(Closed) Almost 8 weeks pregnant and I accidentally consumed alcohol…

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@Charlies_Angel:  Don’t worry! You and your baby are both going to be fine!

Watch Mad Men and see how much they drank and smoked while pregnant and their babies were fine. Doctors in Ireland used to recommend that pregnant women drank a pint of Guinness everyday, because it was “good for the baby.” Doctors now even say a glass of wine from time to time is fine. You have nothing to worry about. You’re obviously not an alcoholic, so don’t sweat it. 

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@Brittanyg20:  I can agree with you on that. One mistake shouldn’t cost a person their job and while this is a sensitive situation the waitress does not deserve to be fired or treated badly for her mistake. In fact, it could have been the bartender’s mistake for all we know. 

Getting back on topic, hopefully the OP does contact the manager and tells him/her what happened without throwing that server under the bus. 

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@Charlies_Angel:  you’ll be fine! On a technical basis …. you can have (not that anyone “should”…. have a drink a week and nothing will happen to you or your baby.

I have a friend who accidentally got pregnant 10 days before her wedding and she had no idea until she was 8 weeks along….. her entire summer from that week on was nothing but a boozefest…. prepping for her Destination wedding… the week of… a few weeks later she was Maid/Matron of Honor in another wedding (drinkfest) and right before my wedding she found out….she was freaking as well because she spent the previous 8 weeks livin it up and they are both fine!!!

…now yes with that much consumption there is definate risk and things can happen….but my main point is 1 drink is definatly NOT going to harm your baby, just stay calm and breathe

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Tonight Darling Husband and I went out to dinner, and naturally, we had drinks. I was not in the mood for drinking much more than a glass of wine, but I really really wanted a pina colada, so I ordered it virgin. The first thing I noticed is that it came in a different glass, and I asked why, and the server said “so we don’t mix up virgin and non-virgin drinks” then immediately asked if I would like it transfered to another glass (which of course was not necissary). The next thing I noticed is that is was on our reciept as a “Virgin” drink, and was less expensive than the with-alcohol version.

This makes me wonder, OP did your first and second drink come in different glasses? Did you check the reciept to see if you were charged for two virgins, or one virgin and one non-virgin? After tonight’s experience, I am leaning more towards you didn’t actually have an alcoholic drink, but in fact, your mind tricked you in to having one (as you are likely very concerned about what you’re putting in your body, with good reason, obviously). Also, since you told your husband there might be alcohol in it, and since he’d been drinking, likely his mind tricked him as well. If I were you, that would be a very comforting thought.

If not, and you were served an alcoholic drink, then your reciept should reflect this. If you don’t have the reciept, you can call the restaurant and they can check the logs, as I am sure their computer systems keep track of orders for a while. If your reciept says “2 virgins” then, if by some random chance your drink did have alcohol, then you know the waitress put it in as virgin and the bartender messed up, but you could rest easy knowing that it is more likely than not, that you were not served alcohol, but in fact, your mind played a trick on you.

If the reciept shows that you had 1 virgin and 1 non-virgin, you can still rest easy and know that this small amount of alcohol will have absolutely no ill-effects on your child. But, if the reciept does read one virgin and one non-virgin, then I do think you should alert management. Not to try and get freebies, but to let them know so that something like this can be avoided in the future. If the business offers you something (and a lot of places will, especially if you’re polite and non-aggresive) then don’t feel guilty about taking it.

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I just want to thrown in my two cents.  Making a mistake regarding alcohol in a restuarant (I’m talking about the server/ bartender here) is NEVER ok.  It doesn’t matter if the baby was harmed or not (though one/ two daquaris are nbd), the point is- servers are busy but you don’t screw up alcohol.  I was a server, I know lots of servers, and I still work in a restuarant.  You don’t mess up.  No excuses.  Not only are there reasons the customer might not want it (pregnant, religious, recovering, underage, etc.) but the restuarant is on the hook if something happens (they could get huge fines or even lose their license).

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I would have said something at the very least. It is not ok to serve someone alcohol when they specifically asked for no alcohol. it may not have been the waitress, maybe the person making the drinks, but, the manager should have been informed. Obviously the OP experienced a lot of anxiety over this. I do think a free meal should have been offered! 

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Absolutely not and really becoming hysterical over the mere possibility of harm is likely to have a far greater likelihood of resulting in a problem than any alcohol you may or may not have consumed.

Read this article: http://www.theguardian.com/science/2013/feb/19/advising-pregnant-women-drink-no-alcohol

Some highlights:

“There can be no doubt that heavy and even moderate drinking during pregnancy is damaging. According to a recent report by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, drinking more than six units a day (or a couple of glasses of wine), puts babies at risk of FASD.”

“But advising pregnant women to drink no alcohol risks stigmatising responsible drinkers to the extent that few, if any, will admit to how much they are drinking – something that is essential to meet the FASD Trust’s goal of identifying at-risk children.”

“The real problems are not occasional, light drinkers, but women with alcohol addiction, the fact that our society as a whole is drinking more, and that many no longer know what constitutes a unit of alcohol.”

So calm down and take this in stride.  Mistakes happen (like on the part of the server or bartender), but the human body is an amazing thing and two, even four units one time are not going to harm your baby.  And if you are that concerned about it, then skip any drink that needs a qualifier “virgin” in it.

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@Koi Fishie:  +1000

I worked at a grocery store in college and if I had made a “mistake” and sold alcohol to someone with a fake ID for example I would’ve lost my job and faced major fines. Even though I would never intentionally sell to a minor just as I’m sure the server bartender whoever wouldn’t intentionally give alcohol to a pregnant lady there are consequences for mistakes and some seemingly small mistakes have consequences that are more severe than others. Yes everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect…. but there are consequences. You don’t get to be thoughtless when you deal in a controlled substance if nothing else you should have more respect for your employer than that as they can get in serious trouble. 

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@Horseradish:  I completely agree. If something is important to you,  make it known. I served a table just last night,  where the little girl had a gluten allergy. I told her mom at least 3 times before she even ordered that everything on our menu is Gf except for our teriyaki Sirloin and teriyaki sauce. I swear to god every single time I brought something out she would ask if it was gf again. But also,  because she asked so many times it was drilled into my head. 

@LynnSnow:  I was thinking this too. Sometimes with a daiquiri, the syrup they mix with the ice is very very string,  and may have tasted like alcohol. Rum is pretty hard to taste the difference as well. 

 @Koi Fishie:  it’s not ok,  but it’s not inevitable. 

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It will be fine. I drank three large glasses of Shiraz (strong red wine) the night before I found out I was pregnant (just over 5 weeks at the time). Obviously I had no idea I was pregnant and we weren’t TTC. I am 12 weeks tomorrow and everything is going really well so far. I haven’t touched alcohol since by choice and I don’t plan on it either. The reality is that a tiny bit of alcohol here and there is not going to do any damage. It sounds like you only consumed a very small amount. The stress you were in was probably worse for you than the booze (obviously not your fault at all).

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