(Closed) Almost 8 weeks pregnant and I accidentally consumed alcohol…

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Your baby will be fine. In fact, some studies have shown that VERY light drinking during pregnancy does not show any effects. Neither the studies nor I am advocating drinking anything while pregnant, but the takeaway is that your accidental cocktail will not harm your baby.





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@Brittanyg20:  Does’t matter what the reasoning is– no one is required to disclose why they are drinking or eating something and it IS the server’s responsibility to remember what their customer is drinking.  I can think of few occasions where a server has had to ask me what I was drinking before I got a refill, and if said waitress said “Would you like the same thing?” she had already taken on the responsibility of at least presenting that she remembered what the OP was drinking.  It’s a mistake, sure, but it’s not the OP’s fault– it’s either the server or bartender.

OP, you’re fine.  Women sometimes drink all the time when they don’t know they’re pregnant, sometimes have a glass or wine or two when they do; your baby is going to be ok.

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@Brittanyg20:  No one’s perfect. That is why you write things down and double check your orders on the computer. Never did I say serving was an easy job – I said this is the server’s responsibility, not the customer’s. Regardless of how busy it is, a good server will be organized enough to handle the scenario you described and when in doubt, they will ask the customer to clarify their order for them so something like this doesnt happen. You act as if no one else in this thread has ever worked as a server before, and you couldn’t be any more wrong about that.

Also, being served alcohol when you specifically requested a virgin drink is completely different than getting your diet coke without cherries on the bottom. You cant really be trying to make that comparison. 

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@Brittanyg20:  I agree with you.  

The bar tenders make drinks, not your waitress so he/she could have very well messed up too not just the waitress.  The waitress is not going to taste your drink for you, ask your hubby to do that.

Yes when waiters come around asking if you want the same drinks again it’s always best to remind them even if it isn’t a big deal like drinking alcohol, casue they don’t remember.  They say “do want the same drinks again?” to seem all personable like they are interested in you and memorised what you were drinking when instead they take your emty and sniff it trying to guess what you had.  I always remind them when waiters ask that.

Plus I stand by my previous post that if OP did not taste alcohol until the last sip then there could not be much in it, maybe none at all.  Assuming her Darling Husband was drinking alcohol, he did not really have the pallet to taste whether there was any or not either.  A good mixed drink you have no doubt from the first sip.

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@Atalanta:  Nope.  They didn’t even offer.

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@jjmomma:  eeek then I hope you didn’t tip and left them a bad review. 

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@jjmomma:  Eek, really? I wouldn’t ever go back either.

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@Brittanyg20:  +14374785940626257

Seriously, to anyone who is saying the waitress deserves to be fired and them given free food, WOW.

Ok next time you make a small mistake at work I hope someone orders you to be fired. Sheesh.

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@bapbap:  There is NO WAY the waitress deserves to be fired… I am pretty sure only 1 PP said something along those lines…

But Free Food?? Heck yes! If someone messed up my order I would not expect to pay… and if I threw up? I am pretty sure that is NOT the experiance management would want me to have… most places will comp the meal and invite the customers to come back again in the future and get the restaurant a chance to improve their service…

It is a SERVICE business… they have the ability and really the responsibility to make sure their customers are happy… it is the LEAST they could do for her…

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@Steampunkbride:  “Relax. One drink will not make the slightest difference. The stress it is causing you is more likely to have a harmful effect, to be honest. 

The health warnings about alcohol use while pregnant are wildly over the top but I can understand that there can be a need to shock people into realising that alcohol in significant qualities is bad for the developing foetus. However, in many European countries (where we have perfectly healthy babies too!) it is not considered terribly irresponsible to have the occasional drink. The keyword being occasional.”

This. Chill out OP. You’ll be fine. One of DH’s collegues only realised she was pregnant at around 26 weeks (she had periods as normal, and she hadn’t gained a lot of weight or had symptoms), and she was freaking out because she’d been on a hen party in the meantime and got absolutely ballistically hammered for about four days continuously.

Obviously, I do not recommend that you copy her in any way, shape, or form. But her baby was completely fine and healthy. You really have to drink a LOT before you start to have foetal alcohol syndrome issues. Sure, medical advice is to drink nothing, but that’s because it is very easy for one drink to become lots, as it were. If it was literally one drink, by accident, then you’re cool. Honest.

