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@lollypop:  O_O You aren’t allowed to have deli meat when pregant?



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I would love a deli sandwich right now! I didn’t even eat that many before, but now that I can’t have one, it is all I want. To satisfy my craving, I’ll have a chicken sandwich (with fresh rotisserie chicken) or a hot sandwich, like a panini, from a high quality trusted source.

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@crazydogmom:  Yeah, listeriosis is a baddie for pregnant women and others who are immuno-compromised. There was an outbreak just last month from a cheesemaker here in WI and it did result in a miscarriage (plus several deaths)…and they pasteurize their milk so it’s not like it was a raw milk issue. Listeria is a bad one since it can contaminate things so easily (commonly found in dirt and water) and it grows happily at refrigerator temps.

Also, I would kill for prosciutto or smoked salmon. I tried to heat the prosciutto in the microwave once, but to get it to safe temps (165F), it turned into prosciutto jerky. I told my husband I want a prosciutto and fresh mozzarella sandwich as soon as this kid is born. I still have a coke once in awhile and I’ve had a couple of sandwiches made by sources that I thought were more trustworthy than others (i.e. not Subway), but for the most part, my food microbiology course from college has made me take the warnings pretty seriously. Thanks for sharing the CDC info.

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@lollypop:  I ate deli meat and consumed caffeine while I was pregnant. I ha no problems and my two year old has always been perfectly healthy.

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I’m 16 weeks and managed to stay away from deli meat until a couple days ago. We were camping at a trailer and everyone was having fresh bread and deli meat for lunch. I thought about boy-cotting lunch due to the “no deli meat” rule but as usual, I was starving so skipping lunch wasn’t an option. I thought I’d just have a little bit to eat but once I had a taste, I ended up eating two sandwiches and they were SO FREAKING DELICIOUS…lol

Despite how good it was, I don’t plan to continue eating deli meat throughout my pregnancy. I do eat soft serve ice cream however. I actually forgot that it was on the “do not eat” list.

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This this this. I know that I can get deli meat from the store and heat it and be fine, but all I want is a nice turkey hoagie from the deli with all of their tasty toppings. I’m only 14 weeks, but I’ve already told Darling Husband that post-birth I want the baby in one arm and a turkey sub in the other.

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I’ve had a couple of deli sandwiches and have had a lot of soft serve ice cream throughout my pregnancy (I’m 31 weeks). No doctor has ever said anything to me about the soft serve- I’m not saying that I don’t believe there is a tiny risk in eating it, but I do think it is ‘tiny’.

Although I basically stopped drinking caffeine the day I found out I was pregnant, I definitely still have a regular cup of coffee every once in a while. Everything I’ve read has said that 2 cups a day is totally fine. I’d have continued drinking a cup or 2 a day, but I really felt like I was too dependent on it, so it was a habit I wanted to do away with anyway and pregnancy was the perfect motivation to do so!

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In 2008 listeriosis from deli meat killed 23 people and made 57 others sick in Canada. Otherwise healthy people still died from the outbreak. So lets all stop eating deli meat and soft serve ice cream and whatever else because it has and can kill you. 

You know where else L. monoctyogenes can be found?



Yeah ok. 




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My best friend eats pretty healthy and rarely eats fast food. When she was pregnant all she wanted was KFC chicken. The weirdest thing. Those 9 moths we spent way too much time in the KFC drive through.

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@turnanewleaf:  Yeah, it is pretty ubiquitous in nature and all of the things you mentioned can definitely be sources of listeriosis since as I mentioned above, it’s found a lot in dirt and water. All of your examples tend to have shorter shelf lives though compared to things like deli meat or hot dogs which are intended to have shelf lives up to a couple of months or more and may be a month old by the time it gets to your grocery store shelf and sit for up to a few weeks in your refrigerator. The reason listeria is so dangerous isn’t that it is common…it’s that it can grow happily in refrigerator temperatures. Therefore, it’s sitting there in your refrigerator having been exposed to goodness knows what temperature abuses during the supply chain (warehouses, shipping, grocery stores, the trip home, your own refrigerator) and the listeria continues to grow and multiply long after you would have thrown out that cantaloupe. That’s what tends to make things like deli meat and hot dogs more dangerous unless they’re fully heated. 

Just for reference, we used an attenuated strain in my food microbiology class during college and our professor still made a point of asking anyone potentially immuno compromised to not handle the listeria monocytogenes. We didn’t get that warning on any of the other bacteria including E. coli.

I agree that you can’t give up every food during pregnancy and everyone will have their own personal comfort zone with particular foods so I don’t judge someone for eating deli meat since I know the risk is fairly small. However, it’s not in my particular comfort zone.

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@red_rose:  ouch – nobody else had to provide “proof” of the things their doctor said to steer clear of… And most of us were saying we do eat it regardless… I’m sure you were just ranting but geez ease up a little.

But while we’re at it… It’s not really about how much you eat (you suggested anything in moderation is ok), it’s whether the food you are eating has been treated safely at all stages of production. Person A *could* eat cheese/soft serve/salad/ham ONCE and die, or miscarry, and Person B could eat them all daily and never get sick.

We all have to make our own decisions based on the info at hand and what we’re comfortable with. 

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My doctor rolls his eyes at all of those “don’t” lists. He says use common sense, don’t eat anything that is bad for anyone, don’t eat anything raw. He actually went on a rant about all those internet articles and everyone getting all hyped up.

Also he said a cup of coffee is fine, and even more if you were already an avid drinker, they just don’t want you to drink so much it raises your blood pressure or gives you those jittery feelings of too much caffeine.
I have a 12oz limit of caffeine myself, I used to drink a cup in the morning, a 16oz at school, then possibly another 12-16- or 24oz blended later that evening.

Try watching that documentary Babies, made me feel a lot better about being paranoid with my first son.

Me, I crave dairy. I actually drank a glass of milk (ew) and ate cottage cheese the other day. Super puke. I hate that stuff normally.


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