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While i’m not AA my grandaughter is and my daughter uses Pantene Pro V leave in conditioner for women of color.  I’m Puerto Rican and don’t have “curly” hair but i have really thick hair and i’ve used it too love it.


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Sugar bee
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BEST SHAMPOO – I use Pantene’s Shampoo for relaxed and natural hair. It makes my hair soft (prior to the locking process) and easier to manage. My daughter’s hair is natural and I use it on her hair as well. My back-up is the Olive Oil brand.

BEST MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER- same thing..Pantene or Olive Oil

BEST LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER – I don’t use leave in conditioner on my hair or my daughters. I find that the leave in conditioner usually makes my daughter’s hair puffier so I stick to regular shampoo and conditioner.

BEST CREAMS- Soft Sheens Light pink oil moisturizer. I like it b/c it soaks right into the hair. The regular kind is too thick for my daughter’s spongy hair. Our hair texture is like cotton…really soft and spongy but very thick so I stick with light moisturizer. I also like the Olive Oil moisturizer as well. 


BEST COMBS, BRUSHES, NIGHTCAPS, PILLOWCASES – I am locking so no combs or brushes for me. I have two different caps…a silk cap and a kind of tight skull cap. My daughter is old school and still uses a head scarf or stocking cap. We both use regular pillows. For her hair. I always use a wide tooth comb with rounded teeth. Anything else will have her in agony. I also use a paddle/wig brush for her hair for the same reason. I have a small tooth comb that I use when I am braiding her hair to part it, but I don’t actually comb with that. I also have a regular brush that I use for her edges. 

BEST TIPS AND TECHNIQUES FOR DETANGLING, COMBING, CURL DEFINING, ETC. I use the same technique for detangling and combing. I use the wide tooth comb and I separate the hair in little sections combing it through until I can get the comb through easily. I comb from the ends of the hair towards the root a little at a time so it won’t hurt. I put a rubber band in that section then move on to the next until it’s all combed. For curl defining, I use Olive Oil’s hair putty to two-strand twist my daughter’s hair. Once it air dries, I seperate the twists with my fingers and let her wear it like that.

Sharing is caring!!!  LOL!!!!!

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BEST SHAMPOO: Miss Jessie’s (super slick or something)

BEST MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER: Herbal Essensce Totally Twisted

BEST LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme or any other Miss Jessie’s product

BEST CREAMS: What do you mean?

BEST DETANGLERS: Don’t use a detangler.

BEST COMBS, BRUSHES, NIGHTCAPS, PILLOWCASES: I only use a wide tooth comb in the shower. I don’t use a brush. I have a stretchy self-tie head scarf that I bought in South Africa… I REALLY need a new one but can’t find the same material anywhere here. I use a regular pillowcase.

BEST TIPS AND TECHNIQUES FOR DETANGLING, COMBING, CURL DEFINING, ETC.: I was told to only detangle when you have conditioner in, and your hair must be pretty wet. Comb from the bottom to the root to get tangles out (but I actually go from root to botton). I fingerstyle my hair and only use a comb in the shower. I don’t use any curl defining products that I know of, my curls stand out the best when I fingerstyle and I comb about twice a week… which means I wash my hair about twice a week.

Yay for all the natural girls! ๐Ÿ™‚

**Note, I have very tight curls, that are similar to “Z”s and my hair is about 1.5 inches long when you stretch it out. But without stretching it, it’s pretty short ๐Ÿ™‚

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@katieebee: Oh, well I probably wear creams then… not leave-in conditioner. I dunno. Miss Jessie’s is SO good I love her products! Warning, they are expensive, but they are worth it and tend to last long in my opinion. My Target now sells them (thank the LORD) but beforehand I bought them online. I bet they will have them somewhere in Houston though. I buy mine from http://www.urbanbella.com They are a natural hair salon in Atlanta and sell all kinds of products for natural hair, including Curls (which are good products as well). You can also go to http://www.missjessies.com to see where they sell all their products. Gosh I love them ๐Ÿ™‚

I use Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding to do my two strand twists!

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Helper bee
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Miss Jessie’s products are found at Target, but are pricey and do not necessarily contain the best ingredients. Target also has a very good selection of products for curly/natural hair.

