(Closed) Alternative Cancer treatment- help needed for pancreatic cancer for my mom!

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I’m so sorry to hear your family, especially your mom, is going through this. Is it possible to look into other clinical trials? I know that Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC and MD Anderson in Houston are the #1 and #2 cancer hospitals in the states and may very well have ongoing trials.

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I am so sorry you are going through this. I don’t have any specific treatment knowledge (experimental/alternative/otherwise), but some people have had pretty remarkable results by switching to a whole foods vegan diet. Continue following medical advice, but it can’t hurt for her to make a big lifestyle change like that to supplement it.

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stefano101:  I’m so, so incredibly sorry for you and your family. My grandma died of pancreatic cancer in 2008, and it haunts me every single day. FWIW, she was 77 at the time of the diagnosis, and she underwent chemo from February 2008-July 2008, and then had to stop because she was even more sick and it wasn’t helping the cancer. I don’t know how to say this without sounding harsh, please know I mean this in the most sincere way possible…I think you would be better off spending your time with her then hunting down treatment. I have come to feel that pancreatic cancer is the most lethal, sneaky, asshole type of cancer there is and I would hate for you to invest energy and time into fighting it when I don’t think it’s a battle that anyone wins. 🙁 The one thing I have found interesting is pancreatic cancer patients who stop consuming any kind of sugar completely-apparently it starves the tumors. Out of curiousity, has your mom had any root canals in the past? I’ve done a lot of reading on the correlation between root canals and pancreatic cancer. Best of luck and love to  you all. 

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stefano101:  You guys look so beautiful! What you need to do at this point (if you haven’t already) is have a heart-to-heart with Mom. What does SHE want to do from here? She’s a trooper and she’s giving it her best but these treatments can be exhausting and miserable for the participants.

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stefano101:  I am SO sorry to hear about your mom’s diagnosis. I cannot blame you and your family in the least for searching high and low for alternative treatments. There isn’t any major backed studies on it, but I have read some literature about hemp oils and their use to shrink tumors and slow cancer growths. Perhaps this is something you could look into? I wish I could give you a big hug! 

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I’m sorry you’re going through this.  I’m not sure that there are any good alternative treatments for pancreatic cancer, but I understand why you’re asking.  I too have experience watching a loved one suffer through it, and it is ugly — uglier than other types of cancer I’ve seen.  Unfortunately for my loved one, the battle only lasted 3 months.  I hope your mother is able to beat the odds.

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I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s diagnosis, and that the treatment didn’t work as you had hoped.  However, I would suggest being very, very careful when spending thousands of dollars on alternative therapies as while there are many, many different ones out there which promise the moon, the reality is that if they worked, they would be accepted and used by the medical profession.  If you’re using them alongside conventional medicine, absolutely go for it – but please continue following medical advice as well.  

My brother is an oncologist and has some heartbreaking stories of people who shun conventional treatment (which, in a lot of cases, had very good probable outcomes) for alternative treatments, only to return a year or two later with much more advanced cancer (the alternative therapies hadn’t touched it) which conventional medicine was unable to help as they would have been able to a year or so earlier.  I realise this is absolutely not your situation though.

Good luck and I hope you get the results you are seeking.

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I’m sorry about your mom, OP. 

I don’t know much about alternative cancer treatments but I have a close friend who is very into holistic medicine who advocates an alkaline diet and kangen (alkaline) water. She works at a local health food/holistic medicine shop in my town and had a customer who had cancer in which conventional treatments had failed him. She told him about alkaline water (and those big machines that ionize it for you) and apparently about 5 months later he came in to deliver his cancer-free news. Now I have no clue if this story is true (she has no reason to lie though) or if there was any connection but I have briefly read about it and there are other people who claim it cured their cancer. Might be worth researching. Best of luck in your search, OP. Your mother is lucky to have you by her side willing to do whatever it takes. Don’t give up. 

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I am so, so sorry. Pancreatic cancer is just… well, it doesn’t get much worse. We just lost DH’s uncle to it. Have you looked into Cancer Treatment Centers of America? I don’t know if they have any other approaches, but it might be worth checking with them. I wish you and your mum the very best.

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Wow OP, I’m so sorry you going through this horrible time.  I don’t have any suggestions other than agreeing with a pp regarding Memorial Sloan Kettering . They are a huge hospital with many different programs and trials available. I personally know many patients and their family members who had to get some sort of treatment there.  there are many success stories.  also if  you feel that your doctor is not providing the services that your mother needs,  maybe it’s time to get another opinion.  By the way, your mom is so beautiful, you got your looks from her . Many hugs, OP, I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers. 

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I am so sorry about your mother. It is so hard losing your parent at such a young age, and she sounds like an amazing lady. Alternative treatments sound nice, but if they truly worked, they would be the gold standard for treatment.

Have you or your mom thought about a palliative approach? The doctors would treat her symptoms rather than chase a potential cure that would likely not improve or even worsen the outcome. Then you could enjoy the time together as best you can without wasting the time going to treatment after treatment. 

This story came out on NPR recently about how doctors approach their own mortality. It’s an interesting read. http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2015/07/06/413691959/knowing-how-doctors-die-can-change-end-of-life-discussions

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Do some research in to ketogenic diets. Its an extremely low carb (less than 20g a day) moderate protein and high healthy fat diet. No sugar, you can make it no processed foods as well. I did this for awhile prewedding and followed a few groups on facebook. Several people posted they were able to shrink tumors using this way of eating. I have no idea if they were the same kind of cancer or not. Its worth a look to see if it might help. 

I also know of a woman who had lymphoma and swears by the holistic dr she went to. He did blood work on her then put her on a bunch of supplements. Her tumors did shrink with in a month and her radiologist was shocked that they had changed in size so much. 

Good luck bee. I hope some of this will help! 

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I don’t know if heading south is an option, but the pancan.org site has a trial search function for trials supervised by the FDA. 

Sending your mom good thoughts.

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