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I have heard this from doctors in my family as well. In medical school, it is agreed & taught that moderate drinking is okay throughout pregnancy and that FAS most often only occurs after heavy drinking on a continual basis.

However, they do not advise the public of this fact because people will always take things to extreme. It is easier to have patient follow the “no drinking” rule than to say a “small amount is ok” b/c some people cannot control themselves & the recommendation would be twisted to suit their own wishes.  Also, this would be one of the questions most likly to be lied about or under-reported by a patient. Some women will admit to 1 or 2 drinks instead of the reality which is muCh more.

This is another reason, I hesitate to believe the reports that some children are born with FAS after the mother only drank a little bit. I have seen people state that it can happen after 1 drink once a week. But how do we know this is true? Addicts & alcoholics are always going to lie about the amount they consume, it’s part of their disease. They lie to their spouses, parents, children, bosses, counsellors, judges, cops…and yet we are supposed to believe they are not lying to their doctors too? I think not.

My physician Brother-In-Law also says that if you removed certain high risk segments of the population (addicted poulations basically), the rate of FAS would be less than 0.05%.

I say do what your body tells you as long as you are not drinking excessively. If you have to ask yourself, you are probably drinking too much. For me at 17 weeks, the thought of alcohol makes me gag, along with lots of other types of food. why am I still sick in my second trimester???

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i have had sips here and there (i’m 12w6d), but nothing more. i don’t HAVE to have a drink, but like PPs mentioned, it’s an informed decision.

at this point, i will probably have a glass or half glass of wine here and there. it could change as i thought giving up wine would be really hard, but it hasn’t been bad at all. a part of the whole thing is that i haven’t been sick at all and have just a few symptoms, so i really don’t feel too different (besides my expanding belly!) so it’s really just the social aspect i miss.

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MrsPeachMartini–That’s interesting about the baby not sharing your bloodstream for the first two months because I thought it was the first trimester that was the most vital as far as prenatal development, therefore the most risky to drink. Can someone with more medical knowledge explain?

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I wouldn’t drink a whole alcoholic drink during pregnancy at all. I didn’t have any at all in my first trimester, but I have tasted certain wines a few times later on in the pregnancy. Just like a tiny sip here and there. Especially if I am cooking with it. But that is the extent.

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Some evidence-based (ie peer reviewed, high quality trials) that is kept up to date with the most recent research:



I think every woman should decide what’s right and comfortable for her, risks and benefits being considered.  Life is full of risk and we all need to determine which risks we’re willing to take and which it not worth it to take. 

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@worldtraveler:  The bloodstream between mother and baby isn’t technically shared ever, but what is meant by that is when do components of the blood get shared back and forth, and that doesn’t happen until the placenta starts forming, ususally around 4 weeks

The first trimester is the most vital for any toxic/drug/medication/chemical exposure because this is the time of organogenesis, ie. the development of all organ systems

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