Almost 8 years and no proposal yet

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Then he finally said that he always hears from others that “when you are with the right person you just know and have a feeling.”

That is the truth of how he feels right there. He isn’t 100% sure he wants to marry you, and i’m sorry for that because its totally shitty. We see this a lot here with women in your position where the men are happy enough in their day to day lives and are too scared to let go of a good thing so they just keep stringing the women along until the woman finally gets fed up and leaves or they work up the courage to dump her.

I don’t think its unreasonable for you to sit him down and give him YOUR timeline and let him know if he hits that timeline and still isn’t ready you will have to walk away.

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I agree with slomotion :  that he’s not willing to marry you, but he’s comfortable enough he doesn’t want to break up. 

At the age of 27 and dating for eight years, he should know by now that he wants to marry you.  Do you really want to wait around another five years for him to “make up his mind” about marrying you?

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snowbutterfly : I agree with  slomotion :  That same part concerned me as well. It sounds like he loves you but he isn’t sure if you’re “the one” yet. 

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Helper bee

He has been with you 8 years that is MORE than enough time to know who you are a person (good and bad qualities) and what your life would be like together in the future. Perhaps if he had listed some genuine reasons for wanting to wait – saving, traveling, careers etc I would be more lenient but the fact that his only excuse is ‘rings are so expensive’ and ‘you know when you want to marry someone’ is utterly disgraceful and pathetic. Firstly, rings can be expensive but there are plenty that are cost friendly. You work within your budget. And secondly, 8 years is more than enough to ‘know’. He knows, he just doesn’t have the balls to break up with you. That is super shitty and I’m so sorry he is doing this to you!

My honest opinion is be the better person and be the girl that got away. You have been with him 8 years, gave him more than enough time to propose and he still hasn’t. You have always been his support system but it’s time you be your own support system and take care of yourself and your own needs. In time he will come to learn what he has lost and if he is too ignorant to even see what a catch you are in the first place then at least you will be making room for the right guy! 

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If he was always telling you “I’m sure I want to marry you I just want other things in life to happen first” that’s one thing. If he is always saying “I don’t see the point in marriage, or so and so got divorced because most marriages fail” that would be another thing. The fact that he is basically saying both over the years is what’s troubling. 

That being said, I don’t believe in divorce for non-addiction/ abuse reasons either and even though I had “the feeling” that I wanted to be with my Fiance forever, I still wanted to wait a long time of being together to basically be sure that we wouldn’t grow separately and eventually divorce. 

We started dating when I was 21 him 26, so we grew up a lot in the 8 years we were boyfriend/girlfriend. While you and your SO have been together a long time, you are still relatively young and growing into who you are as a person so it makes sense to me to ‘get all your ducks in a row’ before making that next life step. 

ETA: I think a timeline would be helpful for you two. Start with the first child and work back from there to figure out logically when you would like to be married before that child arrives. If he can’t or doesn’t agree, then you have to decide if you’d be okay being with him forever and never married, or married to someone else. 

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Sugar bee

8 YEARS? I wish a man would try this with me. I won’t even wait for two without a proposal.Nope, nope, nope.

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snowbutterfly :   Sounds to me as if he sees you as an option, and you see him as a priority.  If a man wants to marry you, nothing will stand in his way.  I wish you the very best, but suspect he isn’t as invested in the relationship as you are.

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Sorry but it looks like he doesn’t want to marry you otherwise he would of proposed already 7 years is a long time to be in a relationship without an engagement. I would have wondered where my ring was a long time ago 

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Blushing bee

Yeah, agree with everyone above. 8 years doesn’t necessarily mean should be engaged (25 and 27 is still pretty young) but I absolutely think HE owes you an answer on whether he plans to marry you in the future. And honestly, if he’s not giving you sincere answers like “yes, i love you and plan to marry you and have a family and yadayadayada” – if I were you, I’d be out the door next week. I’m sorry, but on the plus side, if he’s hesitating or unsure, at least you are smart enough to be worrying and questioning him about his intentions NOW while you’re super young. Good luck girl.

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Rings ARE expensive. If you believe he just hasnt gotten around to the proposal, go buy a ring for him! There is no reason you can’t do the proposing if you believe the relationship is at that stage. If it ISN’T at that stage then you know you’re jumping the gun a bit, worrying about him being too slow. Ask him directly to marry you, if he still hums and haws, he might be one of those people who just doesnt see it as a necessity to ever get married.

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I would want a for sure “yes I want to marry you” before uprooting my life & moving to another state at the very least. I know y’all discussed & want to buy a house before getting married, but have you thought about what happens if y’all buy a house together & then he drags his feet on proposing? At the very least I’d want to have a set in stone timeline before investing in property, if not an actual engagement. 

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A lot of the things he is saying and the mixed messages are almost identical to what my ex (who I finally left because he wouldn’t move the relationship forward) told me, sadly it does seem like he isn’t sure he wants to marry you and after this long he should be. I think you need to sit him down and come up with a timeline for engagement. Let him know when you would like to be engaged by, ask him the same. See if you can both agree on a deadline of when you will be engaged by. I wouldn’t make it anymore than 9 months to one year into the future because he may just agree to a long timeline to get you off his back so he doesn’t have to think about it. Saying you both want to get married within 5 years is way too long and too vague of a timeline. Once the timeline has passed, if no proposal, then walk away. You are so young, you have time to meet someone else! 

Also, I wouldn’t move to another state with him without being engaged with a wedding date set. The distance might do you some good and will make it easy for you to move on if he doesn’t propose. I’ve been there, although we were only together for 3 years, so I know how hard it is. But you have to put yourself first, if he doesn’t want to marry you, someone else will want to! Don’t waste the pretty!  

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