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Worker bee
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@fabulously engaged – it sounds like we have the same body type!  and if that sales lady EVER said that to me…I would like to say I would have cursed her out, but honestly, I’d probably leave crying!  I don’t get how people think that kind of comment is anywhere near okay to say!!!!!!!


@ducks35 – I also have the same problem!  I was in the staff room the other day and one of the other teachers got a home made cake from a student…it was soo moist and chocolaty and she was offering everyone a piece…and another teacher was like, “Oh teacherbride99, don’t take a piece of cake, you need to work on fitting into your dress!” all snotty like.  I ate some anyways!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

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Helper bee
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I once had a conversation with my grandmother where she was criticizing my mom for being too thin (my mom’s just a tiny lady, always has been) and then turned to me and said “Well, you’ve been gaining weight though, I can see it in your face!” 

I think I just stared at her aghast until she walked away. I’m 5’6 and at the time I was about 120 lbs, so I have no idea where this comment came from. 

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Busy bee
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When we went to register at target, the woman behind the counter asked if it was a baby registry….

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Buzzing bee
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Um, I was working part time at a resto in NYC.  I was complaining to a young hostess that I’d gained some weight and felt uncomforable.  She then told me that I was just ‘big boned’… which doesn’t even make sense!  Bones are kinda one size fits all, no?  I was super annoyed, I think I said something along the lines of, “Ha, and you’re just- you need more meals”.  I know, really witty.  And by the way, I was between sizes 6-8… why do we live in a culture where that’s chubby?  Its sick. 

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Helper bee
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When I went to Mexico MANY years ago some drunk guy called me “the pregnant lady”. I was 14 years old and definitely not pregnant. After that I lost about 40lbs. 

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Sugar bee
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i used to work at old navy and a woman asked me when i was due(just some random woman shopping there)!!! ugh! i looked at her and said “due for what?” she said oh i am sorry i thought you were someone else. i dont look pregers at all…i am overweight but i am very well porportioned and everything is big not just my belly…ahahaha! i could not believe it…it was awful. what if i had just had a miscarriage or have an eating disorder or was suicidal or something…you just dont ask ppl you dont know stuff like that! it is so rude! awful! i have never asked someone if they are pregnant..if they are and want me to know they will tell me.

“are you pregnant” should NEVER come out of anyones mouth!!!! and “when are you due” should never be said unless you KNOW they are pregers! ugh…sometimes i think ppl have no common sense.

man…..can you tell that touched my buttons ๐Ÿ˜€

i honestly am not self conscious at all about my body (i want to change my weight for health reasons but i think i look great) but a comment like that will make anyone upset.

And then i got upset thinking about how awful she must have felt for saying that…so then i felt bad for her. ugh…i am so empathetic..ugh. i could not even be mad at her ๐Ÿ˜€

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Bee Keeper

Dear bee, if you are 5’10” and a size 10, you do not need to be feeling like you’re too big. Sounds like I’m pretty close to you (5’11” and 10/12 depending) and I do know those feelings of insecurity. I’ve heard things before too and it’s hard on the self-esteem. But you are beautiful…and don’t let people get you down.

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Blushing bee
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certain people are such IDIOTS!!!!

it sounds to me you are in perfeect shape! im also a size 10 and im 5.7″ feet tall.. i should be in a diet ๐Ÿ˜› but Fiance loves me the way i am, he says im PERFECT!! LOL

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Helper bee
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LOL sorry, but I keep laughing at the comment about being 0-4 sized!  and 6 and up is plus sized…how out of date that is! and on what planet do they think all of us live on?! I could definately lose a few pounds, but you being 5’10 and your size is awesome! I’m sure the bees out there who are 0-4 sized have just as much problems with dress shopping too….

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Buzzing bee
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I worked with a woman who was asked by a customer when she was due.  To make matters worse, the woman did not give up or act embarrassed.  Instead, when my co-worker said she was not pregnant, the woman INSISTED!  She says “No, you definately are…you are carrying the same way I did…you better go to a doctor and find out!” 

Some people are so damn rude!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

My maid of honor just called to lament to me that two people had asked her when she is “due” in the last week. She is not pregnant. What I can’t understand is that she does NOT look pregnant! Sure, she’s gained a bit of weight recently, but she doesn’t look 8 months pregnant by any means! Someone has got to be SERIOUSLY showing big time before I’m going to assume they are pregnant.

Yeesh. People just don’t think before talking sometimes.

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: October 2010

Some people are just so rude and dumb!

I have had 2 experiences where people have asked me when I was due and what the baby’s sex is!!I’m not heavy either, I am fairly tall and thin (5’6 1/2 and 140lbs) but the first incident happend when I was 130lbs! I carry al my weight in my tummy too and have long skinny legs so if I’m bloated or if I over ate my tummy bulges out!


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these are hilarious!  I know one time I was working at a dr.’s office, and these teenagers walking by were looking at me, and they said outloud, not knowing I could hear them through the glass door, "she’s be hot if she were a little skinnier" I could have killed them!!!  and I was sitting down behind a desk!!! 

My sister’s new husband used to date a girl that was a car model.  anyway a few years ago, when he and my sister started dating, the girl saw my sisters modeling pics on myspace, she was modeling some bridal gowns, and they girl sends my sister a message saying she makes a great plus-size model!  my sister was a hip hop dancer, wore a size 12, but she was all booty and hips, and had a great body.  my sister wanted to kill her!!!  lol.

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Helper bee
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I would be mad if I were to be called a plus-size. However, I recently read some articles on Crystal Renn and I learned that the modeling industry calls any “normal, average, healthy-looking” women “plus size.” Only the very skinny ones are considered “regular”. Apparently, a lot of ppl met Crystal Renn in person knowing that she’s plus-size and were surprised how she’s not fat but actually looks normal.

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Busy bee
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OMG. I think I would have started crying and also ripped her another one.  That’s awful!  I’m overweight and fear people probably think I’m expecting because I carry it all in my stomach and chest and my face looks a little poufy now becasue of the gain.  Yeah, I need to start working out more, but really, sometimes I wonder if people think I am.  IF someone did ask, holy crap, I think I’d have a slight meltdown.

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