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Getting on a birth control pill will definitely help.  If you’re already on bc, then see a dermatologist.  Everyone’s skin is different, so the products that work for others might not work for you.  I saw a dermatologist for about a year, while my insurance paid for it, and learned what over the counter products worked for me.  I use CeraVe face wash and Curel lotion on my face.  The dermatologist also recommended washing my hair with Head & Shoulders since your scalp is related to your face (they are attached, after all, we just don’t think about it, haha!).  With birth control, and washing my face daily with CeraVe, I get compliments on my skin, which NEVER happened before I went to the dermatologist.  Good luck!

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Drink tons and tons of water, that helps my skin alot. I have an issue with large, cloged pores and using GlamGlow clearing mask works wonders! Its expensive but works great and it SO worth the investment

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I had adult onset acne for a while and I got on proactive and it worked great.  I used it two years and my skin is really really nice now.  Now I use perfectly posh products, more for anti aging than acne though.

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Everyone is different. For me personally, I cleansed each night with Bosica make up break up cleansing oil, and then I used Neutrogena Oil Free Ance Wash, followed by moisturizer. My skin looked amazing, but I got lazy and stopped taking care of it so well, and I got bangs which did terrible things to my forehead. I also naturally drink 12-16 cups of water a day.

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See a dermatologist if you can! They’ll give you the best advice. That being said, I had similar skin to yours (clogged pores, hormonal acne). I tried OTC stuff and I think I was just drying my skin out and probably making things worse. After a trip to the derm and a few months of switching meds, I’m finally setlled on a topical Retin-A cream and hormonal birth control. The HBC made a huge difference, and once I got used to the Retin-A, I think it really helped with the clogged pores.

Other stuff that helped:

Taking off my makeup EVERY night. I bought an Olay face brush, but mostly because it’s fun and it makes me more likely to wash my face! 

Moisturizing, even with oily skin. I use CeraVe – it’s dirt cheap and works well for me.

Lots of water! I worked my way up to 2 liters while I was at work. Now I’m drinking a gallon of water per day, and my skin looks plump and dewy, not oily. But BE CAREFUL. There is such a thing as drinking too much water, espeically if you drink it all at once!

If you’re just starting out, I suggest looking at http://www.reddit.com/r/SkincareAddiction/. I learned a lot from that sub, and their recommendations are usually geared toward inexpensive, readily available drugstore skincare. Give it a try, and good luck!

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I used to get really bad breakouts on my forehead. I went to the doctor and was prescribed 1% Clindamycin Phosphate solution. It is AMAZING! It comes in a bottle and you just rub some on your face at night and in the morning. It dries quickly and you can use your moisturizer and make up right on top of it. It’s not irritating and it works miracles! No more breakouts. My skin has been great! 

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misscardinal:  I go to the dermatologist…You would never know I have issues with acne.

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Def go to a dermatologist.

And do not get discouraged if the tips that the girls on here give you don’t work. Everyone’s skin is different. Not saying the advice is bad, but keep it in the back of your mind.

I didn’t have any problems with my skin till college. Then I got my IUD (which I needed for really bad periods- so taking it out is a no go) which caused cystic acne. I’m not on oral meds and I have a strict skin routine. For me it took a long time of figuring out my skin and what worked. Also, my skin gets used to products so for like 2-3 days out of the month I try something new and then go back to my regular routine. Works for me.

For me, benzoyl peroxide is the only thing that works. Salicytic acid jst doesn’t cut it for me-alone. If I’ve been very sweaty (summer time) then I’ll wash with my clarisonic and Bridal Party wash, then follow up with a quick gentle SA wash and rinse. Then lotion.

Tips that I would give to you are:

1. Drink plenty of water

2. Use moisturizer! Even if you have oily skin. Acne and oil can be made worse if you don’t use a moisturizer. Your skin will be too dry and your body will over compensate and make more oil-thus more acne.

3. Do not pick you skin. Do not try and pop pimples. This one is the hardest- it took me 4 years of bad acne to realize that I was, in fact, making it worse.

4. My all time life saver is this: everynight, after I wash my face, I get sea salt and filtered or spring water. I put a ton of salt in a small amount of water (i.e. a third of a mug with probably a 1/2-1 tbsp). Put it in the microwave for 25 seconds and then slather over my clean skin with a cotton swab. I leave on for about 15 mins. It may tingle, if you can deal great, if not use less salt. Rinse off with warm water. Pat dry. Moisturize!


5. Too Much Information alert! My skin is worse if I’m constipated or haven’t gone in a day. I take metamucil to go every day and it has also helped a ton. Not for everyone, but for me lol.

6. DO NOT exfoliate too much! There is such a thing. TRUST ME. Also something I was doing for waaayyyy too long.I use the radiant brush on my clarisonic with my OTC Bridal Party wash. I also started using Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA gel- OMFG my skin looks years younger! My pores are smaller! I look so much less drawn! And my acne is better.

7. If I can, I try and only wash my face at night. I used to say- no I can’t, I have to wash twice a day! Now I get up, throw a hat over my frizzy hair and run errands lol. Also keps my skin supple and younger looking.

I still get acne from time to time, but no where near as bad.


Good luck!

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I struggled with acne from my tennage years until about 27 or so. Sometimes it would just come up right before my preiod, and other times… it was just bad. I hated my skin, and just wanted it to be clear, or clearer.