BEST SHAMPOO I really like “Yes To Carrots”


BEST LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER “Giovanni Direct Leave-In” or “Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla”

BEST CREAMS Carol’s Daughter has some products that work well in my hair and don’t leave an awful greasy look, but I prefer to use Tea Tree Oil or Coconut Oil (Trader Joes/any grocery store)

BEST DETANGLERS I use my fingers to detangle and a wide-tooth comb under the shower with conditioner in my hair

BEST COMBS, BRUSHES, NIGHTCAPS, PILLOWCASES Brushing curly/kinky curly hair can be a bad idea. I know some people who do it, but I remember my hair being brushed as a kid…total nightmare.



Good luck!

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I haven’t found a shampoo or conditioner that I would consider the “best”. Right now I use Main and Tail Shampoo and Conditioner. 

I think:

Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue is good for two strand twists and Miss Jessie’s Baby Butter Creme is great for moisturizers. I think creamy moisterizers work best for my hair. 

I think Organix Coconut conditioner is great for making my hair soft. 

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I don’t use products that contain sodium laurel sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate (sulfates). Most shampoos contain these ingredients, which are also found in laundry detergent & dish soap. Way too harsh for hair (IMO).

I also don’t use any products that contain Mineral Oil (liquid petroleum jelly) as it coats the hair and attracts dust and dirt. It also makes it more difficult for air and moisture to penetrate the hair and requires harsh detergents (sulfates) to wash it out (thus stripping the hair).

I also stay away from silicones (I will use water-soluble ones occasionally) as they will smooth the hair and make it feel soft and silky at first, but then over time, feel more dry and coarse.


I’m not a fan of shampoo, so I only use it maybe once every other week or so & in between, I wash my hair with conditioner. But when I do use shampoo, it’s always Jane Carter Solution Hydrating Invigorating Shampoo. It has no sulfates to strip the hair and leaves it clean & moisturized


Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose or Rosa Mosqueta Conditioner (Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe) or Bioinfusion Hydrating Conditioning Balm (Walgreen’s) are great for a deep conditioner for use on dry hair. I applt either one BEFORE washing my hair and let it sit with a plastic cap (heat is great too for extra conditioning) for about 30 minutes, then wash & condition as usual.


Tresemme Naturals Nurishing Moisture Conditioner (supermarkets & drugstores)– a little goes a long way and leaves my curls soft, shiny & defined without any feeling of crunch or build-up.


Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream (online only) –  don’t add more product, just a little bit of water to redefine the curls.

All natural ingredients and only takes a little bit to define my curls AND reactivates with water so the next day, I don’t add more product, just a little bit of water to redefine the curls.


Whichever conditioner I am usubg works as a detangler for me


Wide-tooth combs, Denman (or Denman type) brushes with padded base & smooth plast bristles WITHOUT ball on the end.

No nightcaps

Satin or silk pilowcase


  • Only detangle hair when soaking wet & filled with conditioner & use wide-tooth comb or Denman brush
  • Section hair before combing to make it easier to handle
  • Do not towel-dry hair; comb & apply products on soaking wet hair to help keep it slippery
  • Use as little heat as possible; let it air dry if possible and wear styles that ase just “wash & go” or bantu knots, twists, braids, etc. that don’t require heat



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@katieebee: Sadly, I gave in to peer pressure and wore my hair straight in a half up-half down style for our wedding. Halfway through the night, my hair was a bit frizzy from all of the dancing (and because it was humid during the day),

I usually wear my hair curly, but everyone seemed to think this is a “special event & you should wear it straight” so I did. Ironically, the night of our wedding my mom told me, “your hair would’ve looked lovely in your curls.” She was the “straight hair ringleader!!”

I say “be yourself.” I do have a bit of regret when I look at the wedding photos because I don’t feel that I look “like me” with the straight hair. Just be comfortable and make sure you feel good about whatever style you choose.

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@tootietoo2: Oh, and LOL @ the “Tootie” nickname. Mine actually has nothing to do with the Kim Fields character or my real name, it was a nickname given to me by an old boyfriend & really just between us, but it works great for online & I needed an avatar, so the “Tootie” photo just made sense ๐Ÿ™‚

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