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tribbles:  First off Congrats on making the decision to TTC soon!! That is very exciting!!!!! 

Yes you can just stop BC you do not need to make a doc appt, unless you want too. I think it is called a preconception visit. I never did it but I know some people do. As for your BC if I were you I would finish the pack and not just stop in the middle to avoid spotting. (That was the Advice given to me and I am glad I listened.)

Also if you want to start in May my advice based on my own personnal experience is to go off BC before May and just use back up BC. I say this bc it can take sometime to get your cycle back on track. For me it took about 2 to 3 months. For some there cycle is on track right away and some get pregnant right off the pill (Hope that is you!!) I also know some people that it took longer for their cycles to get back on track.

So if I had to do it over again I would go off BC a few months before I wanted to TTC just to make sure my cycles were back on track and you will give yourself time to get to know your cycle off BC. I had to postpone my TT soon after I got off BC (long story) but I am now in my second month of TTC. Those cycles of non TTC really gave mee time to know my cycle lengh and around the time when I ovulate so it makes it easier now. 

Anyways I wish you the best of luck!! Baby Dust!!!


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tribbles:  Buy pregnancy tests on Amazon! You can get 25 test strips for the price of one brand name test.

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tribbles:  Any women’s multivitamin has enough folic acid to cover you while you’re getting ready. If you aren’t already taking a daily vitamin, start now, its good to have the vitamins built up in your system before conception. I started with Vitafusion Women’s gummies, then got Naturemade prenatals, and Darling Husband got me vitafusion Gummy prenatals also. 

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Take a vitamin with plenty of folic acid and have lots of sex, especially in the middle of your cycle. Try not to worry if it takes a few months. Have fun and best of luck!

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While you’re on amazon, I’d recommend the books What to Expect Before You’re Expecting and Before Your Pregnancy, a 90 day guide to a healthy pregnancy.

I am reading both books right now (planning to TTC early 2017), and they have been really helpful. What to expect is a lot smaller, but Before Your Pregnancy is VERY in depth and has answered a LOT of my questions (only on page 200!). I have enjoyed reading them because they’ve made me feel more prepared, and they distunguish between fact & myth. A lot of people will tell you a lot of old wives tales that they SWEAR are scientifically true….but they are not AT ALL. I had heard a lot of weird things that stressed me out, but reading these books have given me more confidence and understanding in what’s going on.

Plus, they do give some great information on getting your body ready, as well as your partners. They also talk about stress levels, finances, expectations, etc. It’s a great way to cover everything and feel super prepared.

I know some people just ‘wing it’, but that (obviously) isn’t my style. I think getting pregnant and growing a little babe is one of the most rewarding things you can do, but there are definately things you can do to help your changes of a healthy pregnancy, and boost your chances of delivering a healthy & happy baby!

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tribbles:  Ah congrats!

I researched here and spoke with my OB when we first started TTCing.  Everyone just said “stop BC” and that’s what my doctor told me too.  She suggested a prenatal, but that was really it.  After a year of trying, then we would look into everything more. 

(Of course, please call your doctor! None of us are doctors (and if we are, I’m sure we’re not handing out medical information online!))

I stopped BC and on month 4, I started taking prenatals gummies to see if it would help. We conceived month 5! 

Good luck! Don’t get stressed (much easier said than done!)

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Buy “Expecting Better” i heard it’s a great book.

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We’re in roughly the same boat.

I went to Whole Foods to pick up some prenatals and was told by the woman working there to be careful getting anything with folic acid because some people cannot tolerate or properly process it. She seemed to think it was a big enough deal to prefer to send me away empty-handed telling me to look into it, rather than to sell me one and “wait and see” if it causes issues.

Apparently it’s more prevalent in people with thyroid problems, which I have, but affects a fairly large percentage of the population. I’m going to look into getting tested for it, but in the meantime, I’ve been using only products with the methylated form of folate–not folic acid–to be on the safe side. Because obviously, if my body isn’t processing folic acid, it’s not going to do anything to prevent neural tube defects.

Just something to keep in mind.
ETA: Here’s a link that explains in more detail:

(It’s from a crunchy site, but the NIH page on it seems to be down.)

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tribbles:  I think it’s like a 1% higher chance of twins, because your body might react to the withdrawal of BC by releasing 2 eggs. My Darling Husband was all about that but it’s really a very tiny chance that that happens. 

It’s definitely possible to conceive right after going off BC! Some doctors advise you to wait until your cycles even out, that’s just because they have an easier time figuring out your due date if they know when you had a real period and how long your cycles have been since stopping BC- its not at all risky to you or the pregnancy to conceive 1st cycle- we did! 

I had to see my NP when we stopped BC because I had Implanon, so it’s a minor surgery to remove it. Haha instead of asking why I was getting it removed, they asked what method of BC I wanted to switch to- I was like well, nothing, and they were like, Oh! You’re ttc! Haha yep. But basically all they said was to take vitamins and gave me a quick overview of ovulation/conception.

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My only advice to add to PPs would be to still enjoy having sex 😉 a lot of my friends turned it into more of a chore 

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