(Closed) Alcohol/Beer/Wine for a wedding? HELP ME!

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  • poll: How would you feel about not having wine at a receptions?

    Who cares?

    I am a little disappointed, but I will drink something else.

    I am going to leave and drink my own wine at home.

    Wow this wedding is cheap and tacky because the bar sucks. They are not even serving tequila.

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    I don’t think that champagne is a must, but I think if you’re doing beer, you should have wine. Liquor is optional. It would really probably be cheaper for you to do beer/wine than beer/liquor anyways

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    We’re doing beer/wine/soda only… no champagne, no hard alcohol.  We figure most everybody will drink one of those, and they’ll toast with what they’re drinking.  Much cheaper, too!

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    I think you should cut out some of those other liquours if you are trying to cut costs instead of cutting out wine.

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    I agree that I think you should have wine as an option, but don’t think it has to be expensive wine. I’ve seen on these threads that Trader Joe’s makes a pretty decent wine for $2 (!) and I think it would be a nice gesture for some of the older guests who would prefer wine. There’s also a little winery in Maryland called Solomon’s Island Winery (they sell wine in MD and online if your state allows it) that makes AMAZING wine (I’m talking, my favorite wine ever and a staple at my apartment — literally like juice) and I believe online it’s only $12/bottle. I’ve also heard of online retailers that you can buy alcohol from (not sure about wine) that you can return bottles if they don’t get opened. This might be the best option for you if you both aren’t wine drinkers. 

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    You know your guests best, so if you know they won’t miss the wine but will miss specialty liquors, then go with that.  However, it’s more common for people to drink one of beer/wine/basic liquor than to drink the specialty ones.  Unless you were planning on signature drinks?

    If you are allowed, you can always make your own wine.  We made 60 bottles of our own wine for our reception because it was way cheaper.

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    i am able to bring my own alcohol to our venue and i am doing beer/wine/liquor.

    for the wine specifically, i am buying the brand woodbridge from sam’s club (where my mom’s a member). it’s $5 for a regular sized bottle, and $10 for jumbo sized. although not my favorites, i think merlot would be the most popular choice for red and chardonay for white, but i am also providing reisling and cabernay. sorry my spelling is off…

    i am buying my beer and wine at sam’s b/c what ever isn’t opened can be returned- so i can over buy a bit to be positive we don’t run out! my plan is to have 200 bottles of beer/48 bottles of wine for a 3-hr reception with around 100 adults. it’s the liquor part i’m clueless about- i should probably start my own post with that question 🙂

    good luck, and if it’s an option, i’d add the wine. i would actually do just beer/wine before adding liquor to the mix b/c that is what most guests would expect, but of course it’s all up to you! hope this helped 🙂

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    Personally, I don’t really care for wine much, but still- it would seem strange not to have it when you’re having other types of liquor.

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    I would much rather have only beer and wine as options and leave out the mixers. 

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    Like the others said, it would seem strange not to have wine.  You could go with a simple chardonnay and a simple merlot to provide the option.

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    I think it would definitely be better to just have wine and beer than no wine. Just thinking of my relatives, especially the women, they don’t really drink hard alcohol and they don’t really like beer. But if your guests would be okay with it, then I think it’s fine. You just really have to know their tastes.

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    Maemejo – you can get wine from the Costco and BJ’s in Virginia. I know the BJ’s in Alexandria sells wine.

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    We’re just doing beer/wine, I’m getting my beer at Costco in VA, I got the wine at Total Wine because they have a 10% case discount, which beats the Costco price.  They will also take back unopened bottles (so long as the bottles/labels are not damaged).  I think they have Total Wine stores in MD (at least DC metro area).

    I recommend Yellow Tail wine, I’ve been drinking it for a long time, its pretty good wine for a low price ($9.49 in VA for 1.5L bottle), and I’ve also taken it to plenty of parties and such and never get complaints.  I got Chardonnay and Shiraz (their two most popular).

    I had a really hard time figuring out how much to get, as I’m having an afternoon wedding, and on top of that, a lot of my family does not drink.  I ended up getting a case (6 1.5L bottles) of each white and red–for 150.  Maybe get two cases of each for 270 if you think they are few/moderate wine drinkers, three each if you think a lot of people might drink wine?

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    If you’re cost-cutting, just do beer/wne only…no open bar.  I’ve gone to several weddings like this and they were great.

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    I don’t know anyone who drinks schnapps of any kind, or armaretto, but if your guests do, then I can understand having it. I’m a wine drinker, but if wine wasn’t available, I would drink a good beer (i.e., not Bud/Miller/PBR, etc.).

    I love cocktails, but I wouldn’t drink hard liquor as a drink with dinner. I’d much rather just see beer/wine available, then hard liquor but no wine.

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