I was on medication in high school and most of college, but it didn’t really work. Plus, I also switched birth control pills and my forehead just broke out like crazy. I eventually just changed my skin regime with products and it seemed to clear up on it’s own. I know aorund age 27-28, I went through a bad time and felt like I was going through puberty again.

I started using the Neutrogena Stress Acne Control products, like the toner, face wash, scrub and spot treatment (no longer available). I also used the Neutrogena Pink Grapfruit face wash daily. Whatever was in those products seemed to work. I also started using a different face moisturizer – Mary Kay for oily/combo skin.

Now I use the Acne Stress Control toner and spot treatment (found on Amazon) in the morning before my moisturizer (which is now either the Mary Kay stuff or a brand called DDF that I discovered through Birchbox). At night, I wash my face with Philosphy’s Purity Made Simple, use the Noxema blemish pads, and then use a spot treatment. I have had great success recently with Evologie (found on their website or Birchbox) with the Serum and Cleanser Cream; which is spendy but worth it – a little goes a long way. I’ve also started using the Garnier Charcoal Face Gel, or add in the Philosophy Microdelivery Wash for a gentle exfoliation.

I also exfoliate with a Mary Kay exfoliating set once every couple of weeks.

So far so good, especially after struggling most of my life with skin issues. I also used to have bad body acne too, especially my shoulders and upper back.

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missoptimism:  I agree with facial brushes 1000000000000000% – huuuuge improvement in my skin and i’ve tried everything. After all that crap i’ve tried on my face, my only recommendations are Olay Professional Pro-X Advantage Cleansing System (that’s the brush, i got it at shoppers for $39) and a Yonka cleanser to use with it. Amazing.



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ASAP Skincare is fantastic but I’m not sure if it is available outside of Australia.  Otherwise Arbonne is great too and all natural

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I’ve been in your situation and inknow how frustrating it is…  But I got helped, and I wanna share what helped me 

Like many others I had acne in my teens. But at 25 it was still the same! I tried many different things; excluded different foods, went to expensive skin treatment and so on. Nothing worked… But when I changed my birth control pills, it was like WOW! My skin went from horrible to amazing! 

Now I have a pimle once in a while, but my skin is very nice. What have also helped a lot is to wash the face with water, only ONCE per day. Before, when I had bad skin I washed my face THREE times a day; in the morning, after workout and in evening, before bed. I thought my skin neded to dry out to get rid of the acne. Now I only use water to get my makeup off in the evening. After workout I use a cleanser that doesn’t need to be washed off, but only wiped off with cotton. And lots of moistirises! So no more dry skin! 

I only use products from dermalogica. 


Edit: I want to add that the birth control pill that caused the bad skin had the substances ETINYLESTRADIOL and LEVONORGESTREL.

I then changed to a pill with the substances ETINYLESTRADIOL and DROSPIRENO, which helped to improve my skin a lot.

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I have spent so much money on products… just to continue with adult acne. BC pills did not make a difference, neither did oral antibiotics. Some topical solutions worked for a while (Duac gel and cream with azelaic acid) but eventually I developed a bad reaction to these. When I used the cream in the evening then by morning my face was all puffy, red and burning. That lasted for a few days.

I did tons of research on ingredients and discovered, that many mainstream brands use mineral oil in their acne creams. That is bad for any type of skin. Then (a clever marketing trick!) they recommend you to use the whole range – wash, mask, toner, lotion. In most cases you end up having worse acne than before because it’s all too harsh, irritating and drying, which leads to more breakouts.

I’ve found help from blog called The Love Vitamin and a Skin Deep cosmetic ingredient database where you can check for comedogenic or simply harmful ingredients.

I know many suggest oils but when choosing a facial oil you must look at the oleic acid and linoleic acid count. Coconut oil is great for moisturizing with antiseptic qualities but tends to clog pores. I’ve had success with jojoba, raspberry seed and evening primrose oil. Another ingredient that can trigger a breakout is algae (seaweed) extract, which is unfortunately used in many skin care products meant to cure acne. 

It took a lot of effort to rid myself from horrible chin and jaw line acne and toad skin on the forehead but here’s what I did:

1. I quit gluten, dairy and sugar for some time. Ice cream was the worst. I still don’t eat gluten and don’t miss it (had many other benefits from quitting), also I eat maybe 1-2 candy bars a month, so almost no added sugar either.

2. I clean my face with gentle products – no to scrubs, yes to exfoliators. Also, oil cleansing method is a wonderful treatment.

3. I stopped picking/touching/obsessing over my face.

4. I use non-comedogenic make up and mineral make up. Talc powder is bad for acne prone skin, so check your products and try to avoid it.

5. I change my pillowcases 2-3 times a week and wash them with the hottest program. I also wash my make up brushes and replace sponges very often. Luckily there is no need for daily make up these days 🙂

6. I use hair conditioner so that it does not get on my body or face – it can also trigger breakouts.

I used to dread waking up in the morning, going to the bathroom and looking in the mirror just to see a new zit on my face… There would always be new red ones before important events.

Currently I’m in love with Dermalogica (Overnight clearing gel), SkinCeuticals and Exuviance products. 



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Baking soda has helped me A LOT.

when i shower i put a little on my hand and add some water so i make a paste, i put it on my face, proceed to shower myself, and i wash my face at the end. I do it everyday and my skin looks great!

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