(Closed) Almost 8 weeks pregnant and I accidentally consumed alcohol…

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You and baby are most likely fine. If you are really worried I would call the OB. You should also speak with the manager of the restaurant because if you were served alcohol that needs to be brought to their attention so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else. 

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@Lana_Rose:  Rude. 99% of the time there is a bartender making the drinks. Whether it says “virgin”  on the chit or not,  sometimes people make mistakes. Because we’re human. You make mistakes too,  it happens. 

@MySunshine:  you go from saying “Seriously I would have left with a free food for a year pass!! Unacceptable!!” 

To “your baby however will be just fine Hun…” 

Remember your waitress is ONLY HUMAN. Ya know, like the rest of us. No offense but you don’t deserve free food for a year, you deserve a discounted bill an an apology. And ounce of alcohol never killed anyone.

 @Charlies_Angel:  it’s actually very important to say you want a virgin everytime you order it. Servers are busy people and they are often taking care of 10 or more people at one time. Alot of servers keep half their info in their head and half in their notebook. Believe me there isn’t enough room in a billfold for every customers life story. But anyways,  you and baby will be more than fine! I know quite a few people who were extremely intoxicated before they found out they were prego and they have beautiful children  with no sign of FAS. My cousin was actually told to drink 1 beer a day when she was prego with her first. 

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To those saying maybe it was the bartender and not the waitress…either way, it was someone’s fault and when it comes to the wellbeing of me and my baby, I’m going to be a lot less accepting of other people’s mistakes.  Either way, it should have been discussed with the manager.  Someone was careless.

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you are going to be just fine. I would have said something to the waitress or a manager. what id you were a recovering alcoholic? that’s not a great mistake to make. that said it is more likely the bartenders mistake, it’s not like the waitress was mixing the drinks. plenty of women have the occasional drink while pregnant. I know I got pretty hammered one night before I knew I was pregnant and my doctor told me it was totally fine to have the occasional glass of wine in my second and third trimesters, which I did and my daughter turned out just fine.


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You will be fine honey! Just contact your doc to put your mind at ease.

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One drink on one day is NOT going to hurt your baby. Sure its not like i’d make a habit out of it – especially in your first trimester but plenty of women drink all through their pregnancy or get wasted in the first trimester before they find out and have perfectly healthy babies. They just say not to because it increases your risk… but even one drink on one day isn’t enough to do that. I can’t blame you for being upset though. Actually I wouldn’t have left without speaking to the manager. They can’t mess up drink orders like that. What if they “accidently” gave someone with a peanut allergy, peanuts – theyd be looking at a lawsuit.

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@Charlies_Angel:  I also work as a server,  and believe me I am a good one. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t get 15-30% tips on every bill. Or leave with 200-300 in cash every night. 

I work in a restaurant where we use alcohol in nearly every course. White & red wine, beer, 151 rum for flambeing, or shots of creamy liqueurs. For the most part the alcohol burns off. But honestly that amount of alcohol isn’t nearly enough to hurt you or baby. I tell all and any of my customers who come,  whether they are pregnant,  nursing or have children eating with them. Also,  the majority  of these people already know this and don’t have these questions. 

Also if you didn’t specify virgin the second time you ordered,  then unfortunately it is your fault,  not the server. Our system has a repeat button and I usually use that and I do find it helpful. But not every system as one. 

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@Charlies_Angel:  You really should be fine. My sister didn’t realize she was pregnant until well after 8 weeks, and she continued to drink socially and do other no-no activities because she had no idea she was pregnant. She has a beautiful, smart, healthy 1 1/2 year old now. One drink isn’t going to ruin anything, but you should definitely call your OB if you need more peace of mind.

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You will be so fine! Just be more careful in the future when it comes to ordering drinks at a bar. I would always be safe and go with water if I were you. What if someone spiked your drink with a date rape drug and you didn’t know? People are so sick these days.. You just never know.

I know parents who accidentely had one or two drinks before they knew they were pregnant. And everything turned out fine! One drink will be okay

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@Charlies_Angel:  My mom and my DH’s mom drank while pregnant. And we’re both fine. It’s fine to have one or two. I plan to have the odd one, though haven’t had any reason to yet. 

However, i would be extremely annoyed and lodge a complaint with the bar, ESP as you choose not to drink. 

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@Brittanyg20:  Its certainly not the OP’s fault. She specifically ordered a virgin drink the first round and then the server asked her if she’d like the same drink again. The server is supposed to know the customer’s order, and even if there was no repeat button in their system (which I doubt) the computer will have the previous order saved on that table anyway.

If anyone is at fault here, it would be either the server if she didnt input the second drink to be virgin or the bartender if he/she forgot to make it virgin. 

OP, you and your baby will be okay. The amount of alcohol you consumed wont hurt either of you. Take some deep breaths and do something to calm down. You’ll be okay!

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@Lana_Rose:  Really? The server is a bitch now because she or the bartender made a mistake and/or OP wasn’t clear in her request?

Don’t worry OP! Breathe! Speak to your midwife or doctor if it will help ease your worries 🙂

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@Lana_Rose:  “I would want that bitch’s job!  Excuse the language, but it’s true.”

Wow! Really? 

I am sure it was an honest mistake. The OP should bring it to the manager’s attention but for someone to lose their job is a bit much, IMO.

OP… like others have said, that amount of alcohol won’t harm your baby but call your OB for clarification.

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Here are some news article that may ease your mind:



I would never use these article to justify drinking in pregnancy at all, however, there is evidence that light drinking does not impact development. It sounds like only comsumed part of a drink. So don’t worry, I realize you probably didn’t want to drink at all during your pregnancy (I would feel the same way), but an accident happened. You hardly drank anything. Don’t worry about it, talk to your doctor about it if you’re really nervous. I’m sure they can put your mind at ease. No doctor is ever going to tell you to drink any amount during pregnancy, but I’m sure they are aware of all the evidence regarding light drinking. It’s too difficult to set a level of safe drinking during pregnancy, so the limit as been set at no alcohol (which is extremely conservative).  

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Sharing a little story about my freak out in a restaurant while pregnant.  I was drinking water, simple, plain water.  Nothing to worry about there, right?  Nope.  Glass got refilled and I took a big ol swig~ full of bleach.  They served me bleach water.  Thankfully, my husband is a nerd and told me that it would become salt (or something like that) in my system.  That was a nightmare.  I drank bleach.  Blech.  

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