One of my bridal showers was a tanning party a few days before my bachelorette party in Vegas.  I loved the color on the 2nd and 3rd day…the 1st day I was in shock at how dark I was.  The way to get it to last is to not shower till the next day…like a good 12 hours of time and use a bar soap…don’t use anything with alcohol.  Ultimately for my wedding I decided to do 7 sessions at the tanning salon beacuse I HATED the way the spray tan faded…I felt like I looked diseased.  Sure tanning salons suck but whatever!

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Im very fair as well so i thought i should a airbrush tan as well…i went to TONS of salons and they said they wouldnt do it!! Why? They said i was to fair and it wouldnt look right and that there is a chance (especially if its hot) that it would rub off on my dress! They said they have been to wedding and other events where they knew the women had spray tans because there were lines on there dresses!!! 🙁

They suggested i just start tanning ASAP. I bought lotion as well…im against tanning beds as i feel like im in a cancer riddled coffin (*laugh* the things we do for beauty) and it turned out fine..i was by no means dark, and my husband has a darker complexion…but with photoshop etc, it looked fine!!

Dont do a spray tan!!! 🙁


This pic os me on my wedding day (obv) with a little over one month of tanning under my belt *ha ha*



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I did a trial airbrush tan a month ago at a local salon. I did a bunch of research on Yelp and called around asking, honestly, if a fair girl like me would look orange. I found several places that actually said yes, but several that use a different solution with pink undertones. With this in mind, I went to one place here in San Francisco, stripped down, and got sprayed. Well, everywhere except my face. I was really nervous about breaking out, and my sprayer told me that I could substitute an over-the-counter face-specific tanner (I used Clarins).

The results: I learned that I over-exfoliated beforehand in some areas and not enough in others. My sprayer said next time, exfoliate with plain soap, hot water, and a washcloth. No abrasive exfoliators. Also, no deoderant beforehand or lotions. It’s best to go in just a few hours after showering, so that your body’s oils don’t build up. Also, don’t shave the day of your tan, as the solution will sink into your pores. Oh, and wear VERY loose clothing afterwards, preferably no bra (I learned this the hard way), and starting the next day, use a light lotion or moisturizer to help extend your tan.

Even with some minor day-after exfoliation, I was extremely pleased with the results. Yes, there was some smell, but when I showered 12 hours later, it was gone. And I looked slightly bronzed w/out looking Bachelorette-fake-tan or any sort of orange. My tan didn’t rub off on my gym clothes, which was my personal sweat test, so I’m going forward with the fake-not-baked method for October.

Good luck!

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I’m using the Jergen’s tanning lotion….I love it!!  I exfoliated well in the shower before I did it.  So far so good!  I started 6 weeks early to make sure I don’t look weird…..

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