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Some people are pro-withdrawl, some people are against it.

If getting pregnant early would ruin your life, use a condom. If it wouldn’t, I’d use withdrawl.

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I charted my temp and used condoms to avoid pregnancy after I came off hormonal birth control.  It worked for us, and I didn’t have to stress about forgetting a pill or if I missed a temperature or whatever.


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My Fiance and I just went to the introductory session for the Creighton model of NFP last night! It was really interesting, and as a health professional I was interested in the statistics of how well it works, so today I researched some articles on it on Pubmed. It is just as effective as the BCP. Best use is 99%, “typical” use is 98.6% effective at avoiding pregnancy. Go to Pubmed.com and research it if you would like to confirm. Best news is that when you decide it is time to TTC, you can use those dates you were avoiding to now use to make a baby. I have found an OBGYN in my area that supports and is trained in Creighton, so I think that will be our method of BC. I really love not having to use hormones, and understanding my body so much better. I would look into some NFP methods, and use that as well as the withdrawal. 

Read Taking Charge of Your Fertility. That should jump start you. 

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@Tomato22:  Condoms worked well for us. We used them for about 3 years in between going off the pill and starting to TTC. We started out using spermicide as well for the first few months to be extra careful. (We stopped partly because I found it a bit of a mood killer, but for just a few months I’d still recommend it).

In between kids we did a mix of condoms and NFP, which gave us one pregnnacy earlier than planned 🙂

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I had my IUD out in January and have charted temps and used withdrawal since. We were going to use condoms, and then decided – mutually, both knowing the risk – that we would use WD instead. It would have been very welcome if we had gotten pregnant, but we haven’t. 

Like a PP said, if you REALLY don’t want to get pregnant, I would abstain during the fertile window entirely. After all condom use and withdrawal are actually fairly similar in terms of effectiveness. BUT if there is a time it’s going to fail, it would be in the fertile window (obviously). So why risk it?

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I would just stay on the pill until you’re ready to have a baby.

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@Tomato22:  we used withdrawal for several months and had no problems (and I’m VERY fertile) I think it depends on your husband and if he knows his body well enough to withdrawal at the right time. Yes, it’s not 100% because of precum…but it worked for us.

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@Tomato22:  I started off tracking with Fertility Friend app on my own. It at least let me realize how long my cycles are- and they are much longer than I expected (38-40 days). I also realized that I have some brown bleeding near the end of my period, which turns out is NOT normal and could be a sign of low progesterone. I would have never noticed these symptoms when on the pill because you are getting artificial hormones which mask your natural cycle signs and lengths. It’s good to know now that I may have an issue so that I can figure out what the problem is and treat it- which could save us from suffering a miscarriage in the future. The statistics on Creighton are that when you use your fertile days to TTC, 70% are successful on the first cycle, and like 90% by the 6th cycle. I know I must sound like a walking advertisement for them lol,  but I am just really excited by this new option that I have. I think it’s going to be very helpful for me and my health and my marriage. 

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I went off the pill in July, and Darling Husband and I are waiting till January to TTC.  We are using condoms until after I have confirmed ovulation, then just doing our thing the rest of the month 🙂  I chart my cycles through my temperature, cervical mucous, and cervical position.  We considered abstaining during my fertile window, but we trust condoms (and it wouldn’t be a huge deal if we got pregnant earlier – it wouldn’t be ideal, but we’d make it work).

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Due to some other medical issues I’ve had, I can never be on the pill.  My mom was the same when she and my dad first go married, and they went 7 years using only condoms and spermicide.  Then, when they started TTC, they got it on the first cycle! Welcome to the world, Ally!

Anyway.  I think that if you really don’t want to use condoms, withdrawal/spermicide would be your best bet.  And during your ovulation days, abstain or use condoms. Good luck!

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