(Closed) Allergic to my future fur-babies… Help!

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I was deathly allergic to cats my entire life, but when we adopted our first kitty, I toughed it out. I was in complete hell for the first month, but once my body adjusted to him, I was fine. I did allergy shots for seven years and to be honest, while they helped a little, sometimes I’m not sure if it was worth being stuck with needles all those times.

Allergy shots work by gradually building you up to a tolerance for whatever it is you’re allergic to. While eventually you will be able to go once a month, I will warn you–there’s a good chance you’ll have to go for shots weekly at first. I was on weekly shots for several months when I first started, and whenever they increased my dose, I’d have to go more frequently. I think the longest I ever went between shots was three or four weeks. They can be quite painful, but I guess they were worth it since I’m no longer COMPLETELY dying during allergy season. If your allergies are really, really bad, it’s worth trying them, but I’d talk to an allergist to see if there’s a prescription antihistamine that would work before you resort to the shots. 

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I have heard of it and a friend of mine takes it so she can have her dogs. Otherwise she would be so sad! It works wonders.

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I got allergy shots, but you would need to go to an allergist to find the best solution for you. 

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My Darling Husband is allergic to a ton of things (cats, grass, pollen etc) and he’s had allergy shots twice in his life, once as a teenager and once as an adult.

You need to visit an allergist who will test you to determine what you’re allergic to. They’ll then create an individual cocktail with the markers of whatever you’re allergic to (it can be many things, not just one) and inject you with it in regular, small doses until your body is desensitized to it. In the beginning you go once a week, then once every two weeks, then once a month, then once every couple months etc until you’re just doing maintanance.

The biggest pain in the butt is getting to the allergist that often but the injections take less than a minute so you’re in and out. I’d recommend taking a benadryl 20 minutes before each injection so you don’t have a reaction, though the allergist will sometimes have you wait a few minutes in the lobby to make sure you won’t react poorly. Unlike antihistimines which repress symptoms, allergy shots are a “cure” that make you not allergic to whatever it is. 

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My husband’s best guy friend is highly allergic to dogs. Whenever he’d come over he’d only be able to stay inside for about 10 minutes & then go outside. He’d take allergy pills, I think the generic allergy pills at wal-greens or Zyrtec (I think that’s what it is). Both usually kinda helped, but sometimes didn’t do much. After awhile (like at least 3 or 4 months) he wasn’t reacting as bad to my dog. A few more months & he realized he barely reacted. After about a year, now he comes over & my dog doesn’t bother him at all. He can even pet & play with her & then washes his hands & no problems. He is allergic to other dogs still, like having to leave other people’s houses, but here he has no problems, & takes no allergy meds coming here. So sometimes your body will just get used to it. I always felt horrible that he would get so sick coming over so I’m very glad he’s okay now :). I say all this because its possible you’ll get more used to those dogs & build up a tolerance to those dogs.

I know that hardwood floors or tile help for allergies, also sofas that aren’t made of certain fabrics (not sure which ones), I think pleather/leather is really good. That’s about all I know :(.

Also, you may want to try other types of allergy pills or talk to an allery specialist (idk the “term” for this) to see what they recommend. Darling Husband has pollen allergies & some allergy pills did nothing, but some cleared him right up. We got the $30/bottle of Zyrtec & then I got a $3 box of generic walgreens & they work about the same for him, but the generic gave Darling Husband less side effects. Other pills we tried did nothing.

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