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@Charlies_Angel:  I would have BLOWN up on the waitress! I’m sure your baby will be fine. My cousin drank and smoked all through her pregnancy (makes me SO mad) and her baby is 100% perfectly healthy.

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“No one’s perfect. That is why you write things down and double check your orders on the computer. Never did I say serving was an easy job – I said this is the server’s responsibility, not the customer’s. Regardless of how busy it is, a good server will be organized enough to handle the scenario you described and when in doubt, they will ask the customer to clarify their order for them so something like this doesnt happen.”

This would be an example of a perfect scenario. Also,  obviously coke with cherries isn’t the same thing. That is an example of the amount of shit in a servers head at any given moment. And don’t ya know, I’m the only server in the world. 

@MySunshine: Nope not pregnant. Is this server running at you with a knife? No. And  an ounce of rum is not going to harm a fetus. Seriously. Also,  if anything,  you would deserve a free drink,  considering nothing is wrong with your meal. 

@OldMrsMcDonald:  you’re right. You don’t need to disclose anything. But if it’s important to you, you will. 



The fact that when a server makes a mistake, the customer is deserved of a year of free food,  gift cards,  VIP treatment & said server should be shamed,  yelled at and fired is beyond me. I hope you get fired and reamed out when you forget something at work. She made a mistake,  but clearly what EVERYONE has also pointed out is that it will not harm the fetus or cause FAS. A shot of white rum is not lethal, not to a fetus, child or adult. You deserve an apology and a free drink, not the world to bow down to you.

Btw OP, I understand this isn’t what you want or expect,  you’re clearly not that type of customer and I’m sure if you called the manager and spoke politely and just asked that they tell their team members what happened to stop it from happening again, he/she will probably try to rectify the situation. 

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Serving the wrong drink is not grounds for free food for a year or even a free meal. It would be reasonable to expect the one drink would be free, but let’s not go overboard here. Mistakes happen, and we all know mistakes happen. The OP should get a heartfelt apology and the drink taken from her check. Period. Any thoughts of bringing lawyers into it or threatening peoples’ jobs are way over the top.

Yes, we would like to get exactly what we order, every time, but unless you’re only eating from vending machines, that is an unrealistic standard. People = imperfect.

I have a pretty severe food allergy; fortunately it is to a relatively distinctive ingredient but as the one with the food allergy (a.k.a. the special dietary need) I do not trust my health to anyone else but me. I am absolutely clear about my allergy when ordering; I’ve asked countless waiters to go ask the chef if ingredient X is in a specific dish; I’ve had many a chef come speak with me directly; and I always ask the server again as the dish is placed in front of me to confirm this is made without X.  A pregnant woman should be every bit as careful with her food and drink choices, especially in restaurants where she is not in control of the food being prepared.  This is exactly how my friend with a wheat allergy handles things, and a friend with Chron’s Disease, and my Jewish friends who keep kosher.

It is silly to expect massive compensation when you yourself have not done your part to ensure the food is safe for your special, unique dietary needs.  BTW this is not directed to the OP, who seems quite reasonable, but rather to those who are outraged that the OP didn’t get the moon on a stick for being served the wrong drink.

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I got my BFP in May on a Saturday but I tested on Tuesday of that week first. The test came out negative and I immediately felt defeated. I grabbed a bottle of wine out of the fridge and downed about a 1/3 of it on my own, followed by a significant amount of chocolate. (I did all of this within probably 40 minutes.) Anyway, point being, I still had not started my period by Saturday and tested and sure enough, pregnant. Awesome. My first thoughts were, OMG!, then, Yay!, then, oh crap how much did I really drink on Tuesday? Moral of the story, here I am at almost 31 weeks pregnant and baby is doing just fine. I would be super pissed off at the waitress but try not to worry too much. All is well!

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I accidentally drank something incredibly strongly alcoholic while pregnant with my second child. (I drank moderately during both pregnancies, a glass of wine or two here and there.) This beverage had the alcohol of probably three standard drinks…maybe four. 🙁  Naturally I freaked the fuck out and worried off and on, a little bit and a lot, for the rest of my pregnancy. My child turned out beautiful and healthy. And yours will too.

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