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I do either a cheat day where I eat anything I want all day, or do everyday eating in moderation. For me that means I can go to the bakery and buy one cookie sporadically rather than buying a bag and likely eating the entire thing.

Ps. I doubt there really is a delicious healthy cookie!! πŸ™‚

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There has been a recipe floating on pinterest about gluten free cookies where they substitued chickpeas for flour! They still looked really gooey and delicious, might be worth looking into.

I made myself some yogurt popsicles with greek yogurt, pureed fresh fruit, whole fruit and agave nectar. They satisfy my sweet sometimes, but sometimes, I just need chocolate!

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I have a Fiber One Brownie – 90 calories. Or some sugar-free jello.

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You are allowed to have a cheat day!  Don’t torture yourself.

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Oooh…this is exactly the type of day I’m having.  πŸ™  I just started using a fitbit, and when putting my foods onto the website was struck with a horrible realization:

My fat-free Red Vines?  They are loaded with empty calories. πŸ™

Deep down, I knew it.  I just didn’t want to look at that side of the bag to read the nutrition.  I liked being oblivious!

So I looked up a website to see suggestions for other things to cure a sweet craving.  They suggested York peppermint patties, jelly beans, sugar-free hard candies (like Werther’s), mini-tootsie roll pops, fruit roll-ups, and sugar-free gum (ugh…gum just isn’t the same!!).  I’ve also eaten frozen yogurt, apples with fat-free caramel dip, the miniature Three Musketeers candy bars.  Good luck!!  I’d love nothing more to go attack our vending machine for a bag of Skittles right now!!

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I love sugar-free Angel Delight! I don’t know if you can get it in the US, but it’s a power you mix with milk and you get a moussy dessert! The sugar-free stuff isn’t too bad if you use skim milk & don’t eat it all at once!

I’m really bad for chocolate and have been SO good for the past 2 months.. to the point where my cravings have reduced lots!

Stick to the plan & it’ll all be worth it! BUT if you slip up don’t beat yourself up! Just do some jumping jacks & work it off!

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Have a cookie or two. If you don’t, you’re just going to pig out on a whole batch later on. Just dont have them every day. Maybe just on Mondays lol.

What I do when I eat something nice and sweet is take super small bites to just enjoy the taste. It makes the experience last longer πŸ˜› 

Oh yeah, and only have them when you’ve had a meal and plenty of water. You won’t be tempted to have more. 



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I had this today and had two small mini twix bars from the candy jar at work. If you have been as good as you say you have then go get a good quality cookie. Sit with it ona plate and enjoy it! Eat slowly and truly savor the taste. Scarfing it down will lessen the joy of it.

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We’re on a really strict plan right now (The Whole 30). As a result we cut out all sugar, grains, legumes..etc. It’s basically a very clean Paleo diet.

I got a serious craving two weeks into the plan and found the recipe below. I made a batch and they were so good that I felt like I was cheating on the plan but wasn’t.  just be warned that they are delicious and really addicting.

They’re made of dates, walnuts,vanilla, salt and cocoa powder. They will feel almost as good as eating a cookie.


If you need a diet plan I lost 13.5 pounds doing my Whole 30 plan. We’re starting it again today to lose the remaining 10-15 pounds we each want to shed.

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Deprivation is not the way to go. Cutting any one food completely is a sure way to make you crave it, because coveting something forbidden or unattainable is part of human nature.

Find ways to satisfy your sweet tooth that (a) don’t involve overeating and (b) still manage to contain some form of nutrient or positive-effect content.


Chocolate-covered fruit, such as strawberries, blueberries, or those Raisinets. Dark chocolate is even better.

Peanut M&Ms

Trail Mix that contains dark chocolate, nuts, and dried fruit

Mini-cookies with dark chocolate pieces; you feel like you’re eating more because you can have 5 as opposed to 1 big one

Italian ice, sorbet, or a small chocolate-dipped vanilla popsicle

…that’s all I have off the top of my head, but you get the idea. Eat one small portion of these per day, and you’ll kill the craving but still feel indulgent.

Also, if you feel hungry post-workout, you’re likely dehydrated. I find that eating a small Greek yogurt (yes, with the flavors — again with the deprivation!) and drinking a lot more water will help you recover faster and feel better overall.


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I keep the gihrardelli dark chocolate squares in my house. Only 60 cals for one and of that doesn’t fix it I have one more πŸ˜‰

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Girl I feel you. I am the same way. I could never touch pasta, potato chips, sodas, salty snacks and all that ever again and I wouldn’t even miss them. But cookies? and ice cream? and Hershey’s plain chocolate? I live for that stuff. Total sweet tooth here. I have the world’s best chocolate chip cookie recipe (seriously) and I crave my cookies like, every day! Thankfully I’m usually too lazy to make them, hehe.

Some things that I’ve found that have worked are to:

-distract myself. Get busy talking on the phone, watching a movie, going for a walk, cleaning, whatever.

-stuff myself full of celery or carrots or tomatoes until I do not want to eat anything at all anymore.

-do something to “earn” it. An extra 30 minutes on the treadmill, an extra 2 mile walk, a $10 donation to a charity, etc.

-promise myself I can have the cookie, but I just have to wait X amount of time (usually the craving passes). Or offer myself a new book/jewelry/clothing if I will just pass on the cookie.

-go ahead and have a cookie, but just one or two in moderation. I found that in order to stay on an even keel, and to live a moderate lifestyle, I can’t deprive myself all the time. Then I just end up bingeing. Just make sure that you don’t do this every day!

-remind myself that trying to lose weight is temporary, and I WILL reach my goal, at which time I can ease up a little since I’m maintaining.



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I crave cookies sometimes too, along with dark chocolate. When I get a severe cookie craving where I must have one, I will usually go to the store and buy ONE cookie from behind the bakery. But if I don’t have the energy to go to the store or it’s that MUST HAVE NOW kind of craving, I usually will have a Larabar. They are really, really delicious and made with only a few ingredients. They even have dessert like names, like Cashew Cookie, Apple Pie, and Banana Bread. Cashew Cookie only has like 2 ingredients – cashews and dates. These are really good to have on hand, and will probably cure your craving. Try it!

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